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sinangdanInf. oftangdantransto have earned wagesTuka pangngunnu tutu-u, nem eleg tu iddawat sinangdan da. (Jeremiah 22:13c)He has people working but he does not give them the wages they have earned.
sinangtanganInf. oftangtangna piece of roasted meat offered to a deityYadda mabeki ni ebuh hu kamengngan ni sinangtangan.The shamans are the only ones who eat the pieces of meat cooked on live charcoal for a ritual purpose.4.9.5Practice religion-an/-in--an
sinapaysp. var. oftinapaybaked goods such as bread, cookies, cake.
sinayyumnthe bundles of cotton or silk fibers to be spun into thread6.6.1.2Spinning thread
sindatransto sellSyniggatangsinda-an
sinda-anInf. ofsindafr. var. oftenda-an
sindalusp. var.tindalu1na soldierImbeng tuddad baybay hu sindalun iEgypt niyadda kalesa da. He (the LORD) threw into the sea, the soldiers of Egypt and their chariots. (Exodus 15:4) become a soldierUmlaw ni an mansindalud Manila.He went to Manila to become a soldier.maN-/naN-
sineyana juice collected from fermenting cooked glutinous riceThis word refers to the first low alcoholic rice wine collected as it drips from fermenting cooked glutinous rice laid in a winnower and covered with banana leaves. The rice is left for three days to start fermenting before it is put in jar for further fermentation. The winnower that contains the glutinous rice is placed above the floor in a semi-slanting angle so that the juice can drip out into a container.Malumi-ih hu sineya tep eleg ni makapget. The sineya-wine-juice is very sweet because it is not fully-fermented. beverage
singabna carved wooden box for holding ritual paraphernalia used in rice granary ritualsHi Guhhep hu nengapyan singab mi.Guhhep was the one who made our ritual-box.6.7.7Container
singgadtransto brush against something or someone7.3.4.1TouchiC1-/iN-
singiltransto ask for the payment of a debt in cash or in kindSiningil kun Brendan hu eleg tu baydan ni utang tu.I asked Brendan for his unpaid debt. debt-en/-in-
singkipstafor people to be crowded together in a room or area; to be tightly packed togetherNesingkip ida tuud bawang et endi hu yuddungan et umheppak ali.The house-inside was full of people and there was nowhere to sit down so I went out., groupme-/ne-
singngayanegg yolk5.2Food
singngedannomeuphemism for genital organs, male or femaleSimannan2esilusin2.1.8.4Female organs2.1.8.3Male organs
singsing1na piece of jewelry that is worn on fingers or thumb, a ringEt ukhupen etan ni patul etan singsing tun nemalkaan ni sinyal tu et ihuklub tud galumeymey Joseph. (Genesis 41:42a)And the king removed his ring that marks his sign and placed it on Joseph's finger.5.4.1Jewelrysingsingan
singsing2sp. var.tsingsing1nsweet potato leavesSweet potato leaves are cooked to feed pigs.Pakaggipgip mu ni han mu inhaeng etan buttata tep henilli mewan singsing.Slice that pechay very well before you cook it because (if you don't slice it well) it will be like sweet potato leaves again.2vto gather sweet potato leavesNak meningsing di habal.I'll gather leaves in the sweet-potato-patch.meN-
singsinganInf. ofsingsing1nomthe ring finger2.1.3.3Finger, toe
sinisp. var.tsinina movie or video3.5.9.4Movie
sinih1na movie or video4.2.6Entertainment, recreation2vto attend moviesAnin pihakkey et endi nak nekisinihanNot even once, have I ever gone with someone to a movie.
siniludnthe dead chicken held by the bride during the traditional wedding dance4.9.5.4Religious ceremony
sinsinnfemale genitaliaSynesil
sintasp. var.tintanink3.5.7.1WriteLanguage of Borrowing: Spanish: tinta
sinulidnthread that is used for sewing or tying small things togetherGatang kallin sinulid et pangugut ku etan ni nebi-kin balwasik.Buy thread (for me) to sew my torn clothes. thread
sinupyasp. var. oftinupyanan amulet, may be a stone, metal, or a piece of woodPeople believe that an amulet has the power to protect against evil, bullet shots, hacking from a machete, ax, or spear after a certain ritual has been performed. An amulet is carried with the person who owns it.Nemulling ni babbattu etan kan Julius ni sinupya tu.It is a rounded small stone that Julius claims to be his amulet.Simkiwil 14.9.8Religious things
sinuunanInf. oftuunnomfoundationGapuh ni kabaelan kun indawat Apu Dios ey heni inhammad kun ingkapya hu sinuunan ni baley tun henin impahding ni nelaing ni mengapyan baley. (1 Corinthians 3:10-11a) Due to the fact that God has given me my ability, I have carefully built a firm foundation for his house just an expert house builder would do. -an