bewel1stato be rotten, e.g., meat vegetablesThe smell of something that has become rotten seems to be an important meaning component. The word may also be used to describe a bad infection of the skin that smells and the rotting flesh of a dead person.Nabwel etan impaw-it dallin ihhida tep nabyag et handa i-li.The vegetables they have sent were rotten because it took a long time before they brought them.Nangkabwel ida manggan neiha-ad di basket.The mangoes in the basket are rotten.Hipa tu nabwelan etan lumban di baley?Why did the pomelos rot in your house?me-/na-Class 6D Descriptives2transto allow something to rotKaw diman mewan et bewelen da etan abukadu et han yu an al-a?Will you leave (them) there again and let the avocados rot before you get them?Yuka bebbewwela manga yu ey ag kayu um-idwat.You let your mangoes rot and yet you don't share.-en/-in-nabwel