badeng1transto place a rope, string or wire between two polesMu ibedeng eya linubid et pangiha-peyan tayun balwasi.Go and tie this rope for our drying of clothes.Simgadeng 3A Move and position an object at a site2va cloud formation with the appearance of a line across the skyKakkayyaggud hu kulput ni neibedeng di kabunyan. The stretch of cloud formation in the sky is beautiful. hang something across, e.g., wire, string, vineHipa nengibedeng eman ni wakal?Who hung that vine?Yad Nepayew la hu nengipalpuan dan da nengibadngan etan ni gigit.It was in Nepayew where they began lining that wire.Hipa daka pengibbeddengin nunman?Why are they hanging that?Hipadda kaan-umibedebedeng ni kullinsi?Who are those hanging electric wires?iC1-/iN-, mengi-/nengi-