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hadagtrans1to support someone to stand or sitDaka heddaheddaga tep nedahuy.They are supporting him (to stand) because he is paralyzed. sit a dead person in a chair under the houseInhadag dan hakey kaalman hi Agaya ni hambatenganan ni neteyyan tu.They put Agaya (lit. placed him in a chair) under the house in the afternoon when he died.Pigantu nengihedagan dan hi-gatu?When did they seat him under the house?Simhaludaghangdil2.6.6.2CorpseiC1-/iN-
hadaktrans1to testify to the truthEy inang-ang mi et mika ihhadak hu nengitu-dakan Ametayun hi Apu Dios ni U-ungnga tun an nenelaknib ni hi-gatsun tuu. (1 John 4:14)We saw him and we are testifying that our Father God sent his Son to save us people. the truthiC1-/iN-Speech Verbs – Purpose for speaking2to trace a mark, e.g., footprintsMi hinedahedak hu gatsin ni killum da ey impalaw di kulukul. We went tracing their pig's footprints and it went in the direction of the creek.Attu yu nenadahadakan ni gatsin ni newang yu?Where did you go tracing your carabao's footprints?-en/-in-, neN- -an,
haddak1intransto return to a place or positionNanhaddak ni nanmittudu.He returned to his teaching position. restore something to its original form or shapeKanday “Hi-gatu hu nanghel ni kantuy bahbahen tu etan Tempol nan Apu Dios, nem ihhaddak tullin katlun aggew.” (Matthew 26:61)They said, “He is the one who said that he would destroy the Temple of God, but that he would restore it in three days.” Pigantu nengihaddakan mu etan ni nebahbah ni payung? When did you restore the broken umbrella?Inhaddak da etan netukkad ni anibat. They put back the fence that fell down.7.9.4Repairi- / iN-, mengi- -an/nengi- -an,
haddungvto partner someone in a native danceHaddungan Lemem hi Intanap ni peneyyawan da.Lemlem will partner Intanap when they do the native dance.4.2.4Dance-an/-in- -an
hadgatransto catch fish with trapHinagda tu tellun delid Baguyung.He caught three eels in Baguyung.Kami nenagdan kaalman ey endi mi illa.We went fish trapping yesterday but we didn't get any.Antan pakihagda tudda etan ekka-ket ni udingngan.Don't trap the small fish with others.6.4.5Fishing-en/-in-Class 4C Convey/bring object toward agent
hadhadna traditional religion ritual performed to finalize the training of a shamanThe performance of the ritual is an acknowledgment that the novice shaman knows the rituals and chants.
hadingiltransto hold by a scrap of somethingNanhinahhaddingil tu etan neilunay ni begah et egahen tu tep neibel-atan.He was holding the sack of rice by a scrap and dropped it because the weight was too heavy for him.
haemstato be stranded by weatherNehaem kamin udan di alang Tomas ni kaalman. We were stranded by the rain at Tomas’ granary
haengtransto cook foodIheeng mu etan ihhida et mangan itsu.Cook that viand and we'll eat.Agtu pakallutuen hu inhaeng tu et mukun endi pelhat tu.He did not cook well what he cooked and that is why it is not delicious.Simhanglag 1hel-ithibakkukkuttu2lutu 1pulituh5.2.1.1Cooking methodsiC1-/iN-Class 3D Move an object with a resulting change of state
hagana fern-like plant variety that grows on treesThe plant is sometimes used for decorative purposes.Hin-addum et kapambelleyin amkih hu haga di keyew.Sometimes the squirrel lives in the fern-plant in a tree.1.5Plant
hagad1na broomHelpam eya hagad et man-iingeh.Tap the end of the broom so that it will be even.Nan-iyyatu et yumudung e nanhidum di hengeg ni keyew e kamekapyan hagad tep neka-atu ey nedismayah et pinhed tun mettey. (1 Kings 19:4b)He took a rest and sat in the shade at the base of a tree from which brooms are made for he was very tired and dismayed and so he wanted to die.2transto use a broom to sweep away dirt or debrisKaw hineggadan mu kuwaltuh mi?Did you sweep our room?Ehel mu et hagdan tu la baley tayu et han kami dumteng.Tell her to sweep our house before we arrive.Nakka meneggad ey dimmateng ida.I was sweeping when they arrived.5.6.5Sweep, rake-an/-in- -an
hagagadj.predfor someone to hurry or be quick about doing somethingHedin wada hu uungngan kamanggi-gi-mil di habyen et me-gah, meheggaggak et nak awwiten et ag ma-gah.If there is a child at the doorway and about to fall out, I would quickly go to fetch him so that he will not fall.Nehagagan nak et nak pan-al-en hu inha-pey tep kanku ngu nem iyyalli udan.I hurried to get the dried clothing because I thought the rain was coming. 8.4.2Take timeme- -an/ne- -an
hagalstadescribes hair that is untidy and needs to be combedKameheggal hu bewek ni kabengnguni.Hair is untidy when waking up from sleep.
