Vernacular - English


hapatasp. var. ofsapatahvto defend; to swear
haphaptransto chop wood or chop off parts of timberHinaphapan kun ekket etan tukud tep mebel-at ni hakkeyan.I chopped a little off of that post because it's very heavy to carry it by oneself.Ya na-mu mewan etan pinway ku tuka pampenaphap ni keyyew?Is he again using my bolo for chopping the wood?Nakka umhigan umhenaphaphap hedin ag umtadem hu pinway ey endi edum ni ussalen.I am lazy to be chopping if the bolo isn't sharp and there is no other to use.7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
hapigid1ntemple area of the head2transto pinch some hair at the temple and pull it upThis is a form of punishment for naughty children.Hinepigid Mark etan u-ungnga tep kamansiwsisw.Mark pinched-and-pulled-the hair of that kid because he is naughty.4.7.7Punish-en/-in-
hapipingnthe mumps illness2.5.2Disease
hapitvto speakHiyya law hutttan ni hapit mu et dumngel itsud edum ni umhapit.That is enough now of your talk so we can hear from others who are going to speak.Simtegaktak3. wellum-/-imm-Speech Verbs - Generalkapenappihappitmahepit
happagtransto expose to the sunAntan tu ihahappag di petang hi mahhiken tep meptang ey umdegeh ali man ulu tu.Don't expose baby boy under the sun because he will have a headache again.Paka-ihhappag mud petang ma-lat anggagannu ey nemag-anan.Expose it very well under the sun so it will dry quickly.1.1.1SuniC1-/iN-Class 3D Move an object with a resulting change of state
happiyawfr. var. ofhappiyyawna shieldNelaing idan mengussal ni happiyaw niya ispadah, niya nelaing idan umpana. (1 Chronicles 5:18b)They were experts in using shields and swords, and experts in shooting bows and arrows., shoot
happiyyawfr. var.happiyaw1na shieldEm, baddangi muwak anhan, tep heni hi-gam hu almas ku niya happiyyaw ku. (Psalm 35:2)Yes, please help me, for it’s like you are my armor and my shield., shoot2intransto use a shieldNanhappiyyaw ida mangeyew.The avengers used shields.maN-naN-
hapul1trans1to look for; to find; to seekItuluy ku iskul ku hedin wada heppulen kun pihhuh.I will continue my study if I find money.Simanap 1hamakhilib7.4.3Get-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object2to earn moneyHinepul di aman ina hu ginastuk di iskul.It was my father and mother who earned the money I spent in school.-en/-in-
hapul21adv.predmust, necessaryMahapul ni mangngunnu ita ma-lat wada bellunen di iskul.We have to work in order to have something for lunch in school.Hedin mandakdak kad teneng ni payew man mahapul ni hellipat-an tep um-egah.If you are to walk on the rice-field terrace dikes, you must be very careful because you can fall down.2adjunctshouldHi Apu Dios law hu hapul yu. (Isaiah 55:6a)You should seek the LORD now.Hapul yu hu impatudek Apu Dios ni ehel tu henin kapeneppulin pakeungngan gelang ni tuka innuma…(1 Peter 2:2)You should crave the inspired word of God like a new born child craves to drink (milk from its mother)… kahapulanmahapul
hapyuktransto move water by wiping with foot or handIhapyuk mula eya danum di habyen.Wipe that water on the door (with your foot).Antan ali tu ihenapyuk deya tep ay me-bel eya papil.Don't be wiping that water here because this paper will be wet.Ihapyuk mu eya danum di det-al.Wipe this water on the floor.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally
hataksp. var.hitaktransto make something stable with the use of a wedge, either to make it tight or to raise a piece of wood to make it level with another piece; to wedgeHatkim hu linekeh mu et mei-let.You wedge what you bind so that it will be tightened.Nehatakan hu lidi mukun eleg me-gah.The rat protector is wedged, that is why it does not fall.I-lim et hi-gak hu mengihhettak.Bring it here and I will be the one to wedge it. in-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
hataytransto cut something improperly and not according to how it should be done as in cutting a butchered animal into piecesNehatay hu annel ni killum ni impahding da.The body of the pig was improperly cut into pieces by what they did.-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
hathattransto cut vines, rattan, or stringThe purpose for cutting may vary, e.g. the cutting of vines may be to clear an area for cultivation, or to use the cut items for binding or weaving.Nanhathat tudda etan wakal ni kimmalab etan di keyew.They cut the vines that climbed that tree.Simbehatkehat7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
