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hanggatransto face or confront someone or something, e.g., as in court or as in facing adversity or an enemyEhneng kadtan et hanggaen mu.Stand there and face her.Yad hinanggan kunsihal Dumayyahen hu ehnengan yun pansapatahan yu. It will be in front of Councilor Dumayyahen where you will stand to take your oath.Ag kami ni nekihanggaan middan Hapon ni gubat.We were not afraid when we faced the Japanese during the war.SimhangngabSynsanguh8.5.1.1In front of4.8.1.1Oppose-en/-in-, iC1-/iN-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an objecthinangga
hanggap1nan implement for digging holes or cutting rootsHanggap Puddung hu impenanggap mid habal.It was Puddung's implement that we used in the sweet potato patch. tool6.7.1Cutting tool2transto use the implement for digging holes or cutting rootsElaw kadtan et hanggapen ku eya lamut ni keyew.Move away from there so I can cut that root of the tree.Hinanggap tu heli tu.He cut his foot (while using the hanggap-instrument).Kele agyu an panhanggapa etan lamut ni kaweyan?Why are you not cutting the bamboo roots?7.8.3Cut7.8.6Dig-en / -in-
hanggatstato be bruised, generally the result of a fallNa-gah et maihanggat buhuy tud pangan keyew.He fell from the tree and his shank was bruised on a branch of the tree. Attu neihanggatan Dulimay?Where did Dulimay fall and get bruised?Ag ita an mangkalakalab et meihhanggat hu egeh.Don't be climbing and climbing because you might fall and your abdomen be bruised.Simhanggut 22.5.3Injuremei-/nei-, mai-
hanggatutadjone hundredBinewin Indepya hu abak tun hanggatut ni pihhuh.Indepya won back his loss of one hundred pesos.8.1.1Number
hanggut1transto cause a bruiseAng-ang mu tep hangguten tukalli eyan hebit ni kaweyan.See to it or else you will be bruised by the thorns of this bamboo.Umhanggut eya elamlih ni inpatak yud habyen.The wire you nailed on the door will bruise.-en/-in-, um-/-imm-2passto be bruisedNehanggutan egeh tun na-gahan tud keyew.Her abdomen was bruised when she fell from a tree.Inna-nu et ka mehanggutan?How did you get bruised?Simhanggat2.5.3Injureme- -an/ne- -an
hangkantincomp. ofkantinhaN-2none canteen cup measure
hangkigsp. var. ofdangkigtransto lean on something or to hold to something for supportAntan panhangkig eyad dingding tep pakepintol.Don't lean on that wall because it is newly painted.Hipa muka panhanghangkigidtan?Why are you leaning there?Simhandag 27.1.6Lean
hanglagtrans1to fry foodInhanglag Tomas etan natdaan ni gaga et humman kinan mu. Tomas fried the leftover rice and that’s what you ate.Tuka pan-ihhanglag etan gahhilang ni indawat mu. She is frying the corn that you gave.Simhaenghel-ithibakkukkuttu2lutu 1pulituh5.2.1.1Cooking methodsiC1-/iN-Class 3D Move an object with a resulting change of state2to roast coffee beans or seeds in a frying pan
hangngabvto face; to be before or in front of someone or somethingMangkee-etteng hi Samuel ey kametbal di hinangngab Apu Dios niyad hinangngab idan tuu. (1 Samuel 2:26)As Samuel continued to grow, he continued to gain approval before God and people.Kayyaggud tu hu man-immiimmih ka di hinangngab dakel ni tuu ni pan-a-appehan mu. It is good for you to smile before the many people when you sing.Entan kaihangngab ni hi-gatu. Don't go in front of him.Simhangga8.5.1.1In front of-in-hinangngab
hangngaktransto stare with open mouthThis is generally done when listening to someone speaking or narrating a story. The word may imply that there is a sense of amazement about what is being heard.Kahahangngakan Peter ni kapan-ab-abigin Martin.Peter was staring with an open mouth while Martin was telling stories. expression-an/-in- -an
hanhakkeycomp. ofhaN-2hakeynomone unit; one groupIlliblihan dakeyun Peter ni hanhakkey ni taddung.Peter will give each of you one free hat.Kan Apu Dios nan Moses ey "Pili kan hanhakkey di hampulut dewwan helag Israel et palaw muddan an mansi-im di Kanaan e bebley ni iddawat kun hi-gayu." (Numbers 13:2)God said to Moses, "You choose one of the members/leaders from each of the twelve tribes of Israel and you send them to spy out Canaan, the land I am giving to you all."8.1.2Count
