wadaexis.pred1existential predicate meaning that something exists; there is; there was; there will beYad nehayyukung hu daka pan-a-abbungi tep wada danum diman. It's in the valley where they are building their hut because there is water there. come into existence; to form; to develop; to produce somethingWadaen kunun Puhhut nunya hu simbal tu.It is reported that Puhhut will produce his dowry now.Kan APU DIOS ni hi-gak ey "Hi-gak ey nakka man-uh-uhdung e nakka ang-ang-anga hu planuh idan buhul idan iJudah, nem nak ni kapemeggai-ineng, henin kakeweddain delnun hileng ni ahiani. " (Isaiah 18:4a)The LORD said to me, “As for me, I am looking-down, that is, looking at the plan of the enemies of the people of Judah, but I am just keeping quiet, like the dew forming/developing in the evening at harvest time., change state-en/-in-, kawedameweddameweddaanpeweddawadwada-anweddaen