anaptrans1to look for someone or something; to find a lost objectHipa muka an ennaennapa eyad bawang ni baley?What are you looking for inside this house?Mu paenap ni hi-gatu etan libluh ku tep ay mahapul kun nunya?Let him look for my book because I need it now.Hipa mu pengennaennapan nan amam ey limmaw lad Dugyu?Why do you have to look for your father yet he went to Dugyu?Simhamakhapul1 1hilib7.6.2FindClass 4E Perception and cognition2to perform a divination ritual in order to find the cause of sickness or to discover the location of something that is lost The divination ritual is a part of the traditional religious system.Nak impaenap hi ama ey ammed hu inenap da.I went to have divination performed regarding the sickness of my father and they discovered that his dead parents caused it.Ammed hu inenap da.It was the parents whom they discovered (had caused the sickness).Nan-anap hi Marcos ni nahdem.Marcos performed divination last night., divination-en/-in-