ubuhintrans1to get out of an enclosure through a gap or hole, may refer to the action of animals, humans, e.g., pigs escaping from a pigpenImmubuh ida hu impah ni manuk di kebi.The chicks got out from the chicken coop (through the holes).Yan hileng hu inubuhan idan pina-lek di kubkub.It was at night when thee piglets got out (through the gaps) in the pigpen. outum-/-imm-Class 2A Movement from one place to another2for water to leak from a hole in an enclosure, e.g., rice fieldWada kaman-ubbuh ni danum di alak.There is water getting out from the rice-field-irrigation-channel.Ya kakeilleppuin kapantututusi ey heni etan ni ekket ni kaman-ubbuh di nalbeng e hedin eleg iyayyaggud man lektattuy meetteng et meikkuluh etan danum. (Proverbs 17:14a)The beginning of an argument is like a small leakage in a pond that when not fixed, it will eventually become big and let all the water flow out.maN-/naN-