ap-apuInf. ofapu31na leader or ruler; may refer to a commander of soldiers or the leader of any defined groupIn the Bible, this word may refer to God or LORD.Ya ap-apu ni sindalu hu kamengimmandal ni pehding idan sindalu tu.As for the commander of the soldiers, he is the one who gives orders (lit. commands) to his soldiers in what they do.Nambangngad ida humman ni intu-dak ni ap-apu ey inang-ang da e na-kal tu-wangu degeh etan ni bega-en. (Luke 7:10)Those who were sent by the leader returned and they saw that the sickness of that servant was indeed removed. 4.6.1Ruler2vto rule over a group of people or over an area“Yudung kad winannan ku ingganah apputen kudda buhul mu et hi-gam hu pan-ap-apu da.” (Hebrews 1:13a)"Sit at my right hand until I defeat your enemies and you will rule over them."4.6.4RulepaN-man-ap-apupan-ap-apuanaap-apu