hanitrans1to cover something or to be coveredKamangkegpa et law eya petang tep ay nehanian ni kulput eman aggew.The heat is starting to lessen because the sun is covered with clouds.Et hanian Moses hu angah tu tep kaumtakut ni menang-ang nan Apu Dios. (Exodus 3:6b)And Moses hid his face because he was afraid to look at God.Simha-nin7.3.7Coverme- -an/ne- -an, -an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something2to block a path or to shield by blocking somethingEt kan etan ni anghel ni hi-gatuy “Kele mu hineplit hu kebayyum ni nampitlu? Immali-ak et haniak hu dellanem tep muka ippilit ni umlaw tep muwak kangenghaya.” (Numbers 22:32b) And the angel said to him (Balaam), “Why have you beaten your donkey three times? I came and blocked your trail for you insist on going because you disobey me.”Mu hanii eman apuy ma-lat eleg ipuyaw ni dibdib.Go and shield that fire so that the wind won’t be blowing on it. Simdeklig 2-an
hanilstafor cogon grass to overgrow an areaMahenil hu payew da tep agda gaudan ni dewan toon.Their rice-field is full of cogon grass because they did not cultivate it for two years.Nehanian hu gilig ni wangwang.Cogon grass is overgrown at the side of the river.1.5.3Grass, herb, vinema-, ne- -an
haninkupkupInf. ofkupkuptransto pick up one by one7.3.4.2Pick up
hanlangacomp. oflangahaN-2noman armfulIn-alian tun hanlangan keyew. He brought her an armful of wood.8.1Quantity
hanna-kettransto share a small amount of meat, rice, or other food with everyone presentHinanna-ket da etan ga-ga et na-peng idan emin etan tuun neamung.They shared the cooked rice in small amounts and so all the people gathered had some.Hanna-keten ni iddawat idan u-ungnga etan neihanglag ni gahhilang ma-lat ma-peng idaGive a small amount of the fried corn to each of the children so that they will all have some of it.7.4.1Give, hand to-en/-in-
hannebtransto get or take something on a regular or frequent basisEhel mun hi-gada et eleg da hanneben hu kameluttun baya-ba ma-lat wada dama tamtaman tayu.Tell them not to get all the ripened guavas frequently so we will have something to taste.Tuka hanneba hu kai-itlug ni manuk et endi nakka ella.He gets the chicken eggs frequently so I don't get any.7.4.3Get-en/-in-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
hanneyacomp. ofhenieyadema comparative demonstrative that means 'it is like this' or 'it is like these'Hanneyan killum Marcelo ni imbaki dan kaalman.Marcelo's pig that they ritually sacrificed yesterday is like this pig.Hanneyan manginudan ni matsaggew ni dintengan da.It was rainy season like this last year when they arrived.Et mukun hanneya neipahding e impan-itek nan Apu Dios ida eya prophet mu, ey hi-gatu metlaing nengiolden e mettey ka! (1 Kings. 22:23)And that is why it has happened like this, i.e., God made your prophets to tell lies (to you), and he is the very same one who gave the order that you will die. pronouns
hannimancomp. ofheninunmandema comparative demonstrative that means 'it is like that' or 'it is like those'Nakka pan-e-depa nem kan Hummiwat ey anin hanniman.I was turning it off but Hummiwat said to let it be like that.Inna-nu dan ni ag tu kebelhigi hedin hanniman hu pehding?How will it not crack if it is done like that?Endi edum ni hanniman ni kakinayyaggud ang-ang tun nekapyad Judah. (2 Chronicles 9:11b) There was nothing as beautiful like those (stairs and musical instruments) made in Judah. pronouns
hannitancomp. ofheninuntandema comparative demonstrative that means 'it is like that' or 'it is like those'Hannitan hu wahay ni gintang ku.The ax that I bought is like that one.Kan Jehoshaphat ey "Entan tu ihannitan hu ehel mu!" (2 Chronicles 18:7b)Jehoshaphat said (to King Ahab), "Don't speak like that!"Hannitan hu impahding dan hi-gatun neikelabutan tu.Like that is what they did to him when he was imprisoned. pronounsi-
hansinu-wannoma person from another country; foreignerEleg mabalin ni ya hansinu-wan hu mampatul ni hi-gayu. (Deuteronomy 17:15b)A foreigner must not rule over you.
hantapugcomp. oftapugadjto be evaluated as abundant or plentyHantapug hu indaddan dan keyew ni ittungu.They have prepared plenty of wood for firewood.Simdakelna-may
hantetlucomp. oftelluadjthree sets of an objectHantetlu hu eheb di nambinbina-hil di diman ni bebley di Jerusalem. (Revelation 21:13a)There were three gates on each of the (four) sides there in the city of Jerusalem.
hantooncomp. oftoonhaN-2none year8.4.1.6Year
hapadadja bunch or group, e.g., bananasImpuhi tun kinan ni emin etan han-hapad ni balat. He took and ate all of that bunch of bananas. bananas