na-udadv.pred1to be certain or sure about somethingEhel mun Paula et na-uden tun e-ehelen hedin mekillaw di Bagabag winu eleg.Tell Paula to be certain to say if she is coming along to Bagabag or not.Nannana-ud ni um-udan mewan tep ay kamangkukulput.It will certainly rain again because it is cloudy., definitely9.4.4.2Sure-en/-in-, naN-2to go directly to a destinationNanna-ud ida lad Kiangan et eleg ida manda-guh di deya tep kamangkehilleng.They went directly to Kiangan and did not make a short stop here because it was getting dark.Simdi-weh7.2.2.9Move straight without turningmaN-/naN-