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ne-2transprefix, past tense default passive form for Class 4 verbal rootsNeang-ang kamenekkew di baley yu.A person stealing at your house was seen.Kaw negibbu law ni neiebel hu ippaebel ku?Is the weaving I had you weave finished?Simkame-2me- affixes
ne- -antranspast tense passiveInna-nun mu nepalangan? How did you get cut with a bolo? affixes
nea-ammaInf. ofamastaold manAndukkey hu iming ku tep nea-amma-ak law.My beard is long because I am an old man now.
nealaadv.predsuddenly; unexpectedlyEy kaw neala ni wada immalin ligat di hakey ni bebley hedin eleg paelin Apu Dios? (Amos 3:6b)And does disaster suddenly come to a city if the LORD has not sent it?
nealaycomp. ofnealaeyadvto just act without thinking; just; simplyNealay kinan tu etan mekkan pasi ukih tu.Without thinking, he just ate the fruit including the skin. about9.6.3.2Markers of emphasis
nebabbaistaeffeminateSimbinabbai 1Synbaklabinabbai 1
nebahbahInf. ofbahbahpassto have been damaged or destroyedNebahbah law etan langtay di kulukul.The bridge over the creek has now been
nebaluInf. ofbalustawidowEy eleg da i-ehneng ida nebalu niyadda nepu-hig. (Isaiah 1:23c)And they (your wicked leaders) never defend the widows and orphans (in court)., widowerne-
nebayagInf. ofbayagstaa long timeKaw yan nebayag la hu illian nan Guindayan di baley yu?Was it a long time ago when Guindayan came to your house?Simdedangngu8.4.2.2A long timene-
nebnebintransthe non-development of an animal embryoThe embryo tissue is absorbed internally.Nannebneb etan kaung da.Their sow’s embryo stopped developing.1.6.3Animal life cyclenaN-
nebusitInf. ofbusitstato be unlucky
nedanumanInf. ofdanumsta1the ripening of citrus fruit as it develops juiceAgda al-en ida etan lumban tep eleg ida madenuman.They did not get the pomelo-fruit because they have not ripened.6.2.5Harvestme- -an/ne- -an2refers to the watering of fields by rainEt ma-nu tep nedanuman papayyew di hakey ni bebley, nem natduk payew dad edum ni bebley… (Amos 4:7c)And although it has rained on the fields (lit. watered the fields) in one place, but the fields are dry in another place…
nedilanan danumInf. ofdilanstarusty water
nedned1intransan archaic word meaning to descend from a higher elevationA word used in ritual chanting or prayers.Used in traditional religious rituals.Syndayyu down
nedned2transto pound a nail deeplyAng-ang et pakannedneden mudda hu patak ni neipetak etan di tabla.See to it that you will pound the nails deeply that are nailed in the board.7.7.1Hit-en/-in-
neduddukkeyInf. ofdukkeysta1a length or height comparison; longer than; taller thanNeduddukkey ida etan intanem mu ni guggullu.The orange trees that you planted are taller now.8.2.8Measurene- CVC1-2refers to the process of becoming taller or longerDimmuddukkey ida etan intanem mu ni guggullu.The orange trees that you planted have become C1-
neduyugInf. ofduyugbentpassto be bent, e.g., a treeNeduyug keyew ni wadad dalanThe tree that is on the trail is
neendiInf. ofendistaa euphemism for human death; dieNeendi hi Apu Pegaddut eman ni linggu.My grandfather Pegaddut died last Sunday.2.6.6Dieme-/ne-
nehalmanInf. ofhalempassto go beyond a certain standard or norm; to be extreme to exceedNehalman impanenum mu et humman hu heni key-ah hu inhaeng mun gaga.You have put in too much water and that is why the rice you cooked is like
nei-transprefix, past tense default passive form for Class 3 rootsEntanni ey nei-peng ni hi-gada heni tebel ni apuy. (Acts 2:3)Then, each of them was distributed with something like a flame of fire.Simkamei-mei- affixes
nei- -anpasscircumfix, past tense default passive form for Class 5Dinekketan ni kamihita tun andeket hu pantalon kun mablah ni neibalbalan da.His black t-shirt blackened my white pants when they were washed together.Simkamei- -anmei- -an9.2.9.1Verb affixes
nei-innaInf. ofinastaold womanNebu-kung law hi apu tep nei-inna law.My grandmother is humpbacked because she is an old woman.
neiegiInf. ofagistato have a close relationship with endi hu kabaelan dan mengippesikked ni impeminhed tun hi-gatsun neiegin Jesus Christo e Apu tayu. (Romans 8:39b)...and none of these things have the ability to stop his (God's) love for us who have a close-relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord.4.1Relationshipsnei-
neihbutInf. ofhebutpassenslaved, enslavementNeihbut ida law edum ni bibi-in u-ungnga mi, nem endi katteg dammutun pehding mi tep neibelal ni emin hu puyek mi. (Nehemiah 5:5b)Our young female children have already become enslaved, but we cannot do anything about it because all our land has been mortgaged.
neihbutanInf. ofhebutnto be enslaved; slaveryTep hi-gak hu Ap-Apu e Dios yun nengihwang ni hi-gayud neihbutan yud Egypt. (Psalm 81:10a)Because I am the Lord, your God who saved you from your slavery in Egypt.