haudtransto finish preparing to weave Ifugao native clothing, may refer particularly to the looping of thread on a loomInhaud dan kaalman hu ginallit Julie.They finished yesterday the preparation for weaving Julie's skirt. clothiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
haultransto deceive; to cheat; to defraudHineul tuwak et ibsik pinway ku.He deceived me and took (lit. ran away with) my bolo.Inhel mi la mewan ni hi-gayu e lawah hedin yu he-uhe-ulen ida edum yu et yu pan-a-ayyaman hu ahwa da, tep nemahhig pengastigun Apu Dios idan henin nunman ni tuu. (1 Thessalonians 4:6)We have told you before that it is wrong if you cheat your fellow believers and you play around with their wives, because God will severely punish people like that. a lie-en/-in-
haungtransto pull grass in the rice paddies and put them under water inside the paddies to rot into organic fertilizerIheung yu helek di bawang ni payew.Pull the grass inside the rice field.Pan-iheung yu ew hedin eta-teng hu helek.Pull the grass inside the rice paddy if they are big.6.2.1Growing cropsiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
hauttransto deny; to lieKaihhaut Felomena hu nengannan tun ubi ni immegmeg di manuk.Felomena denies eating the sweet potatoes for feeding the chicken.Amtak gaputun nengiheutan Jacob ni nengal-an tun pihhuh amam.I know the reason why Jacob denies having taken your father's money., immoraliC1-/iN-Speech Verbs – Purpose for speaking
hawalstato have more of something than is usual or expected; in addition to; extraNehawal kamid kamak ni nahdem tep dakel ida immalin annekiugip ni hi-gak.We were more than usual in my bed last night because many came and slept with me.Hampulu itsun nunya nem kabbuhan mehewwalan itsun tellu tep uma-alidda tellu.We are ten today but tomorrow we will have three extra because three will come.Nehawalan ni dewwa hu impebangngad mun pihhuh ku.There are two pesos extra that you paid back to me.Nehawal kamid a-abbung ni hileng tep dakel ida immalin annekiugip.We were extra in that little hut because they were many who came to sleep with, ne- -an
hawang1trans1to come out or appear at a destinationThe use of the word often implies that the appearance of someone or something is unexpected.Eleg da peam-amta ey nenginhahawang idan kaalman.They unexpectedly appeared yesterday without any prior notice (lit. without letting it be known).Ida kameukkat hu buhul kun hileng et henidda ahhun kamangngengeyyed ni kamanhawahawang di bebley. (Psalm 59:14)My enemies come out at night and like snarling dogs, they show up in the city. Ang-ang mu ma-lat eleg humwang hu patak di ba-hil ni tabla.See to it that the nail will not come out on the other side of the board.2to speak frankly or openlyTuka ihhawang e kantuy eleg itsu mekillaw ni hi-gada.He is saying it frankly that we are not going along with them.Kaihhawang Peter e eleg tu amta mantuddek.Peter says it frankly that he does not know how to write. the truthiC1-/iN-
hawang2transto save from sin or from punishment of a crime or from bad omensHi Jesus hu mengihwang ni hi-gatsud liwat tayu hedin mengullug itsun hi-gatu.Jesus is the one to save us if we believe in him. from troubleiC1-/iN-
hawilintransto fall short of or miss a mark when throwing somethingKamanhewwil tuka pengpil tep newilli.The way he strikes does not hit the target because he is left-handed.Kamangkehahhawil kepil tu tep endi elet ni taklay tun mengikpil.The way he throws things is off target because his hands have no strength to throw.antpuntaSimhalla1 17.7.2Aim at a target
hayangintransto walk with legs bowed outward; to be bowleggedKamanhayahayang tuka pennellan tep negulid ubet tu.She is walking like she is bowlegged because her buttocks has sores.Kele hipa tuka panhayahayangi?Why is she walking bow-legged?Synpikak 17.2.1Manner of movementmaN-/naN-Class 1A Movement with a manner component
haybengstafor plants to be robustMehaybeng ida etan intanem mun gahhilang.The corn you planted is robust.Kamenaybeng ida etan pukdun neitnem di habal.The beans planted at the sweet-potato-field are becoming robust.6.2.1Growing cropsme-/kameN-
hayhaytransto cut any cloth-like material from top to bottomPandewam ni hayhayen etan melakkeb ni wangal ma-lat mambalin ni dewwan wangal.Cut the wide blanket into two from top to bottom so it will become two blankets.Hinayhay tu etan kinema et eleg mabalin law ni ussalen.He cut the fruit-bat-net from top to bottom so now it cannot be used.7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object