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sikleb1transto tilt or place a flat item at an angle, e.g., boards, planks, metal or plasticSikleb mudda eya na-bel ni tabla ma-lat memag-anan ida.Tip those wet boards at an angle so they can dry up., sloping
sikleb21nthe closing traditional religious death ritual2.6.6.3Funeral4.9.5Practice religion2intransto perform the ritualNenikleb idan nahdem di baley Johnny.They performed-the-closing-death-ritual at Johnny’s house last evening.
sikluptransto close something such as an open book, envelope, or umbrellaEhel mun Nadia et siklupen tu hu payung tu haggud insiked tu udan.Tell Nadia to close her umbrella; anyway, the rain has stopped., close-en/-in-
siknulsp. var.hiknultransto elbow someone8.5.1.5Touching, contact
sikpawfr. var. ofsikyawvfor a bolo or ax to bounce off of the wood being chopped
siksik1sp. var.tiktikna bird species, similar to a crowInang-ang midda hu dakel ni siksik di muyung.We saw many siksik-birds in the forest.
siksik2trans1to forcibly place something between two things7.5.9Put2to force oneself into a space between two people sitting or lying downAn neisiksik hi Romeo ni anneugip di nanggawaan idan neugip ni tuud nahkit ni bawang ni baley mi.Romeo forced himself to go and sleep in the middle of the people who were asleep on the crowded floor space of our house.nei-
sikusp. var.hikuhnthe elbow2.1.3.1Arm
sikulstato be crooked or bent, e.g., branches, wireNesikusikul etan dewwan mitloh ni gigit ni binengwah ku tep inggasigasin idan u-ungnga.The two meters of wire that I cut off are bent in many spots because the kids have been stepping on it.
sikyawfr. var.sikpawintransto bounce or glance off, to be deflected; this happens when a bolo or axe hits the wood being chopped a glancing blowThe handle of the bolo or ax is still being held by the person chopping the wood.Antan keihnup di kad-an ni tuun kamenikdap ni keyew tep entanni ey umsikpaw ni hi-gam hu pingway weno wahay et melipputan ka.Do not stay close to someone chopping wood because the machete or ax might glance off and you will be wounded.7.7.1Hitum-/-imm-
silawnlightSyndilag 1Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
silaynthe monitor lizard speciesThis lizard species is found in forests and creeks and is edible.Inhaeng ina etan dinweng mid muyung ni silay ni ihhida tayun mahmahdem.My mother cooked the monitor-lizard that we hunted in the forest as our viand this evening.
silbisp. var.hilbi1stato be useful; to be of valueEndi silbitu eya kamihita tep kaum-ipet ni hi-gak.That t-shirt is of no use to me because it is tight on me.2to serve; to be of service to someoneHi Apu Dios e nakka pengikkahhakeyin nakka pansilbiin pengituttudduan kun meippanggep ni penellakniban daitsun U-ungnga tu e hi Jesus Christo ey inamta tu e dakeyu kaiddasadasalin hi-gak ni kenayun. (Romans 1:9)God, whom I put first in my serving him by my teaching about the way in which his Son, Jesus Christ, saves us, knows that I pray for you continuously.
sildu1nwages; salary2transto earn a salaryYa kasilduan Rodney ey e-etteng nem ya hu silduen kullin pantuttudduan ku.As for Rodney's salary, it is bigger than what I will earn when I am teaching.
silegsp. var.tilegstato learn from one's mistake, such that wrongdoing will not be repeatedNesileg idan nemultaan dan nemateyan dan manuk mi.They have learned from being fined for killing our chicken.3.2.2Learnma-/ne-
silentrans1to twist something, e.g., wire, rope, thread; to be twistedNesilen hu heli tun na-egahan tud medanglel ni dalan.Her leg was twisted when she fell down on the slippery road.Synsilud 12to be moved or moving in an abnormal directionInnang ni melsingngak etan di kamansillesillen ni danum di baybay niya nehibuhibudan hu uluk ni bagiw. (Jonah 2:5)I almost drowned in the swirling water of the sea and my head was wrapped with seaweeds.3to strangle a chicken by twisting its neckSinilen tu buklew ni manuk et matey.He twisted the neck of the chicken and it died.-en/-in-
silisiltransto twist somethingSillisilen tu buklew ni gawgawa ma-lat matey.He is going to twist the neck of the duck so it will die., wring-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
silla1nthe latch of a door or container6.7.5Fastening tool2transto close a door or container that has a latchMu isilla hu lekbi ma-lat eleg ibeghul idan u-ungnga.Go and latch the door so that the kids will not open it.Synpehiw1 1iC1-/iN-Language of Borowing: Ilocano
siludtrans1to twist something, e.g., wire, rope, threadThis word may also be used to refer to twisting the hand, foot or ear of a human or the ear, neck or tail of an animal.Sinilud Ben hu tangilan Roy tep tu nansilud ida etan gigit ni kapyaen Roy ni benwit.Ben twisted Roy’s ear because he had been twisting the wires that Roy is supposed to make into fish hooks.Synsilen 1-en/-in-2to strangle a chicken by twisting its neckNansinillud dadda etan manuk ni inhida tayun nahdem.They strangled the chickens that we had as viand last evening. Yan ebuh hu pinhed min u-unnuden yu ey entan tu ekan hu detag ni neiappit di beken ni makulug ni dios, ya kuheyaw, niya nansinillud ni animal… (Acts 15:29a) The only thing we want you to follow is; do not eat meat sacrificed to idols, or blood, or strangled animals…
simbaannchurchDadda inemung hu tuud Dugyu eman ni inlian mi et lumaw kamid simbaan da.They assembled them, the people of Dugyu, when we came and we went to their church. of worship
simbalInf. oftebalnomthe dowry paid for a bride; engagement to be marriedKayyaggud hu law dad meippanggep ni simbal. Their custom is good with regard to dowry.Kaw wadan hi-gayu neilaw simbal tu? (Deuteronomy. 20:7)Has anyone of you become engaged (to be married)?
simelsp. var. oftimelflea.
similvthe rising of the sun above the eastern horizonMehilli ka hedin ihhangngab mud kamenimmil ni aggew. You will squint if you face the rising sun.kasimmilisimmimil
simmimilInf. ofsimilnsunriseYan kakkabbuhan nunman ni Linggun simmimil hu aggew, ey himmaleman idan limmaw di kulung. (Mark 16:2)On that Sunday morning at sunrise, very early they went to the grave.
sinang-anInf. oftang-anvto crave somethingKinan Mary hu sinang-an tun detag ni ulha ni dinweng mid duntug.Mary ate what she had been craving, the meat of the boar that we hunted in the mountain.-en/-in-