edum11transto add an amount, number or quantity to something elseInduman ku allalin kindi nem ay ingka-peng idan u-ungnga.I added to the candies I got but then it was distributed among the children.E-duman ida kunun nunya hu simbal Pio.Pio will complete (add to) his bride price at this time.Hipa nenge-dum eyan papil di kennen tu?Who added this paper to his food?8.1.4More-an/-in- -an2imperativeto tell someone to add an amount, quantity or number.Edumin eya sinapay et idwatan mulad ama.Add more bread so you can give some to my father.-i3transto accompany someone or join with others in an actionAntan kaie-edum ni hi-gada et kayu mangkakalang.Don't join with them and make noise.Nan-edum kud Manila ida iVisaya.I accompanied the people from Viscaya to