a-allaw1transto send away, used concerning peopleYa ngala da hu nengipea-allawan dan hi-gada di ay-ayaman ni kaalman.Their noisiness was the reason (cause) that they sent them away from the game yesterday. go away from someone or from an areaHinek-il dakemid mika a-abbangin baley tep eleg kami mambayad ni tellun bulang et kantuy um-a-allaw kami etan di baley.We were forced out of the house we were renting for missing three months rent payment and so he told us to move out of (lit. go away from) the house.Entan tu u-unnud hu pinhed Satanas hedin tuka ipatpatnan menuttullun ni hi-gayun mengippahding ni lawah, nem kahing yu et uma-allaw kaya. (James 4:7b)Do not follow what Satan wants if he tries to persuade you to do something bad, but resist him and he will indeed go-away (from you). 1B Movement with a directional component3na place outside of or away from a residential areaIn-iket tu hu ahhu di a-allaw ni baley Tadao.He tied the dog at a distance from Tadao’s house.allawkadtan