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sibbanglanna large fern varietyThis type of giant fern tree is used mainly in building a pigpen fence or a barrier fence around the village to prevent pigs and other animals from getting into the village or going out from the village to the rice and sweet potato fields.Kami nanlengeh ni sibbaanglan ni illuhud mid kubkub.We went cutting down fern-trees to fence the pigpen.1.5Plant
sibbawwangna water weed variety that grows in rice fields1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
sibbunglunsp. var.tibunglun1na rainbowEy wada sibbunglun ni heni batun emerald e linikweh tu etan yuddungngan.(Revelation 4:3b)And there was a rainbow like an emerald stone that surrounded the throne.…weddaen ku sibbunglun di kulput di kabunyan et pengiang-angan yu niyaddalli helag yu e pannananeng kun ingganah hu nekitbalan kun hi-gayu. (Genesis 9:13)...I will place my rainbow in the clouds. It will be a sign to you and your descendants that I will always keep my covenant with you. a rainbow to appearHin-addum et kamansibbunglun ni kakesikkedin udan hedin kaumpeptang.Sometimes a rainbow appears just after the rain stops if the sun shines.maN-/naN-
sibingtransto sew the lips of a child togetherThis action is used as a threat to a crying child to stop the crying. It has never been done.
sibsibbanna basket for putting ritual items in a house6.7.7Container
sidansilk thread or fabricAnggagannun kamemag-ani hu sida ni balwasi.Silk clothing dries quickly.
sidulantax certificateHipa mu nampemi-kian etan ni sidula ku?Why have you been tearing my tax certificate?6.8.8Tax
sidung1na pigmented spot on the skin; a mole2stato have a mole on the skinNesidungan hu tuktuk nan ina.My mother’s forehead has a mole.
sigging1intransan area of ground that is slopingNan-egah hi Virginia di nansigging ni dalan tep medanglel.Virginia fell down on a sloping trail because it was slippery.antdetal8., sloping2stato place something flat at a slanted anglePansigging mu eya tabla ma-lat eleg igsin idan u-ungnga.Put that board at a slanting angle so that the kids will not step on it.Simdi-hengsi-dengpaN-
siglaysp. var. oftiglaytransto stick out one's tongueKaissenigsiglay nan Damian hu dila tun hi-gam. Damian is sticking out his tongue at you.Kaissiglay ni ahhu hu dila tu hedin neatun besibesik.A dog sticks its tongue out when it is tired from running around.Simtu-dal2.1.1.4Mouth
sigudstato be inherent, inborn or integralThe word refers to something in a human being, animals or plants that is genetically inborn, inherent or that started in them as they grew or developed. The word may also refer to something that is integral in building structures.Ya kainetteng ni ulu tu ey neisigud ni neiungngaan tu.The big size of his head is inborn.Nem hedin hi-gayu, man beken kayun sigud ni tuu tu, nem imbilang dakeyud pamilyah tu. (Romans 11:23-24c)But as for you, you were not inherently his people, but (now) he has counted you as members of his family.nei-
siguladuhadv.predto be certainNakka mesigguladuh ni umdateng ida ammed kun kabbuhhan.I am certain that my parents will arrive tomorrow., definitelyme-Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
siguntransto depend on somethingInsigun di ihhumang tu hedin meki-li weno eleg.It depends on what he will answer whether he is coming along or not.
sikangv1to open the mouth of a person or animal in order to feed or examine the inside of the mouthA physician may do this in order to examine the inside of another person's mouth or someone may force-feed another person or animal that is sick.Sikang mu bungut eyan puha et ang-angen tayu hu dila tu hedin limmebag wenu eleg.Open up the mouth of that cat so we can see its tongue if it is swollen or not.2to open the mouth of a sackSikang mu eya lunay et iduyag ku eya begah.Open up the sack so I can pour in this rice.
sikapadv.predto do something cunningly or cleverlySinikap Teddy hi Henry et gatngen tun nelakah hu killum tu.Teddy cunningly manipulated Henry and bought his pig cheaply.-en/-in-
sikdaptransto cut or chop off a piece of a log or piece of wood with a bolo or an ax to shape it for its intended purposeSinikdapan Roger etan keyew ma-lat umekkeket.Roger chopped some bits off from the wood to make it smaller.7.8.3Cut-an/-in- -an
sikdewna skinny frog species, brownish in colorThis frog species lives in creeks and rivers and is edible.gentukak1.6.1.4Amphibian
sikdunsp. var.tikduntransto touch lightly; to touch something or someone to cause movement or a reaction, may be done intentionally or accidentallyAng-ang yu et eleg yu sikdunen eman duyu tep me-gah di neipetukan tu,Be careful not to touch the plate because it might fall down from where it is placed.Sinikdun tuwak David et ehlen tu e um-ali hi Teddy ni bewahtu.David touched me (for my attention) and told me that Teddy is coming the day after tomorrow. 4B Tactile - Touch contact
sikedadv.predto stop something; to cease; to haltIsiked yun man-a-appeh hedin kan Tony ey issiked yu. You should stop singing if Tony tells you to stop. somethingiC1-/iN-Class A Time Adverbial Predicates
sikem1na tree variety1.5.1Tree
sikem2na ritual during a feast asking a god for constraint or restraint of activities especially food and alcohol consumption4.9.5Practice religion
sikiltransto elbow someoneSinikil tuwak Ruben di angah kud ay-ayam ni basketball.Ruben elbowed me in the face during the game of basketball.Synhiknul 27.7.1Hit-en/-in-Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
sikkamna small clam speciesKindut dan sikkam ni kaalman di payew da.They picked up clams yesterday in their rice-field. animals
sikkeydial. var.sikkuyadj1short, horizontal or vertical measurement.Ansikkey bewek mu.Your hair is short.Simheked8.2.2.3Short, not tall8.2.2.1Short, not longan-2to shorten somethingEhel mun Peter et sissikkeyen tu etan palek ni pinway ku.Tell Peter to make the handle of my bolo a little bit shorter.-en/-in-ansikkey
sikkuydial. var. ofsikkeyshort