ubbu1transrefers to people working together in each other's rice fieldsKele eleg mu idaddan hu kennen idan inubbuan?Why didn't you prepare the food for those who are share-working?specahianiahigaudahikiddakiddahanahingunwanahipawaahiwaalehibgaygentalban2vto do share workThe term ubbu refers to a group of people who form themselves into a working group usually during the rice field working seasons. They take turns in working from day to day going from one rice field to another until each group member has had their turn. So, for example, if there are 30 people in a group, they work together for 30 days, working one day in each member's rice field from morning to late in the afternoon when it is getting dark. Food and drinks are provided by the owner of the rice field in which they are working on any given day. Each group is composed of both male and female members though there are certain types of work that are done by only one or the other.Dewwampulu ida etan tuun nan-uubbu ni gaud di Dugyu niyad Nepayew.There are twenty people from Dugyu and Nepayew who formed themselves as a share-working group to spade their rice-fields.Aggak makiubbu tep endi mangngunud bebley. I did not join the group of share workers because there would not have been anybody to work at home. ricemaN-/naN-