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udihnthe end of something or to be the last in a sequenceYallin udih ni aggew ey peellik hu Ispirituh kud emin ni tuu et peamtaddallin u-ungnga yuddan bibi-i niyadda lalakki hu pinhed kun e-helen ni hi-gayu. (Acts 2:17a)In the last days, I will send my Spirit to all people and your young sons and daughters will make known what I want to say to you.
udingngan1na small fish species1.6.1.5Fish2transto catch a small fishAttu yu nengudingnganan?Where did you go to catch fish?-an/-in- -an
udittransto insist with eagerness on having or doing the thing one wants or likesTuka uddisin gettangen etan pelattug mu anin ni eleg mu law iggatang.He is insisting on buying your rifle even though you are not selling it now.Simihik3.3.3.4Insist-an/-in- -an
udlittransto patch a water leak with mud in an irrigation channel or in paddy dikes in a rice fieldYu pan-udlisi etan ida kapan-ubbuhin danum di alak.Go and patch where water is getting out from the rice-field-irrigation-channel.7.9.4Repair-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
uduk1na forested or bushy areaForested areas are important because it's where people go to gather firewood, set bird traps to catch birds for pets and for food, and to hunt for wild animals. Also, people get timber for building houses and granaries in forested areas., grassland, desert2intransto walk in a bushy or forested areaKami nan-uduuduk di muyung ni hamak min ewweng nem endi mi himmak.We went walking in the bushy area of the forest in search of mushrooms but we did not find any.
uduydial. var.uhuystafor compressed air to be expelled without a loud sound as in flatus being expelled or the air pressure in a toy pop gunEleg pumtuk hu peppellattug tu tep neuduy.His toy gun did not make an explosive sound because it fizzled out.Simuhuy2.3.2.2Soundme-/ne-
udyawntree variety called narraThe narra tree is the national tree of the Philippines; it is similar to mahogany or rosewood.Ya wahay hu impengehtung tu etan ni udyaw.The ax is what he used to cut the narra-tree into sections.Simnaknak1.5.1Tree
udyukintransto bend the head or body in order to walk under a house, a bridge, or the branches of treesNeitungkil hu ulu tun nan-udyukan da etan di ebabban langtay. His head was bumped as they bent to pass underneath the low bridge. down-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
ugab1nthe peeling of citrus fruitAntan tu iwekay hu ugab ni lumban.Do not scatter the peelings of the pomelos.1.5.5Parts of a plant2transto remove the peeling of citrus fruitInugaban Tayaban hu lumban et kanen tu. Tayaban peeled the pomelo and ate it.-an/-in--anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something
ugalsp. var. ofagalstato have a hoarse voiceSigud ngu dedan ni neugal hu hapit tu.His hoarse voice (lit. speech) is natural for him.
ugewstadry seasonNatduk hu danum di kulukul tep ya andukkey ni ugew.The water in the brook has dried up because of a long dry season.1.1.3Weathermainugewmanginugewneugwan
ugeynthe large intestine of humans and animals; colonPaka-ulahi yu etan ugey ni killum et han yu iheeng.You wash very well the pig's colon before cooking it.2.1.8Internal organs
uggewna variety of bambooHinaghag kun emin etan uggew. I split all the bamboo into lengthwise strips.Simbayyugbutedkaweyan1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
ugingncradle cap, the crusty, scaly patches on a baby's scalpNanengtu hu uging di ulun mahhiken.The cradle-cap is still on baby boy’s head. disease
ugip1stato sleepNeugip hi ama.Father is asleep.5.7Sleepme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state2transto sleep on somethingUggipan ku kama.tuI'll sleep on her bed.-an/-in- -an
ugnahnone of three native rice varietiesUgnah hu kinakinan ni tuud Asipulo meippalpu eman ni nebayag la. Ugnah-rice is what the people of Antipolo have been eating since time immemorial. from plants6. rice
ugub1nthe soft edible inner core of the topmost part of a stem of the rattan vineMika kenna dama hu ugub ni gatsiley.We also eat the soft core of the upper part of wild-cane-palm.1.5.5Parts of a plant2transto remove the inner core of the stemKami menguggub di muyung ni kabbuhhan.We are going to get the cores of rattan in the forest tomorrow.meN-
uguhstato have a loose bowel movement due to food eaten; diarrheaHinalman tu ekan ni detag et humman neuguhan tu.He ate too much meat and that caused him to have diarrhea.2.5.1Sickme-/ne-Class 6A Physiological process – state
uhadjuncta positive answer to a question or request; yes; okayUh, um-ali kamin kabbuhhan di baley yu.Yes, we will come to your house tomorrow.Uh, pengngan ku ni hi mahhiken et hannak mangan.Yes. I will feed baby boy first before I eat.Simem9.4.6Yes
uh-uhtransto trace or discover the origin of something as in where gossip originated, or where a letter came from; to trace the owner of something foundYu uh-uh hu nalpuan etan ni tumbuk.Find out where the gossip came from.Da inenuh-uh hu kan taddung etan ni himmak min taddung ey hi Melany di Dugyu.They went tracing the owner of the hat that we found and it was Melany of Dugyu.Iuh-uh mu hu hipa neiptek ni hi-gadan dewwa.Discover what is correct (the truth) between the two of them.3.2.2Learn7.6.2FindiC1-/iN-
uhatintransto start making rice field paddies after the ground has been clearedInlapu dan kaalman ni man-uhhat ni payew ni pampeyyew Simeon.They started yesterday constructing a rice-field for Simeon. rice6.2.2Land preparationmaN-/naN-
uhbungdial. var.uyhungF1transto put things that are dry or semi-dry in a hole or a container, e.g., rice into a mortar, dirt into a holeUhbung yu eya puyek di neku-kuan ma-lat mahebab.Put this soil in the hole so it will be filled up. in2stato fall into a holeNeuhbung di neku-an etan killum mi et matey diman.Our pig fell into a hole in the ground and died there.
uhdungvto look down at someone or something on a lower levelPimmatuk kamid ta-pew ni duntug di Kesi-melan et man-uh-uhdung kami.We stood on top of Mt. Kesi-melan and kept on looking down below.Kameuhdungi di Bahag hu bebley di Amduntog.You can see the village of Amduntog looking down from Bahag.
uhuk1na mine of mineral deposits such as gold or silverEndi hu inamtak ni uhuk di Ifugao.I do not know of any mine in Ifugao. mine for mineral depositsYad Baguio hu kad-an ni daka pan-uhhukin balituk.It is in Baguio where they mine gold.-an/-in- -an
uhulvto follow a brook or river downstreamUhhulen tayu hu wangwang di Antipolo ingganah la di Pula.We will follow the Antipolo river downstream until Pula.Kami nan-uhuuhul di kulukul. We have been following the brook downstream.7.2.2Move in a direction-en/-in-, maN-/naN-