ngenamungfr. var.nengamungadv.pred1refers to a given situation that determines what will happen or not happen or who will determine what happens; refers to one's prerogative or right or exclusive privilegeTep ya kapemuttukin Apu Dios ni tuu tu ey eleg maipuun di kayyaggud ni kapehding ni tuu, nem ngenamung hu pinhed tu. (Romans 9:10-12d)For God’s choosing of people to be his is not based on the good things a person does, but instead it is up to him to choose those he wants.Iwaklin mu appit min detag et han kami ngenamung ni menegteg. Put aside our share of the meat and then, it will be up to us to cut it up.2the timing of a mentioned action or occurrence is indefiniteNgenamung ali ellian ku et han itsu man-ung-ungbal mewan.It will be when I come before we can converse again.comp.han ali ngenamungNPhan ali ngenamung