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unguhtrans1to finish cutting something that is being cut in two, e.g., logInunguh tun binengwah etan nakka pambengwahan kaweyan.He finished cutting apart the bamboo pole that I was cutting into two.7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object 2to be taking last breaths before dyingThis may figuratively refer to the last breaths of either humans or animals.Kamangkeungnguh law etan kamangkettey ni ahhu.The dying dog is taking its last breath.maN-/naN-
ungutna small bowl made from a coconut shell5.2.1.3Cooking utensil
unudtrans1to follow someone or somethingUnnuden kun kabbuhan di baley da. I will follow him to their house tomorrow.7.2.2Move in a direction-en /-in- Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object2to obey someone or some lawEt gapuh idan helag mu ey bendisyonan kuddalli emin tuud puyek tep inu-unnud mun emin hu inhel kun hi-gam. (Genesis 23:18)And through your descendants, I will bless all people on earth because you obeyed all I told you to do.
unuh1transto slide something down from an area aboveMu pan-unuh ni nunya etan ida kinehtung ni indaddan tayud muyung.Go today and slide downhill the logs we have prepared in the forest.Simgayunuhkubhilkudlih7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally2vto miscarry a babyEy endiddan aahwa yu hu mengunnuh niya endi an mebessi ey iddawtan dakeyun andukkey ni biyag. (Exodus 23:26)And none of your wives will miscarry and none of them will be barren, and I will give you a long life.
upastato be hungryNeupa niya naka-atu.He is hungry and very tired.Synagang5.2.2.5Hungry, thirstyme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state
upangna tree variety with edible fruit1.5.1Tree
upeltransto soften something by soaking it in or with waterIn-upel dad danum hu begah.They soaked the rice in water.Tep muka uppela puyek ni pantenneman mi ma-lat tumegu ittanem mi. (Psalm 65:10) For you soften the earth (with rain) for us to plant so that what we plant will grow.iC1-/iN-Class 3D Move an object with a resulting change of state
upi1nfood for pigs, cooked sweet potatoes and leavesCooked sweet potatoes may also be fed to other animals, but leaves are only added in the food for pigs.Linutu mi etan upi et han kami maugip ni nahdem.We cooked the pig’s food before we went to sleep last evening.6.3Animal husbandry2transto cook sweet potatoes for food for pigsIn-upi dan emin ni nahdem etan ubi et endi law. They cooked all the sweet potatoes last evening and so there are no more.iC1-/iN-
upisinah1nofficeLimmaw di upisinah hi Marieta.Marieta went to the office.Negibbuh huyya et kamenglaw la hi Jesus ey inang-ang tu hi Levi e kaman-emmung ni buwis ni yimmudung di upisinah tu. (Luke 5:27a)After that, Jesus went on and he saw (a man named) Levi, a collector of taxes sitting in his office.6.5.1Building6.9Business organization2intransto work in an officeKaman-upisinah hi Damian.Damian works in an office.maN-/naN-
uplahna tree variety1.5.1Tree
upputtransto finish doing somethingUpput yu yuka pan-ingngunu et han kayu lumaw.Finish what you are working on before you leave.Ah-ahinuten kun upputen etan tuping. Little by little, I will finish building the stonewall.
upuptrans1to cover something with the palm of the handUpup mu matan akki tep mebuttan dep-ul ni kapanihhuyaw ni dibdib. Cover the eyes of baby-girl because the dust being blown by the wind might get into her eyes.Kayyaggud tu uppupen hu bunget hedin um-uk-uk ita.It is good to cover the mouth if we are going to cough., cover-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact2to cover a holeUppupan alin Bansiyan etan neguka-ngan di dingding ni a-abbung.Bansiyan will cover the hole in the wall of hut.-an/-in- -an
usaltransto use somethingInusal tu akbut kun linawwan dad Attaban.He used my backpack when they went to Attaban. 1B Movement with a directional component
usinnthe male sex organ; penis; male genitaliaIt is taboo to use this word in any public forum so the euphemistic word annan is used.Simannan2esilsingngedan2.1.8.3Male organs
usipintransto get out of an enclosure through a gap or holeImmusip ida hu impah ni manuk di kebi.The chicks got out from the chicken coop (through the holes). outum-/-imm-Class 2A Movement from one place to another
ustuhsp. var.hustuh1advto be considered adequate or well doneAg dedan maiyayyaggud ni ustuh et humman hu tuka pantu-nali.It is not well arranged (lit. adequately made good) and that is why it occupies a wide area.8.1.7Enough2vto be enough of somethingAg umustu keyew ni inali yu.The wood you brought was not
ut-utna pigeon bird speciesInhida mi hu tellun kinnak ni ut-ut di lingen ku. We used as viand the three pigeons that I caught in my bird-trap.
uta1nvomit2.5.2.3Stomach illness2transto vomitIn-uta tun emin hu kinan tun detag. He vomited all of the meat that he, iC1-/iN-
utang1ndebtEteng utang min ginastu min neteyyan nan ina.We have a huge debt from what we spent when my mother died.Simgawat borrow moneyEteng utang ku tep ya inutang kun pihhuh ni inggatang mid payew. I have a huge debt because I borrowed money to buy our rice-field.6.8.5Borrow-en/-in-
utbulintransa source of water coming from the ground; a spring of water coming from the ground, rocks or mountainsideWada kaman-ut-utbul ni danum di ha-pat ni payew mi.There is water coming out from the ground above our rice-field.Henin hebwak, e hedin kayyaggud etan danum ni kaum-utbul diman, man kayyaggud ngu dedan e beken ni hin-addum ni nebengtut. (Hebrews 3:11-12b) Like a spring, if the water that springs out there is good, then it has been naturally good, that is, it did not become bad at some point.Simebwal 11.3.1Bodies of watermaN-/naN-, um-/-imm-Class 1B Movement with a directional component
utdukn1the end of something that is long, e.g., rope, stickMeihhi-gut di utduk.It will be knotted at the end.8.6.7End, point2the top of a plant or treeYad utduk ni keyew hu impaan etan ni butbut.It was at the topmost part of the tree where the hawk alighted.8.6.2Top
utek1nbrain, the organ in the head that functions to coordinate thinking and movement2.1.1Head2vto be intelligent or cleverNangkeutekan ida tuudman. The people there are clever. -an
ututnrat; rodentKinan ni utut hu inggaud tayu et humman kebessilan tayu.The rats have eaten our farmed rice and that will cause us to have a famine.
uy-uyna traditional prestige ritual and celebrationThis refers to an Ifugao prestige ritual feast for all and performed by an Ifugao well-to-do family based on culture and tradition. A complicated form of rituals is usually under the control and supervision of shamans. The celebration can last for weeks. A minimum of five big male pigs and jars of rice wine and ritual blankets are required for this ritual feast but more pigs and chickens are butchered as sacrificial offerings as the rituals progress from day to day with days and nights of traditional religious prayers and chants along with ritual gongs and dances. The climax is on the third day when all five pigs are butchered at the same time by piercing their hearts with sharp wooden sticks; they all squeal at the same time until they are dead. Food with cooked meat and rice wine is served free for all. Gongs and dances are performed every day and night for public participation.Limmaw kamid Nepayew eman ni nenguy-uyan di Cabbigat nan Bugan ni nunman la.We went to Nepayew during the prestige ritual feast performed by Cabbigat and Bugan a long time ago.whgepah 1Simhelyatkelenggengetadmeng-uy-uy
uyahstato allow for a period of time for food to be digested after eating; to allow food to settle downEntannin nekemtang et mauyah hu kinan et han itsu elaw.Wait for a short time for the food we ate to settle down before we go.