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niyyehnasthmaNakka um-enuk-uk tep ya gannak ni niyyeh.I am always coughing because of my health defect, asthma.2.5.2Disease
nuhnuhtransto pull something out or down Ehel mun James et tu nuhnuhen eman wakal di keyew et panlakeh tayu eyan pasing ni ittungu. Tell James to pull that vine down from the tree so we will use it to bundle these small branches for firewood.
nuknukvto swallow something without chewing; to eat greedily
numanadjunctemphatic expression; indeed Kantud nemnem tuy 'Nakkayyang, endi numan kei-ingngehan idan nunyan inang-ang ku!' (1 Kings 10:5-6). She thought, "Wow, nothing indeed can be compared to the things I've seen today!"9.2.7Interjectionsambeken numan
nungayadjunctto suggest a possibility or hypothesis; supposeWhen a supposition is presented, it is expected that a discussion will follow or that an answer will be given by the speaker.Nungay wada nehamak ni annel ni pintey dan tuud bebley ni iddawat Apu Dios e Dios yu, ey eleg yu amta hedin hipa nematey. (Deuteronomy 21:1)Suppose that the body of a person who has been killed is found in the land that God will give you and you don't know who killed him.
nungew1na day of rest from working in the rice field after rice grain seeds for planting have all been laid in every farmer’s rice field seedbedsIn the traditional religion certain days were declared as rest days and no one was to go to work in the fields.Intekuk dan nahdem hu nungew di Palaw et yad Baay, Bahag niyad Caccaha.They shouted last night about the rest day in Palaw, Baay, Bahag and Caccaha.4.9.5Practice religion2vto stay home for a break from usual workPannungew kan nunya tep lingu.Stay home today because it is Sunday.Inungew mudda u-ungngan nunya et nak mangyew.You stay home with the kids today so I can go and gather firewood. iC1-/iN-, paN-3vto rest from work on a sacred dayEleg yu hanheged hu kegibbuhan ni Sabaduh e nungew niyadda etan edum ni piyestah et wada inna-nun panggettangan yu ma-lat yu mewan pantalamen ida newetwet. (Amos 8:5a)You can hardly wait for the Sabbath, the sacred day of rest from work, and also the religious festivals to end so you might sell your goods again so that you might cheat those who are poor.
nunmandem1that time, refers to some preceding time; Set 3Kaw intu-yam ni hi-gatu eman inhel dan nunman?Did you ask him about what they said before?This demonstrative requires the co-occurrence of the determiner ni. pronouns2that time; Set 3hanniman
nuntandemthatWada lebbeng tun ellan tu nuntan.He has the right to get that. pronounshannitan
nunungstato have a small swelling on the rim of eyelid; to have a sty; to have an eye infectionNenunung ka.You have a styKamangkenunnung hi akki.Baby-girl is developing an eye infection., kamangke-
nunya1ntodayAn memka hi inan nunya tep umlaw idad Kiangan ni kabbuhhan.My mother went to dig sweet potatoes today because they are going to Kiangan tomorrow.2advnowAggak kena-buhan hu angah yu ingganah nunya.I had never had a glimpse of your face until now.
nuyu1causto blame someoneKele yuka penuyyun hi-gak? Why are you blaming it on me? Hi-gam hu daka pengippenuyyuin neapputan dad ay-ayam ni bebbessik. You are the one they are blaming for their loss in the game of running a race. 3.2.5Opinionpe-
nuyu2trans1to make-do with what is available in the absence of a preferred thingYa batsikul di payew hu ninunnuyyuan dan inhida ni hanlingguan tep endi edum ni ihida.They had to make-do with snails from the rice-field as their viand for the whole week because there was no other kind of viand. -an2the necessity to accept a condition that is less than what is normal or desirableThe implication in the sentence given here is that in Ifugao, rice is the main staple food and under normal conditions, no one will eat sweet potatoes as their main meal because sweet potatoes are intended for animal food, i.e., for dogs, chickens, ducks and especially pigs. Therefore in this sentence, the family members had to be contented with eating sweet potatoes because there was no more rice to cook. Of course, the Ifugao people do eat sweet potatoes as snacks or as soup. Sweet potatoes are also added to vegetables for viand during a famine when there is a shortage of rice. This also happens when a family has run out of rice and has no money to buy more rice.Ninuyuan dan kinan hu ubi tep endi hu begah ni ihhaeng. They had to be content with eating sweet potatoes because there was no rice to cook.-an/-in- -an