baing1intransto be ashamed; to feel shameThe meaning of this word involves the Asian concept of loss of face, or face-saving. To tell someone that they have no shame is one of the most insulting things that can be said. To have the sensitivity to feel shame when one transgresses cultural norms is important.Bimmaingngak ni nangngelan kun impahpahding tu.I was ashamed when I heard about what he had been doing.Umbaingngak ni an peang-ang hedin hi-gak humman.I would be ashamed to show myself if I were the one. 2D Emotion and sensation2transto shame someoneAg mannuman lellelgema ehel tep be-ingen daita.Don't just say anything because they will shame you. standard-en/-in-anggeba-ingba-iba-ingbe-inganmabeingmebabba-inganendi baing