ha-adsp. var.haad trans1to place somethingInha-ad ku etan di da-ul ni yuddungan hu bola.I placed the ball under the seat.Iha-ad kayun kennen alin ameyu tep neupallid muyung.You leave (lit. place) some food for your father because he might be hungry in the forest.Hipa nengiha-adan lan agim ni begah?Where did your brother place the rice?Yad akbut hu mika pengihha-adin begah min eman ni mika pan-iskulid Kiangan.We put our rice in a leather bag when we were studying in Kiangan.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position object at site2for a person to stay in a placeThis is an extended meaning that would literally mean to place oneself somewhere.Ida kaan-umhamahamak ni panha-adan da nem endi da hemmaka.They are looking for a place to stay but they cannot find any. 5.9Live, staymaN-/naN-, paN- -an