dedanadjunct1an expression that denotes the truth of a statement or questions the factual reality of something; the fact is; actually; reallyThis word has two strong semantic components. One component relates to the truth of a statement, and the other component relates to relative time. The context defines which component is most relevant at that point in a discourse.Kaw kanda dedan ey mu keppaen huttan?Did they actually tell you to touch that?Eleg da dedan pakieyag hi ametu et humman eleg tu alian.It is a fact that they did not include his father in the invitation and that is why he did not come., definitely2may refer to a relative time in contextImplanuh tu dedan huyya et han maweda emin eya wadan nunya, nem yan nunyan ebuh hu nengipeamtaan tu. (1 Corinthians 2:7)He planned this long before all that exists today existed, but only now has he made it known.8.4.1Period of timededangngungudanngudedan