da-nihtrans1to wipe something, e.g., bench, tableDa-nihim eya yuddungngan et yudungan idan ammed yu.You wipe that bench for your parents to sit on.Lakay et mu panda-nihan etan lamesaan tep pengngannan idan bihita.Go and wipe the table because the visitors will eat there.Kalli alan layyut ni pena-nih ku eyan yuddungngan.Go and get a cloth for me to wipe this seat. of the hand-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something2to smear something on a surfaceYa etan kuheyaw ni idda-nih yud pamedingan yu hu pengi-immatunan kun baballey yu et lebbahan ku ma-lat endi mettey ni hi-gayun ellian kun pemetteyan kuddan pengulwan ni u-ungngaddan iEgypt. (Exodus 12:13)The blood you will smear on your door-posts will be my sign on your houses and I will pass by them so that none of you will die when I come to kill the firstborn children of the Egyptians.Neda-nihan ni kuheyaw.It is smeared with blood.iC1-/iN-