Vernacular - English


uhuydial. var. ofuduystafor compressed air to be expelled without a loud sound as in flatus being expelled or the air pressure in a toy pop gunNeuhuy ni-man hu etut tu. His flatus was expelled without a loud noise for once.Simuduy
uhyeksp. var.uyheknthe new, fresh leaves of a plant or treeKayu ketud ida eman ni uyhek ni billigan ni ihida tayu.Go and pick some of those new-leaves of the wing-beans for our viand.1.5.5Parts of a plant
uk-ukintransto coughDingngel kun kaum-enuk-uk hi amam ni hileng.I heard your father coughing at night.Simkeg-eng 1telkang 22.2.2Cough, sneezeum-/-imm-Class 2C Physiological functions
ukahtransto untie a rope that is tied to something or knottedInukah tu etan nehikgut di linubid. He untied the knot in the rope.Simubad7.5.4Tie-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
ukattrans1to bring out something from where it has been keptTu inukat intalu tun balut.He brought out the bananas that he had kept.Simbudal7.3.2Move something in a direction-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object2to cause someone to come out of a buildingImpeng tun limmaw di kabelebeley et tudda piliten ni impampaukat hu lalakki niya bibi-in kamengullug et tudda pampaikelabut. (Acts 8:3b)He (Saul) went from house to house and forced men and women believers to come out (of their homes) and he had them put in prison.
ukbahtransto untie a knot; to remove a knot Lakkay et mu ukbahen eman hikgut di linubid ni eleg han-ukbah nan Nathan.Go and untie the knot on the rope that Nathan cannot untie., take apart-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
ukhupstafor something to slip off or out of where it has been attached or insertedNeukhup hu hakey ni patut tun daka pambebbessiki.One of his shoes slipped off when they were running.Neukhup hu pinway kud palek tun nakka panlengehin etan ni keyew.My machete slipped out of its handle as I was cutting down the tree., slideme-/ne-
ukih1nthe skin or peeling of vegetables or fruit; the bark of a treeNemag-anan hu ukih etan ni keyew ni netey.The bark of the dead tree has-dried-up.2transto remove the skin or peeling from vegetables or fruitInukihan tu hu balat et han tu idwat nan ina.He peeled the banana before giving it to my mother. shell, skin-an/-in- -an
ukittransto remove something that is stuck inside another thing, e.g. thorn in skin, snail flesh from shellInukit tu etan neipi-ket ni palatah di getang ni det-al.He removed the coin that was stuck in the gap between the floor boards.Pan-ukit yudda etan bassikul et ekalen yu hu kinan da et han yu iheeng.Remove the snails from the shells and then remove what they have eaten before cooking them. something out of something-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
ukkenna puppyTellu hu ukken ni in-impah ni ahhu mi.Our dog gave birth to three puppies.
uklungstato have a ravenous appetite for a certain type of food or drinkNeuklung hi Conrad ni detag.Conrad has a ravenous appetite for meat.Hi-gam e u-ungngak e Lemuel, ey kayyaggud hedin ya ap-apu ey beken ni mainum ma-lat beken ni tu pan-uk-uklungan ida meinnum ni kaumbuteng. (Proverbs 31:4)You, my child, Lemuel, it is good for a leader not to drink (wine) so that he won’t have a strong craving for drinks that make a person drunk.Simdemut5.2.2.5Hungry, thirstyme-/ne-, paN- -an
uknuttransto pull out, e.g., to pull a bolo out of its scabbardInuknut tu pingway tu et idwat tun hi-gak ni ta-liden ku.He pulled his bolo from its scabbard and gave it to me to sharpen. 4D Release, remove or detach object
ukubintransto come together to eatAyagim ida u-ungnga et maukub kayu tep mengngan itsu law. Call the kids and you come together because we are going to eat
ukudsp. var. ofekud
ukuhtransto be unwilling to help someone because of a selfish attitudeThis word generally describes an attitude of an unwillingness to help or do a favor if there is nothing to be gained in return.Tuka ukkuhan baddangan ida ammed ku tep amta tun eleg ida umkipuh ni umbaddang alin hi-gatu.He is unwilling to help my parents because he knows that they are incapable of helping him in return. an
ukuptransto patch a hole with a piece of the same materialInukupan tu etan negu-kangan di dingding ni baley mi.He patched the big hole in the wall of our house.Simekup7.9.4Repair-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
ukyadtransto stretch out handThis action is usually done to reach for something.Et kan Jesus etan ni negikuy ey “Ukyad mu ngamay mu.” Inukyad tu ngamay tu ey kayyaggud law. (Mark 3:5c)And Jesus said to the man with the deformed hand, “Stretch out your hand.” He stretched his hand out and it was healed now. 3E Move an object directionally
ulahtransto wash anything other than clothesIdu-yah mu eya natdaan ni ihhibul di mahukung ni duyu et ulahan mu.Pour out the leftover soup from the bowl and wash it.Kamengullah hi Michelle ni duyud bawang.Michelle is washing dishes inside the house.Simkigwahtelipnaw5.6.3Wash dishes-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something
ulalna small species of snakeWada inang-ang min ulal di kulukul. We saw a small-snake at the creek.genuleg1.
ulalanihna parrot bird speciesSimulih1.6.1.2Bird
ulat1nblood vessel; vein; arteryDakel hu ulat di annel tayu.There are many veins in our bodies.2.1.8Internal organs2stathe vein-like fibers in fruits and vegetablesNangkeulatan ida etan gintang kun mangga.Those mangoes that I bought are full of vein-like-fibers. nangke- -an
ulawsta1to feel faint; to feel dizzyNeulawwak ni mika pantetyedid dalan tep neka-atu-ak ey neka-upa-ak et endi elet ku niya na-let daman peteg hu petang.I felt dizzy when we were going uphill on the road because I was very tired and I was very hungry and so I did not have strength and at the same time the heat from the sun was strong.2.5.1Sickme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state2to be dizzy from being slightly intoxicatedNeu-ullaw kamin ininum min ekkut ni bubud di baley Steven.We were dizzy from the small amount of rice wine we drank at Steven’s house.
ulay1na kind of grass believed to have medicinal properties, used to heal pain Kayu alen ulay et ulayen tayu.Go and get some ulay-grass and we will treat (the wound). 1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2transto treat with the ulay medicinal grassKayu ala ni ulay et ulayen tayu kimmi-lat ni ngmay tu.Go and get the medicinal grass and we will use it on his sprained hand.
uldinneyna wild chickenAttu mu nenapngan eyan uldinney?Where did you attract this wild-chicken?
ulegnthe generic word for snakeSnakes are never eaten in the Antipolo area because it is believed that all snakes are poisonous.Kametekkusi hu uleg tep ya gita tu e umpatey hedin kellaten daka.Snakes are being feared because of their poison that can kill if they bite you.specbunebunbu-withakukungungnguyulal1.