Vernacular - English


uyaptransto countLakkay et mu uyapen ida hu tuud payew ni kamemgay.Go and count the people planting rice in the rice-field.Simbilang 2leha8.1.2Count-en/-in-Class 4E Perception and cognition
uyawstafor a strong wind to subside; for the strength of a wind to decreaseKamangkeu-uyyaw law hu na-let ni dibdib.The strong wind is subsiding. 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
uyeng1stato be soundly asleep; deep sleepNeka-uyeng law hi Roland.Roland is now sleeping soundly.5.7SleepmekaC1-/neka-2transto make someone sleep soundlyEt ya impahding Apu Dios ey inuyeng tu etan laki et ekalen tu hu hakey ni tu-ngal di taglang tu et han tu pandummit etan laman. (Genesis 2:21)And what God did was to put the man into a deep sleep and then he removed one of his ribs and then closed the flesh.-en/-in-
uyheksp. var. ofuhyek
uyhungdial. var. ofuhbungtransto drop something into a hole or to fall into a hole
uyuhstato slip out of a tied bundle, e.g., beans, sticksNangkeuyuh ida edum ni paul ni nelakeh tep nakyay.Some of the reeds slid out from the bundle because it was loosened., slideme-/ne-Class 6B Process or state of inanimate objects