nemahhigInf. ofpahhigadv.predexpresses the notion that something exceeds a standard; more so; veryKamangngugngug tep nemahhig hu degeh ni egeh tu.She is crying loudly because of so much pain in her stomach.Nemahhig atung ni danum tep neka-init.The water is very warm because it was heated.Nemahhig amleng dan nampebaddang nan Apu Dios tep dingngel tu dasal da et pelinggep tudda e eleg tu iebulut ni gubbaten idan buhul daddad nanlinikweh ni bebley da. (2 Chronicles 15:15b)The people (of Judah) were very happy with the covenant they had made with the LORD for he heard their prayers and gave them peace, not allowing the enemies in the surrounding vicinities to wage-war on them. 9.3Very