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halla1dial. var.helav1to be mistaken; to be wrongNeihalla illam.You got the wrong one.Dakel hu kakeihhallai hedin eleg nemnema ni impahding.Many mistakes are committed when one does things without thinking.Simhawil4.3.6.4Mistake2to have disputes, arguments, misunderstandingsWadan wada hu kapanhahallain tuu tep nambakbaklang hu kapannemnem ni katuutuu.There will undoubtedly be misunderstanding among people because every person thinks differently.Pan-inhuhulug kayu niya pan-impepesinsah kayud yuka panhahallai. (Colossians 3: 13a) Give in to one another and forgive one another in your misunderstandings.
halla2adv.predfor help that is given is more than expected or beyond a standardKaumhalla hu daka pehding hedin kahapulan hu baddang da.What they can do is more than expected when you need their help.Nem wadadda edum ni nehammad ni gayyum ni himmalla anhan law daka pemaddang ni hi-gam nem ya anhan ni agim. (Proverbs 18:24b)But there are other firm friends who help you more than your own adverbial predicates
hallaungdial. var. ofhaleung
hallikpenna tree varietyDakel hu hallikpen di muyung mi. There are many hallikpen-trees in our forest.1.5.1Tree
hallithitna gong beating rhythm4.2.3.2Play music
hallungnthe blade of a boloDewwa hu hallung ni kandan hinallung ey hakey hu hallung ni kandan pinahhig weno binnegan.There are two blades of what they call a double-bladed bolo and one blade for what they call the one-sided bolo.6.7.1Cutting toolhinallung
halmanadv.pred1to go beyond a standard in an action or activity; to overdoHinalman tu inum et mabuteng.He went beyond in drinking and so he was drunk.Nehepling hi Ginniling tep hinalman tu ekan etan ni mebanglun kennen.Ginniling felt uncomfortable because he overate the delicious food.-en/-in-2to be more than a standard amountNangkaptag ida etan inha-pey kun katlubbung tep nehalman hu petang.The marsh reeds that I put to dry under the sun are all cracked because of too much heat from the
haludvan old term used for men to serenade womenThis word generally implied sexual activities between men and women.Kaanhelluhelluda idan kamampeni-kken ni lalakki hu bibi-i di aggamngan da.The young men often go serenading the women in their sleeping-house.Simebun4Social behavior2.6.2Sexual relationska- -an
haludagtransto seat a corpse under the house for a period of mourningInhaludag dan hakey kaalman hi Aginaya ni hambatenganan ni neteyyan tu.They put Aginaya (lit. placed her in a chair) under the house in the afternoon on the day before yesterday when she died.Pigantu nengiheludagan dan hi-gatu?When did they seat him?Simhadag 2hangdil2.6.6.3Funeral2.6.6.2CorpseiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
HalugProp.Na village near Nayun9.7.2Name of a place
halun1npasture land; ranchHalun tu meippalpud Nepayew ingganah di Caccaja.His ranch extends from Nepayew to Caccaja.Simkudal 2pastuh6.3.2Tend herds in fields2transto pasture cowsDakel inhalun Duppingay ni baka.Duppingay pastures many cows.Hinelunan tun emin hu habal di bebley mi.He turned all the vegetable gardens into a ranch in our place.iC1-/iN-, -an/-in- -an
halupeytrans1to dissuade, especially from argument; to ease tension between people by mediatingHinelupey Foreman di Guzman nan Jordan ni nambakalan da et isiked da.Foreman eased the tension between Guzman and Jordan when they quarreled and so they stopped. refers to a ritual of appeasementNenalupey idad baley Johnson et han ida lumaw ni an mekihhummangan di meippanggep ni pappeg di payew.They performed a ritual of appeasement at Johnson's house before they went for a talk with regards to the rice-field boundary.4.9.5Practice religion
hamavto lose one's way on a path or roadNehama idad dalan ni linawwan dad Caccaha et ihwang dad Bahag.They got lost on their way when they went to Caccaha and came out at Bahag.Nantelu-an hu pangan dalan di Dugyu hedin melpu kad Caccaha et humman hu kakehemmain dakel ni tuu.The road to Dugyu, if you come from Caccaha, has three forks in different directions and so many people get
hamaktransto look for something; to seek; to findThe word is used when it is not known where an object isLakkay di mulkaduh et mu hamaken hi Paula.Go to the market and look for Paula.Himmak da law etan netalak ni pihhuh da. They now found their money that was lost.Hi-gak e Eta-gey ni peteg ni Ap-Apu ey e-helen ku e hi-gak hu an menemmak idan kalneroh ku et ippaptek kudda. (Ezekiel. 34:11) I, the Sovereign LORD, say, “I will be the one to seek my sheep and I will care for them.”Simanap 1hapul1 1hilibWhen the word is in the past tense, the meaning is 'found'.-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
hamang1nmain part of house; frame of house6.5.2Parts of a building2transto build the main body of the houseYad ehpen tayu pengihemmangan ni baley.We'll build the main body of the house below.Neihemang baley da nem ag meatpan.Their house is built but it has not been roofed.
