da-puhvto continue on way; to go all the wayMeippappeg kami et di Dinepugan nem neda-puh kami di Kiangan tep pinhed min an ang-angen hi Kathy.We were supposed to go only as far as Dinepugan but we went all the way to Kiangan because we wanted to see Kathy.Keda-puh kayud Pula ni lawwan yud Ungul et yu bihitaen hi Emilio.Go all the way to Pula when you go to Ungul and visit with Emilio.Hipa eleg yu keda-puhan di baley mid Caccaha eman ni inlian yud Neduntug?What is the reason why you didn't come all the way to our house in Caccaha when you came to Neduntug?me/ne-