innangadv.pred1to be about to do somethingThe implied meaning of the word is that although one was about to do something, it was not done.Innang et limmawwak diman.I was about to go there.Nekappiguttak e heni-ak genit niya belat ni ebuh, ey innang ni metteyyak. (Job 19:20) I was very thin, like bone and skin only, and I was about to die.8.4.5Relative time2something almost happened or was nearly doneThe word implies that it was not done or did not happen.Innang et lan meteng-el ni nagpilan kun emayyu.He was nearly hit with the stone that I threw at the bird.Innainnang et nak illa, tam gullat et nelalak.I almost got it, it's like it could have been lost.