Vernacular - English


newa-waanInf. ofwa-wastathe following day; the day afterYan newa-waan tu ey himmaleman idan limmaw e ingguyud dadda hu kebayyu da. (Genesis 22:3)The following day, they went early in the morning, leading their donkey.8.4.1Period of time
newaluInf. ofwaluadjthe cardinal number eightyInggatang tu kilaw dan hanggatut et newalu.He sold his young carabao for one hundred eighty pesos. numbersne-
newangncarabao; water buffaloYa newang ey panelladuh.The carabao is used for plowing.
newannanInf. ofwannanstato be right-handedNewannan hi Paul.Paul is right-handed.
newidhengstato be left-handedKamehewwil tuka peneng-il tep newidheng.The way he throws goes off target because he is left-handed.Simnewilli2.1.3.1Armne-
newilliInf. ofwillistato be left-handedKamehewwil tuka peneng-il tep newilli.The way he throws goes off target because he is left-handed.Simnewidheng2.1.3.1Armne-
neyugncoconut; refers to the palm as well as the fruit5. from fruit
neyunadvalways, oftenHumman ni neyun tuka ibbaga.That is what he is always asking. timekenayun
nga-mut1nthe total numberBinilang kuddan emin hu immalin tuu ey walu nga-mut.I counted all the people that came and they are eight in total.8.1.5All2transto take all of something; to get allNgina-mut Myrna ni inla etan indawat Kerri ni gahhilang et endi-an kami.Myrna took all the corn that Kerri gave and so we have none.7.4.3Get-en/-in-
nga-wapsp. var.ngu-wapstato be a wide opening of a basket or a sack; the size of the opening of a containerNenga-wap ni peteg etan kinapyan Baniyyah ni kayyabang.The opening of the sweet potato basket made by Banniyah is too
ngaba1nlive charcoal; live coals; smoldering remains of a fireAntan tu kapa hu ngaba eyan apuy tep meettungan ngamay mu.Don't touch the live-coals of this fire because your hand will be burned.Simngalab5.5Fire2intransto become a live coalNgimmaba etan intunguk ni keyew.The wood that I put into the fire has produced a live
ngadan1nnameYa ngadan tu ey hi Juan.His name is Juan.9.7Name2vto name someone; to give someone, or a group a specific nameNemnem yu e et-eteng hu impeminhed Apu Dios ni hi-gatsu, et mukun ingngadnan daitsun u-ungnga tu. (1 John 3:1)You should consider how great the love of God is for us, and that is why he named us his children.Yuwak kaingngadnin mittuduh yu niya Ap-apu yu et kayyaggud huttan, tep makulug ni hi-gak hu mittuduh yu niya Ap-apu yu. (John 13:13)You have called me your teacher and your Lord, and that is good, because it is true that I am your teacher and your Lord.impangngadan
ngagngagstato be silly or foolishHeni ka nengagngag ni kaman-e-ehhel.You are like a foolish person talking. talkne-
ngahalstafor ground to be loose and unstable on a slopeThis refers to the ground on a slope and might easily result in a landslide.Nengahal etan leba di ahhullan.The slope at the spring is loose-and-unstable., dirtme-/ne-
ngahngahintransto pant or gasp from exhaustionKami kaumngenahngah ali etan di andukkey ni teyyeddan.We were panting on the long walk uphill.2.2.1Breathe, breathum-/-imm-Class 2C Physiological functions
ngakngak1nthe loud cry of a babyDingngel mi ngakngak ni gelang ni nelabhan mid baley da.We heard a loud cry of a baby when we passed by their house., tear2intransthe caw sound of a crowNa-let hu ngakngak ida etan ni gawwang ni kaumngenakngak di muyung.The caw of the crows that are cawing in the forest is so loud. soundsum-/-imm-
ngala1nnoiserefers to human noise only and not any other noiseKamedngel hu ngala idan u-ungngad baley yu.The noise from the children in your house can be heard. make noiseAntan pangngangala ma-lat dengelen tayu hu e-helen tu.Do not be noisy so that we will hear what he will say.Simkalang 2um-/-imm-, maN-/naN-
ngalabnburning charcoal; embersAntan tu kapa hu ngalab tep meettungan hu ngamay mu.Do not touch the embers because your hand will be burned.Simngaba 15.5Fire
ngalidihvthe crunching or grinding sound made with teethHandengel ku hu ngalidih ni ngipen tu.I can hear the grinding sound of his teeth.
ngalngaltransto chew on something hardKapangngalngalan ahhu etan bingkah mun tu-gal.The dog is chewing on the bone that you threw away., chew-an/-in- -an
ngalubtransto take a big bite of somethingNgineluban tu etan et-eteng ni ubin inhibak ku.He bit a big piece off the sweet potato that I cooked.Simket-ubku-tum5.2.2.1Bite, chew-an/-in- -an
ngamay1narm, including hand and fingersAndukkey hu ngamay Ben.Ben’s arms are long.Simtaklay2transto hold someone by the handIngngamayan tu hi Richard ni nengiguyudan tun hi-gatun nambakalan dan Robert.He held Richard by his hand when he pulled him away from his fight with Robert.i- -an/iN- -an
ngangasta to be unable to speak; deaf and dumbSigud ni nenganga hi Margot ni neiungngaan tu.Margot has been inherently unable to speak since birth.2.3.2Hear3. quietlyne-
nganghettransto buy or sell a full set of objectsKaingnganghet Buyayyawi ni iggatang ida etan duyu di baley da.Buyayyawi is selling the set of plates in their house.The -en/-in- affix set would be used encode the meaning for buy. 3B Move and release an object
ngannganihadv.predrefers to a future time that is near or to an event that will occur soonGandat tun kaum-udan hedin hambatengan tep ngannganih hu manginudan.It is natural that it rains in the afternoon because rainy season is approaching.Ngannganih kepappegan tayun emin. (Lamentations 4:18 b)The end of all of us is near.Syndandanih8.