pahhigtrans1to focus on something; to do one thing at a time; to concentrate on somethingTuka ippahhig ni hi-gami hu bunget tu.He concentrates his anger on us.Simtuppug3.2.1.1Think aboutiC1-/iN-Manner adverbial predicates2to favor something or someone over anotherYadda u-ungnga tun bii hu tuka pengippahhigin baddang tuddan u-ungnga tu.The daughters are the ones he favors when giving help to his children. Lawah hu an pahhigen hu impeminhed di hakey ni u-ungnga tep um-ameh ida edum.It is bad to concentrate your love on one child because the others will become jealous. exceed the norm in what one doesTuka pemehhig hu ahin ni tuka ihhaeng ni ihhida. He puts too much salt in a viand that he cooks.Et pamehig ida mewan ni aap-apun sinattakkut ida, et han dadda pebukyat. (Acts 4:21a)And the leaders again threatened them even more before they set them free.8.1.4Morenemahhig