hambag1na bag woven from rattan6.7.7.1Bag2transto put something into a bagIhambag mula etan gahhilang et itangtang idan u-ungnga.You put the corn in your bag so that the children will have something to roast.Kaw hi-gam nengihambag ni busi ni tayu kainnumi?Were you the one who put the bottle we use for drinking in your bag?Kele yuka ihhenambag ida eya duyu, kaw duyu yu?Why are you putting these plates in your bag, are they your plates?iC1-/iN-
hambaleyansp. var.hambalyanInf. ofbaleynone family or a householdSynhambinalyanpamilyah4.1.9.1Related by birth
hambanadjunct1this word implies that some action or event is, will be or should have been mandatory or obligatory; should; must beHamban neki-li hi inam et ang-angen tu hi ina ey. Your mother should have come (with others) so she could see my mother.Hamban yad baley da mulli illaan ey. You should have gotten it from their house.This word is an expression desiring a different outcome9.4.2.3Necessary 2expresses a hope or a wish for a different outcome from what is expected; the wished for outcome relates to what ought to beHamban ya pengippeanhanan dan hamul ni daka pan-amlengi hu umhulun ni kebahbahan da, niya mambalin ni heni bitun ke-gahan da et kekastiguan da. (Romans 11:9b)May their bountiful feasts in which they rejoice be the reason for their destruction, and become like a trap in which they fall and be their punishment.
hambatenganannafternoonYan hambatenganan hu kaakyamin liyyek tep humman hu elaw da.White-ants are out in abundance in the afternoon because that is their way.
hambinalyanInf. ofbaleynomfamilyThis is an archaic term that literally means 'one group living within a house'.Synhambaleyanpamilyah
hambulancontr. ofbulan2none month; one of the twelve divisions of a year, approximately four weeks or thirty days8.4.1.4Month
hamlit1nsharpening stoneSimta-lid2transto sharpen tools with a honing stoneMu ihamlit eya ewah ma-lat ya matedem hu pengleh tayu eyan ahhu.You sharpen this knife so that it will be sharp for us to cut the neck of this dog.Mulli ihamlit eya ewah et panlabakas tayu. Go and sharpen this knife and we will use it for shaving.Hipa muka pengihhenamlisi eyan ewah? Why are you sharpening that knife? Attu mu nengihamlitan ni pinway mu? Where did you sharpen your bolo? Inang-ang ku hi Daulayan e kaumhenamlit ni ewah di baley da. I saw Daulayan who was sharpening his knife in their house. 7.7.6GrindiC1-/iN-
hammad1adv.predto make something firm, e.g., nails in floor; to tie or bind tightlyIhammad mu pemedbed mu ma-lat ag la maukah di dalan.Bind it very well so it won't be removed on the way.Kaw inhammad mu patak etan ni det-al?Did you nail the floor firmly?antkamkampu1, firmiC1-/iN-2adv.predmake something abstract firm or strongInhammad dan inhuhummangan e ya hu Ap-Apu e Dios ida lan aammed dan ebuh hu daydayawen da. (2 Chronicles 15:12)They made a firm agreement with the LORD God of their ancestors that he would be the only one that they would worship.Hipa gaputun ida pangihhenammadin hummangan da?What is the reason why they are making their agreement firm?iC1-/iN-Manner adverbial predicates3stato be firm or stable in one's belief or behaviorPinhed kun meweddan hi-gayu hu binabbal, ya hemek niya linggep ni kamelpun Apu Dios e Ametayu et hi Jesus Christo e U-ungnga tu ma-lat meihammad hu tayu kapengullug niya pan-impipinhed itsu. (2 John vs. 3)I desire you may have grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and Jesus Christ his Son so that our faith and loving each other may be firm.mei-/nei-
hampetstaa tart tasteMehampet eman eleg makalluum ni balat.That not well-ripened banana is tart.Mekel-it eman eleg madenuman ni lumban.That unripened pomelo is bitter.2.3.3Taste