kabaelansp. var.kabalinankebellinannthe ability or competence of someone to perform an actionThis word was used in the translation of the Bible to refer to God's power.Endi kabaelan Ullagen ni an man-ap-apu tep kulang adal tu.Ullagen does not have the ability to be a leader because he lacks education.Kanday "Amen! Hi Apu Dios hu metbal, melispituh niya medeyyaw ni ingganah. Ey hi-gatu pansalamatan emin ni tuu tep ya kalinaing tu, ya kabaelan tu niya kasina-gey tu. Amen." (Revelation 7:12d)They said "Amen, God is the one to be honored, respected and worshipped forever. And he is the one that all people should thank because of his knowledge, his power and his greatness. Amen." Simkayah3.2.1.3IntelligentLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano