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hampewenna group that claims descent from a common ancestor; clanYa etan helag ni leldengen Apu Dios ey meennappil ida meippuun di nalpuan dan pewen. (Joshua 7:14:b)As for the tribe that God points out, they will be grouped based on their family clan., clan
hampulucomp. ofpuluadjthe cardinal number tenImpanga-ga-tun tudda etan hampulun neda-pay ni batu.He stacked the ten flat stones. numbers
hamul1nfeastTraditionally, feasts were always held following a sacrificial religious ritual. For many types of rituals and celebrations, traditionally and today, a host family provides all of the food. However, today, for some types of celebrations, communities ask for contributions to provide the food needed for feasts.4.2.2Social event2vto dine with people at a feastKami nekihemul ni in-alidan simbal nan Felisa, ni tellum babuy.We joined the feast in which they brought three pigs for the dowry of Felisa.Yan kaalman hu mi nekihemulan di Caccaha. It was yesterday when we went to join the feast in Caccaha.
hamuytransto smellHinemuy ku etan nabwel ni utut.I smelled the rotten rat.Kamehemmuy hu banglun daka pan-ihhaeng di baley Marieta.The deliciousness of what they are cooking at Marieta’s house can be smelled.2.3.4Smell-en/-in-Class 4E Perception and cognition
hamyukna mist or fogDengel yu e kabunyan niya puyek eya e-helen kud a-appeh ku: Yaddalli et anhan hu ittuttudduk ey heniddalli udan ni manke-gah, heniddalli hamyuk ey heniddalli delnud pekatmel tun intanem niya heniddalli na-let ni udan di helek. (Deuteronomy 32:1-2)Heaven and earth, you listen to what I am about to say in my song: That which I am teaching will hopefully be like rain falling down, like mists and dews on new sprouted plants and like the strong rains on the grass.
haN-1vprefix, this prefix encodes the ability to do the action of verbal rootHanhi-gut ku.I can knot it.Mi nangkapkap etan inggah tud pehung ni benwit nem eleg mi hanhamak.We went feeling for the fishhook that he dropped in the waterhole but we could not find it.Kaw han-abyuh ta ey dakel?Can we strip them all since they are many?This agentive abilitative modality prefix is primarily used in negated or interrogative sentences meaning an inability or questionable ability to do something.
haN-2nthis prefix attaches to nouns or cardinal numbers to unify, creating units or groupsImmaliddan han-aamma ni an umbaddang ni hi-gami.The father and the children came to help us.han-aggewhan-iinnahan-inahandanganhandepahangkantinhanhakkeyhanlangahantoonhan-aammahan-ama
han ali ngenamungcomp. ofngenamung 2indefinite timeadv.predlater on in the futureUmlaw kami law et han ali ngenamung mewan ni pidwa.We are leaving now so until next time again. Diman etan tuppingen et han ali ngenamung ni kalima hu pengittulluyan tayu.Leave the rock-wall-building until Friday when we will continue with it.8.4.3Indefinite time
han-aaggiInf. ofaagginto be brothers and sisters; to be siblings; to be relativesThis word is used to refer to brothers and sisters in a nuclear family, but may also be used to refer to extended family members.Han-aaggi kami tep hakey nalpuan ni ammed mi.We are relatives because our parents came from one person.Neihilit kamin han-aaggid dakel ni bebley et humman hu beken ni kenkenayun hu mika keemmungi.We, brothers and sisters, are scattered in many different countries and that is why we don’t often get-together., sister4.
han-aammaInf. ofamahaN-2CV- -C2-nrefers to a father and his childrenImmaliddan han-aamma ni an umbaddang ni hi-gami.The father and the children came to help us., motherhan-
han-aggewcomp. ofaggew1haN-2none day; one of seven divisions of a week, each one equal to twenty-four hoursHan-aggew hu nangguggubatan da et han hegepad Abimelek etan bebley et patyen dan emin ida bimmebley diman. (Judges 9:45a)For one whole day they fought (war) before Abimelek and his men entered that village, and killed all the residents there.
han-amaInf. ofamahaN-2nomrefers to a father and his child4., mother
han-iinnacomp. ofinahaN-2nomrefers to a mother and her children4., motherhaN-
han-inacomp. ofinahaN-2nomrefers to a mother and her child4., mother
hanatngrandchildren; offspring; descendantEmin hu tuud puyek ey hanat di Adam nan Eva.All the people on earth are descendants of Adam and Eve.4.1.9Kinship
handagtrans1to place in upright positionIhandag mu eya alweg di dugu ni baley. Put this bamboo tube in the corner of the house.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site2to lean against somethingAmmandeh hu gaud mu e neihandag di dingding.Look, there is your spade leaning on the wall.Simhangkig
handangancomp. ofdanganhaN-2none hand-span
handepacomp. ofdepahaN-2nmeasure of one arm-spanHandepa etan kinehtung ni pehhanen mu.The log that you will carry on your shoulder is one-arm-span length.8.2.8Measure
handitransto conserve or reserve something for future useTuka hanhandii etan dayyakket ni ibbeklay tullin lawwan tayud baley da.He is conserving the glutinous-rice to make rice-cakes when we go to their house. -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
hanekultransto reserve, set aside; to sacrifice as in giving up something of value or something neededTep yadda inha-ad etan idan kedangyan ey humman nehawal ni kinedangyan da. Nem ya etan newetwet ni nebalun bii ey ebuh humman ni pihhuh tu, nem inhanekul tun indawat ni emin. (Mark 12:44)Because what those wealthy ones placed (in the collection box) was the extra of their wealth. But this poor widow gave all (the money) she had to live on. SimhulugiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
hanga1transto resent someone or somethingTudda kaihhanga hu u-ungngan binintan tu.She resents the children of the man she married (second marriage).Hipa tudda pengihengngaan ni hi-gada ey inamta tun sigud ni dakel ida pinengulu tu?Why should she resent them when she knew beforehand that he had many children from his previous marriage?Hipa kamengihhengngan hi-gada?Who resents them?Kaw endi tuka pengihhengngain hi-gayu hedin dimmutuk kayud baley da?Doesn't she resent you when you visit their house?Simhingal3.
hanga2transthis word describes something that is done for someone that goes beyond expectationKahengngain Julie hu indawat mun hi-gatun lituku tep dakel.The rattan fruit that you gave to Julie was beyond her expectation because there was so much.Kamehengngai hu impahding idan tuun bimmaddang ni hi-gak ni nanligatan ku.It was beyond expectation what the people did to help me when I was experiencing hardship.3.2.7Expectka- -i
hangaw1nsweet potato cuttings used for pig food and planting5. from roots2transto cut sweet potatoes and leavesE-eddumim hu henggawen mu ma-lat kennen ni killum hu edum ey ittanen hu edum.Get more sweet potato cuttings so that some are for pig food and the others for planting.-en/-in-
hangdiltransa traditional custom of setting a dead person on a chair frame made from a betel nut palm treeThe corpse is tied to the chair with loin cloths and placed under the house for a number of days and nights depending on the social status of the dead person.Inhangdil da hi Sillay ni neteyyan tu.They placed Sillay on the chair under the house when he died.Inna-nun nengihangdilan dan hi-gatu ey a-abbung hu baley da?How did they seat him under the house yet their house is a hut?Yadda tuud Ipugao hu kamengihhangdil ni netey.The people of Ifugao are the ones who seat the dead under the house.Simhadag 2haludag2.6.6.3Funeral2.6.6.2CorpseiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
hangewanna tree variety1.5.1Tree