Vernacular - English


nemag-ananstato be driedAngkepaw etan pinehan kun hanlakeh ni pasing tep nemag-anan.The bundle of small tree branches that I carried was light because they are dry. -an
nemahhigInf. ofpahhigadv.predexpresses the notion that something exceeds a standard; more so; veryKamangngugngug tep nemahhig hu degeh ni egeh tu.She is crying loudly because of so much pain in her stomach.Nemahhig atung ni danum tep neka-init.The water is very warm because it was heated.Nemahhig amleng dan nampebaddang nan Apu Dios tep dingngel tu dasal da et pelinggep tudda e eleg tu iebulut ni gubbaten idan buhul daddad nanlinikweh ni bebley da. (2 Chronicles 15:15b)The people (of Judah) were very happy with the covenant they had made with the LORD for he heard their prayers and gave them peace, not allowing the enemies in the surrounding vicinities to wage-war on them. 9.3Very
nemanguluInf. ofulustafirstImbubunut mi hu memengngulun umhehgep di lugan ey ya ngadan ku hu nemangulun nebunut. We drew lots for who is to be the first to go inside the bus and my name was the first to be drawn.
nemetcomp. ofnemetconjbut as long as; but provided thatI-imman hu anin ni newetwet ita nemet limpiyuh kapehding nem ya etan kedangyan ita, ey beken ni limpiyuh elaw. (Proverbs 28:6)It is better for us to be poor as-long-as we do what is just, than for us to be wealthy, and not be just in character. conjunctions
neminhedInf. ofpinhed1transto like or love something or someone; to desire something or someoneLispituh tayun emin tuu niya peang-ang tayu hu neminhed tayuddan edum tayun kamengullug. (1 Peter 2:17a)We should respect all people and show our love for our fellow believers.4.3.3LovemeN-/neN-
nemnem1nmindYad ulu hu kad-an ni nemnem ni tuu.It is in the head where the human mind is located.2vto thinkNakka umkebkeb ni mannemnem ni nunman! (Job 37:1)I am feeling frightened (heart is pounding) as I think about that.maN-/naN-2.1intransto think about something in particularNemnem yu hu meippanggep ni inlian tayu di deya.Think about why we came here.Hi Jesus Christo hu idinel yu niya nemnemnem yu, tep hi-gatu hu Apu tayu et hi-gatu u-unnuden tayu. (1 Peter 3:15a)It is Jesus Christ whom we should trust and think about because he is our Lord and he is the one we should follow.-en/-in-2.2transto plan something or decideYa tuu ey dammutun mannemnem ni pinhed tun pehding, nem hi Apu Dios hu ngenamung ni mengi-ebbulut winu mengikka-leg ni amnuan nunman ni implanuh tu.As for a person, he can plan what he wants to do, but it's up to God whether he will accept or reject the fulfillment of his plan.3adj.predto think about or remember something that is sadAnggenemnem hu neteyyan etan ni gayyum tayu.It is a sad reminiscence regarding the death of our friend. angge-mannemnempannenemnemanpenginnemneman
nemukmukanInf. ofmukmukstato be baldNemukmukan law hu ulu tu.His head is now -an
neN-transprefix, non-past, future tense complex topicalizing affix for Classes 4 and 5 verbal rootsHi-gak nemaddang ni hi-gatu.I was the one who helped him.Hi Pedro nemeyun pagey.Pedro was the one who pounded the rice.SimkameN-meN-Morphophonology: The N in the form symbolizes a nasal that assimilates to the point of articulation of the first consonant of the root, and then, reduces the consonant. If the first consonant of the root is followed by the ‘e’ vowel, the vowel will also be reduced. affixes
neN- -anvcircumfix, past tense complex topicalizing affix, cross-references time or place for Classes 4 and 5 verbal rootsPigantu yu nemugbugan ni kapih?When did you gather the coffee beans?SimpeN- -an29.2.9.1Verb affixes
nengamungfr. var. ofngenamungadv.predone's prerogative or right or exclusive privilegeNengamung hi Apu Dios ni mengipeang-ang ni nunya hedin ya helag Israel winu ya helag Ammon hu nambahul. (Judges 11:27)It is the prerogative of God to show today if it is the descendants of Israel or the descendants of Ammon who have sinned. Simkenamung 1
nengi-transprefix, the past tense complex topicalizing affix for Class 3 verbal rootsHipa an nengiabnak ni wangal di dep-ul?Who spread the blanket in the dust?SimkamengiC1-mengiC1-This affix is also used when asking for the identity of the agent of an action.
nengi- -antranscircumfix, past tense complex topicalizing affix, cross-references time or place for Class 3 verbal rootsAttu nengilhetan idala etan ni nandalan di Asipulo?Where is the shortcut route used by those people who passed through Asipulo?Simkapengi- -i1pengi- -an19.2.9.1Verb affixes
nengin-appitInf. ofappit2vto go in the direction of a locationYad nengin-appit di Pula hu impelawwan da. They went in the direction of Pula.8.5.2Directionnengin-
nengin-ehpenInf. ofehpennoma lower placeYa etan heggeppan ey inhangga tu etan di dallin di nengin-ehpen. (Ezekiel 40:37a)The doorway faced the outside of the lower place.8.5.5Spatial relationsnengin-
nenginaInf. ofnginastadescribes something that is expensiveNengina law hu bayad ni batewil. The payment for a batewil-pole is now very expensive.
nengipe-transprefix, topicalized causative affix that references the causative agent, past tenseHi Buyyakaw ngu hu nengipealmet ni hi-gatu.It was Buyyakaw who displeased him.Hi-gatu nengipeanam ni apuy tu sinutungan etan ni neamung.He was the one who caused the fire to spread because he lighted the cogon-grass that was piled.Simmengippe-pengipe- affixes
nengipe- -anvcircumfix, this causative affix references a topicalized cause, a time or a placeYa ngala da hu nengipea-allawan dan hi-gada di ay-ayaman ni kaalman.Their noisiness was the reason (lit. cause) that they sent them away from the game yesterday.Hipa nengipekalgaan yudda etan ni carton ni neih-adan ni Tanduay?Who did you have carry the cartons of Tanduay?Limmaw ida kunud Palaw eman ni nak nengipeaygan ni hi-gada.They went to Palaw, they said, when I had them be called.Simpengipe- -an 1The form is also used in an interrogative construction; the question word is in the topicalized NP position.
nepu-hignoman orphanNepu-hig ni ekaglang tu.He was an orphan during his childhood.
netagucomp. oftagu1stato survive; to live...ebuh ida walun tuun netagu...(1 Peter 3:20b)...only eight people survived...Netagudda etan edum ni impeltak kun kammahit.Some of the tomato seeds that I sowed have survived.Simbiyag 2
netagwanInf. oftagu2tagu1passto have been brought back to life; resurrectedThis form has been used in the Bible to translate the English word resurrected.Nem ya kakulugan tu, ey netagwan hi Jesus Christo. (1 Corinthians 15:20a)But the truth is, Jesus Christ has been resurrected.2.6Lifene- -an
netegaktakInf. oftegaktakstatalkative
neteyInf. ofeteystadead; has diedDakel netey ni datteng tep ya degeh.Many died during the liberation because of sickness.Synbunu 11.4.1Dead thingsne-
neugwanInf. ofugewstadry seasonImpaddih tu kuman neugwan tu hu illian di ina et kayyaggud ali dalan.My mother came at the same time as the dry season so the trail was good.1.7Nature, environmentne- -an
newa-waInf. ofwa-wastadawn; early morningSynden-al8. of the dayme-/ne-