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nganniint.prowhat; whyThis form is not used often.Nganni mu nengal-an ni pinway tu?Why did you get his bolo?Nganni tu ellan di baley yu?What will she get from your house?Synkele9.2.3.4Question wordsLanguage of Borrowing: Tuwali Ifugao: nganne
ngapahintransto worry about someone or somethingKaumngangapah hi George tep kamangkehilleng law ey eleg umdateng ida ammed tu.George is worrying because it is now getting-dark and his parents have not arrived.Simdanagngehep3. 2D Emotion and sensation
ngatngattransto munch or chew something with gustoDaka pangngatngata etan detag ni ulha anin ni maewet.They are chewing the boar’s meat with gusto even though it is tough.Simgalgal5.2.2.1Bite, chew-en/-in-
ngatuh1transto place something highIngetuh mu pengihha-adan mu eyan sinapay ma-lat eleg han-adang idan u-ungnga.Put this bread up high so that the kids will not be able to reach it.Synta-gey 27.5.9PutiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site2stahighNengatuh law hu saad nan Ronald di sindalu.Ronald's rank in the army is now high. of Borrowing: Ilocano
ngaweynthe upper part of sugar cane that is not sweetEndi hu lumi-ih ni danum ni ngawey.There is no sweet juice in the upper-part (of this sugar cane).
ngawingaw1passto be disorganized, e.g., a plan, actionsNengawingaw law etan meippahding di baley da et eleg meamtaan hedin meittulluy winu eleg.The things that were to be done in their house have now been disorganized so it is not known whether it (the work) will continue or not.2transto disrupt or disorganizeKangewwingawaddan nebuteng ni tuu hu ay-ayam idan u-ungnga.The drunk people are disrupting the children’s game. -an
ngawngawintransa colloquial term that describes a person who behaves in an unbecoming, unacceptable or inappropriate mannerThe types of behavior that are considered to be unbecoming are eating someone’s food without permission, using someone’s property without permission, entering someone’s property without permission, and talking over someone.Kamangngawngaw hi amam tep eleg tu ibbaga ni himmegep di baley ni tuu.Your father behaves-in-an-unacceptable manner because he just enters anyone’s house without asking permission to enter. standardmaN-/naN-Class 1C General class - Types of behavior
ngayewvto go headhuntingIda ngimmayew ni kaalman di Ibung.They went headhunting yesterday in Ibung.Ida kunu umngayew tep netey hakey ni u-ungnga tu.They are going to go headhunting because one of his children is dead. 2H Behaviormangeyew
ngehaytransto boldly disobey; to rebel against authority; to be obstinate; to be stubborn; to defy Nemahhig hu ngehay da. (Exodus 32:9)They are very rebellious., immoral-en/-in-Class 1C General class - Types of attitudesmanghay
ngehepintransto worry about someone or somethingKaumngengehhep hi George tep kamangkehilleng law ey eleg umdateng ida ammed tu.George is worrying because it is now getting-dark and his parents have not arrived.Simdanagngapahum-/-imm-Class 2D Emotion and sensation
ngelawngaw1stanoise, generally referring to many people, a disturbance or confusionTep hi Apu Dios, ey eleg tu pinhed hu nengelawngaw ni pandeyyaw, tep ya pinhed tu ey wada ulnus niya linggep di tayu kakeemmuemmungin menaydayaw ni hi-gatu. (1 Corinthians 14:33a)Because God does not like noisy disorder during worship because he wants order and peace when we are meeting to worship him. refers to the noise made by people talking loud especially when drunkIda kamangngengellawngaw hu nebuteng ni tuu di baley di Allawah.The drunk people are making loud noises at Allawah’s house.
ngelebngebnhuman or animal cartilageMeya-ya-meh ni galgalen hu ngelebngeb nem ya tu-ngal.It is easier (lit. softer) to chew cartilage than bone.2.1.6Bone, joint
ngenamungfr. var.nengamungadv.pred1refers to a given situation that determines what will happen or not happen or who will determine what happens; refers to one's prerogative or right or exclusive privilegeTep ya kapemuttukin Apu Dios ni tuu tu ey eleg maipuun di kayyaggud ni kapehding ni tuu, nem ngenamung hu pinhed tu. (Romans 9:10-12d)For God’s choosing of people to be his is not based on the good things a person does, but instead it is up to him to choose those he wants.Iwaklin mu appit min detag et han kami ngenamung ni menegteg. Put aside our share of the meat and then, it will be up to us to cut it up.2the timing of a mentioned action or occurrence is indefiniteNgenamung ali ellian ku et han itsu man-ung-ungbal mewan.It will be when I come before we can converse again.comp.han ali ngenamungNPhan ali ngenamung
ngep-uladjto be a dark color, e.g., ashes, purple-colored riceMineyumeyan tun ingngep-ul etan ingkail tun dayyakket.He added purple-colored-rice to the glutinous-rice that he cooked for rice wine.
ngepuhtransto be consumed little by little, e.g., firewoodThis word generally refers to something that burns away slowly. The second sentence is an extended meaning of the word.Antan tu ibbeng hu nangngepuhhan yun illukut di atep um-anam.Don't throw your cigarette butts (lit. consumed cigarettes) on the roof because it will ignite.Ya etan tuun melinggep nemnem tu ey makewiging e endi degeh tu, nem ya etan tuun maemeh ey ngengpuhen ni ameh tu hu annel tu. (Proverbs 14:30)The person who has a peaceful mind is healthy without sickness, but the person who is jealous, his body will be consumed by his jealousy. up-en/-in-
nget-abnunseen deep cracks in the groundKaggegedday hu habal da tep yadda nget-ab.Their sweet potato patch easily erodes because of the unseen-deep-cracks.1.2.1Land
ngetngetncicada species, evening1.6.1.7Insect
ngewngew1nthe sound that a cat makes; meowKamedngel hu ngewngew ni puha di dallin.The cat’s sound or meow can be heard outside the house. sounds2intransto make the sound; meowKaumngenewngew hu puha yud bawang ni baley yu.Your cat is meowing inside your
ngeyedintransfor a dog to snarl or growlUmngeyed eman ahhu hedin hehnupen mu.That dog will growl if you go near it. soundsum-/imm-
ngeyyedintransto snarl; to growlKamangngengeyyed etan ahhun Roy ni dintengan mid baley da.Roy’s dog was growling when we arrived at their house. soundsmaN-/naN-Class 1D Sounds
ngi-ngiintransto laughKela kayu kamangngi-ngi?Why are you laughing?Simimih3.5.6.4LaughmaN-/naN-Class 1C - Types of behavioranggengi-ngi
ngidelngums of teeth2.1.1.5Tooth
ngidluhintransto be lazyKaumngidluh ni mangunnu tep sigud ni nengidluh. He is lazy to work because he is lazy by nature.Simhiga, um-/-imm-
ngiguhstadescribes the unhealthy appearance of a human or animal; skinny and a sickly lookNengiguh hi Daniel tep eleg mengngan. Daniel is skinny because he is not eating.Kamangkengigguh etan killum mi tep ekkut tuka kennaOur pig is getting skinny and looking sickly because it eats little.Simkinggulngihulpigut2.5.6Symptom of diseaseme-/ne-
ngihivfor a woman to crave certain foods during pregnancy2.6.3.1Pregnancy