hagang1nthe lid of the woven rice serving basketMelakkeb hu hagang ni agyag mi.The lid of our rice-serving-basket is wide. 2transto put the woven basket for serving and storing cooked rice on top of its lidThis is done so that the base of the basket will not scrape and gather dirt or other debris from the floor.Ihegang mu eya agyag ma-lat ag megadgadan hu dinhallan tu.Put the basket on top of its lid so that (its base) won’t scrape and gather (debris) from the floor.ptagyag7.5.9PutiC1-/iN-
hagap1transto weave with rattan stripsHinegap dan emin hu ewey.They wove all the rattan.I-li kan ewey et hagapen ku.Bring me rattan and I will weave it.Simhabak 2lagga6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object2intransto weave basketsIda kamanheggap ni tabak.They are weaving baskets.maN-/naN-
hagatna sieve6.7Tool
hagebi1na special high status benchOne has to perform all the traditional, cultural Ifugao ritual feast protocols in order to attain the rich and high status that is symbolized by owning a hagebi-bench. The bench is placed in front of the owner's house under the eaves. perform the ritual feasts to attain the high status symbolHi Bahingawan lad Palaw hu himmagebi di Antipolo.The late Bahingawan of Palaw attained the Ifugao rich and noble man’s status
hagedudintransto hurryManhinaggadud idalli mewan ni umlaw et wadalli mewan hu liwwanen da.They will hurry to leave again and so they will forget something again.Simabutelistugahhuganu quicklymaN-/naN-Class 1A Movement with a manner component
hageliptransto throw a flat object in a flying or skimming mannerInhagelip tu etan neda-pay ni batu. He threw the flat stone.Simhalip7.3.1.1ThrowiC1-/iN-Class 3B Move and release an object
hageyadtransto drag something on the ground; to be dragged on the groundAntan tu ihaghagayyad eya wangal tep medepdep-ul. Do not be dragging that blanket on the ground because it will be full of dust.Kameiheggayad di puyek hu lappud tu tep andukkey ni peteg.Her dress is dragging on the ground because it is too long.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3F Move an object along with oneself
haggiyyunthe concluding word from a person who does the blessing narration of a story called Gepah at a native Ifugao wedding danceThe first dance is by the groom with his escort dancers; it is then followed by the bride and her escort dancers. The narrator is usually an elder male person who will join the dance and when he starts the narration, then the gongs stop and the dancers stand still where they are and listen to the narrative. Another elder person will do the same thing for the bride and her escort dancers. After each narrator pronounces the last word haggiyyu, then it is followed by cheers of two loud shouts from the crowd.Ya kamanggillig ni kae-helan kaumgepah hedin ginibbuh tu ab-abig ey kantuy, “Haggiyyuuuuuuu."The last word that the narrator says when he is finished with his story is 'haggiyyu'.whgepah
hagguddial. var. ofyaggud2advanyway; in any case; anyhow; at any rateAninman hedin ellan tu matsilyu, haggud eleg damengu meussal di deya.Never mind if he takes the hammer, anyway it is not being used here.Abulut yu anhan, haggud ek-ekut humman ni bebley. (Genesis 19:20)Please accept it (my request), anyway that village is very small.
haghagtransto split a piece of bamboo into long pieces lengthwiseHinaghag kun emin etan uggew.I split all the bamboo.Hipa impenaghag mu?What did you use to split it?7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
hagingittransto place one cooking pot beside anotherIhegingit mu eyan banga ni ihhidad imba-nget mun banga ni gaga ma-lat mandihhan idan meluttu.Place this pot of viand beside the pot of rice you are cooking so they will cook at the same time.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
hagu1ncombHipa kan hagu ni impanegum ni bewek mu?Whose comb did you use to comb your hair?2intransto comb hairKamanheggu hi Peter ni nenang-aganak.Peter was combing (his hair) when I saw him. hairmaN-/naN-