wahittrans1to sprinkle or scatter something with the consistency of salt or sugarWahisim ni asukal winu ahin eya gaga ma-lat wada hu tamtam tu.Sprinkle sugar or salt on this cooked rice so it will have taste.Mangkeiwwehhit idalli annel ni sindalu yud payew et pangkanen idallin sisit ingganah mepappeg hu ugew. (Isaiah 18:6a)The bodies of the soldiers will be scattered in the fields and the birds will eat them until the dry season ends.Simhilitwekay7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3B Move and release an object2to spread things over an areaNangkeiwehit ida hu balwasi di dallin. The clothes are spread all over outside the house.Et iwehit Apu Dios idad puyek et isiked dan mengapya etan ni daka pangkapyaan bebley. (Genesis 11:8)And so God spread them (the people) all over the world and so they stopped building the city that they had been building.iC1-/iN-