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ngihngihvto open lips when grimacing, e.g., when reacting to a bad smell or snarling like a dogDaka ngingihngiha tep ya hamuy etan ni nabwel ni puha.They are grimacing because of the rotting smell of the (dead) cat. expression-en/-in-
ngihulstafor animals and human beings to look sickly, unwell, or skinny due to chronic sicknessNengihul law hi mahiken tep nebayag ni nandegeh.Baby boy looks sickly because he has been sick for a long time.Simkinggulngiguhpigut2.5.1Sickme-/ne-
ngikngik1na little baby or puppy noise; whine; yelpDingngel mi ngikngik idan napul ni neiungngaan da.We heard the yelp of the puppies when they were born. whineKaumngenikngik hi mahhiken tep neupa.The baby-boy is whining because he is
ngilin1nsacred traditions and customs; taboos related to the protocols of some traditional religion rituals, e.g., death or prestigious ritualsThese rituals have codes of conduct or protocols that must be observed by the shaman performing the rituals and the family members of the hosts of the rituals. It is said that any violation of the codes or protocol will render the aims of the rituals ineffective. Some examples of the codes or protocols are: refraining from sexual intercourse for a certain period of time; not eating climbing vegetables such as string beans, wing beans, or other climbing vegetables; not taking a bath for a certain number of days, weeks or a month. Eleg da mewan u-unnuda hu elaw ni ngilin ni aggew ni Sabaduh, et humman pengastiguan ku-et ni hi-gada etan di desert tep ya nemahhig ni bunget ku. (Ezekiel 20:21c)Also, they do not obey/follow the sacred customs of observing the Sabbath, and for that reason I was about to punish them in the desert because of my fierce anger. Simhimugalimehpi-yew ceremony4.9.5Practice religion2intransto perform a ngilin ritualThis ritual is performed so that other rituals will be effective and everything related to the feasts and activities will go smoothly.Hi ama hu nangngilin di baley di Oswald eman ni neteyyan nan ameda.My father performed the ngilin-ritual at Oswald’s house when their father died.maN-/naN-
ngillangilntree beetle species, greenKamandinglih hu annel ni ngillangil.The body of the green-tree-beetle is shiny. Simlingngaling1.6.1.7Insect
ngina1staexpensive; costly8.3.7.9Valueme-/ne-2procto become expensiveYa etan tuun kamanggettang ni begah, nem tuka itattallu et han tu ukata hedin ngimmina, ey iddutan idan tuu. Nem ya etan tuun mengigtang ni begah ni tuka iggatang, anin ni eleg ngumina, ey tettebalen idan tuu. (Proverbs 11:26)The person who sells (his) grain, but hides it until it becomes expensive, will be cursed by people. But the person who sells his grain even though the price is not expensive, will be praised by people.nengina
ngipennteeth; toothMangkadlang ida hu ngipen tu tep ya tapi.His teeth are all red because of the betel nut quid2.1.1.5Tooth
ngisistafor teeth to decay, usually indicated by black spots and chippingNengisi hu edum ni ngipen De-ey tep tu kapemehhig ekan ni asukal.Some of De-ey’s teeth are decayed because he eats too much sugar. decayme-/ne-
ngitngitstafor teeth to have plaqueMengitngitan ali ngipen mu tep eleg mun hekey kigwahi bungut mu.Your teeth will be full of plaque because you do not rinse your mouth at all. -an/ne- -an
ngiyawnthe sound of a cat; meow2.3.2.2Sound
ngiyednthe sound of a dog; growl2.3.2.2Sound
nguadjunctcertainly; indeed; surely; no doubtIda kaum-ameh hedin nekilawwak ni hi-gatu tep kanda na-mu ngu nem wada mika kapkapyaan lawah. They are jealous when I go with him because they no doubt mistakenly think we are doing something bad., definitelydamengueggu ngungudanngudedantawwey ngutu-wangu
ngu-hulstaprotruding shape of mouthThe shape of the mouth may be due to protruding teeth.Nengu-hulan etan udidyan mi.Our youngest has the protruding mouth shape. -an
ngu-tunfront teeth, incisors2.1.1.5Tooth
ngu-wapsp. var. ofnga-wap
ngubuintransto make a whispering sound, may be human, animal or an inanimate thingWada dingngel min hileng ni kaumngubungubu di daulen mi.We heard a whispering sound at night under our house.Simtutubu2.3.2.3Types of soundsum-/-imm-Class 2E Vocal sounds expressing feeling
ngudancomp. ofngudedanadjunctexpresses prior knowledge of something such as an action or eventInamtak ngudan.I knew that beforehand.Hipa ngudan yu nanggugullatan et kayu lumaw diman?Why, having prior knowledge, did you take the risk and go there?, unknown
ngudantuna banana variety, long yellow or green bananas5. from fruit
nguddanadv.predto do something intentionally, knowingly, or deliberatelyNginuddan tun induyag di puyek etan innumen yu.He intentionally poured out your drink on the ground.Daka nguddanan meiddagsin hi-gam ni umyudung tep pinpinhed dakan hi-gada.They deliberately sit beside you because they like you., -an/-in- -an
ngudedancomp. ofngudedanadjunctemphasizes a very long time ago; without doubt a long time agoWada ngudedan hi Jesus et han mawedan emin eya wadan nunya. (Colossians 1:17a)Jesus (always) existed before everything that came into existence and exists today.8.4Time
ngudelstato be dull or blunt
nguduintransto grumble; to complain; to mumble or mutter under breathKaumngudungudu hi Mary tep eleg da pakilaw di Kiangan.Mary is grumbling because they did not let her go along to Kiangan.Huyyaddan tuu ey daka ingngudungudu hi Apu Dios niya ida kamanlillih ni gahat da. (Jude 1:16a)These people grumble against God and complain about their fate. 2H Behavior
ngugngugintransto cry loudlyKamangngugngug tep nemahhig hu degeh ni egeh tu.She is crying loudly because of so much pain in her stomach.Simngulngul3.5.6.5Cry, tearmaN-/naN
nguhnguhintransto be despondent, hopeless or desperate, usually due to loss of material possessions or due to loss of a loved oneKamangnguhnguh tep ya neteyyan ameda.He is despondent because of the death of their father.Kamangnguhnguh law tep intugal tun emin hu limmu tu.He is now desperate because he gambled away all his possessions.Simlu-lu3.4.2.1SadkamaN-
nguknguk1na sound made by monkeysKamakadngel hu nguknguk idan tadaw di muyung tep na-let.The monkey’s call can be clearly heard in the forest because it is loud. sounds2intransfor monkeys to make the soundKenguknguknguk ida hu tadaw tep neupadda.The monkeys are calling loudly because they are hungry.