Vernacular - English


huyuintrans1to differ from othersKa kaumhuhuyu hedin itsu kaman-ung-ungbal.You differ when we all are discussing things.Ebuh huyyan himmuhuyu.This is the only one that is very different from the others.Simhin-appil8. 2H Behavior2to dominate or domineer during a discussionThis word describes a person who wants to control every angle of the conversation.Kaumhuhuyu hi Tayyaban hedin itsu kaum-enung-ungbal. Tayyaban is domineering whenever we are engaged in conversation. with othersum-/-imm-
huyungtransto attach something; to join two things togetherIhuyung mu eya nepegtang ni linibid.Join together (the ends) of that broken string.Yad utduk tu pangihuyungim.Attach it at the end.Simhuup7.5.2Join, attachiC1-/iN-Class 3C Move an object and combine it with or attach it to another object
huyya1demthis, these, the referent refers to something previously introduced in the contextKaw inelnag dallid bawang huyyan lugit?Did they drop this dirt from inside?Kakkayyaggud ida huyyan intugun kun hi-gam et panyaggudan idan mengngel hedin u-unnuden da. (Titus 3:8c)These things I have advised you are very good and will be of benefit for those who hear it if they obey it.The form is generally used in the context of saying something that is related to the speaker. pronouns2dem.predthis is; these areHuyya etan killum ni bimmukyat.This is that pig that went out.3demrefers to what has just been spokenyahhuy