hamaktransto look for something; to seek; to findThe word is used when it is not known where an object isLakkay di mulkaduh et mu hamaken hi Paula.Go to the market and look for Paula.Himmak da law etan netalak ni pihhuh da. They now found their money that was lost.Hi-gak e Eta-gey ni peteg ni Ap-Apu ey e-helen ku e hi-gak hu an menemmak idan kalneroh ku et ippaptek kudda. (Ezekiel. 34:11) I, the Sovereign LORD, say, “I will be the one to seek my sheep and I will care for them.”Simanap 1hapul1 1hilibWhen the word is in the past tense, the meaning is 'found'.-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object