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habat1nan adze carpentry tool6.7Tool2transto use an adze to make building materialsKapanhebbasin Joseph etan lingngeh kun keyew.Joseph is preparing the tree that I cut down into building materials.Hi Kiwang la hu hakey ni mahebat di Caccaha.The late Kiwang was one of the olden days carpenter in Caccaha.6.6.3Working with wood-an/-in- -an
habbabvto eat by mouthful5.2.2.4Manner of eating
habbiwengvto go off in a different direction by leaving the usual path or taking a path that is not toward the destinationNehama idad dalan et ihabbiweng dad hin-appil ni dalan.They got disoriented on their way so they went off on a different way.7.2.2Move in a directioniC1-/iN-Manner Adverbial Predicates
habedakvto trip or stumble over an obstacle when walkingNehabedakkak ni wakal ni neingaldeng di dalan. I was tripped by a vine that was tied across the way. Simhaben1 2ne-
haben11nan obstacle that causes stumbling; stumbling block2vto stumble over something; to trip over an obstacle while walkingHineben tuwak nan Amado ni heli tu et manhungbub bak.Amado tripped me with his feet and so I fell flat on my face.Nehaben nak ni wakal ni neingaldeng di dalan.I was made to stumble by the vine that was tied on the way.Simhabedak7.2.1Manner of movement-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
haben2na phase of the moon called new moonSome speakers of the language believe this word is related to the meaning of the homonym 'to stumble over an obstacle'. If it is related, it would mean that an obstacle blocks most of the light of the moon from view during the new moon phrase.Nehabnan nunya bulan tep bayag ni hanbimmulan.It is the new moon phrase now because it will be a long time before the moon shines.Dakel kametewwang ni litlit ni nunya tep nehabnan bulan, et engeenget ni heddem tu.There are many bats that can be caught by a net trap at this time because it is dark in the evening.
habewilna tree variety1.5.1Tree
habhabvto eat by filling the mouth full; to eat by the mouthful of foodThis manner of eating is compared to the way an animal eats and is considered to be impolite and ill-mannered.Ihhabhab mewan eyan killum hu kennen tu et anggagannu ey na-puh.That pig will again eat its food by mouthful so it will be gone quickly.Lawah hu an panhinnabhab hu kennen tep beken kan killum.It is bad to eat by the mouthful because you are not a pig. of eatingiC1-/iN-
habhabyenInf. ofhabyennwindow; opening in the wall of a house for light and airHan-adang tu law etan habhabyen tep nee-etteng.He can now reach the window because he grew a little.
habingittransto hang something on a protrusion that is not secure, e.g., a piece of string or nailNanhinahhabbingit tun inha-dang etan detag et humman hu na-gahan tu.He hung the meat insecurely and that is why it fell down.Yad patak di awwidan hu nengihebingitan tun etan ni hambaldih ni danum.It was on a nail at the back door where he hung the pail of water.7.5.9Put
hablagtransto give a contribution in cash or in kind during death ritualsThis is a cultural and traditional act.Hinablagan tun tellun killum et walun gumek. He gave a contribution of three pigs and eight pieces of metal.Piga impenablad dan inetun neteyyan tu?How much was their contribution when his mother died?Himmablag kamid baley Telespolo ni hanpipihhu mi et halepi.We made a contribution of one peso and fifty centavos (during the death ritual) at Telespolo's household.Endi kaumhablag et idwat ku law hampulu.Nobody was making a contribution and so I then gave ten pesos.4.9.5Practice religion-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
hablaltransto dam water in a rice paddy by blocking the spillway with soil or mudEach rice paddy has a spillway called gihang cut into each dike for the water to flow into the next rice paddy once the paddy has the desired water level.Hablal mu la gihang et eleg matduk hu danum.Dam the spillway so that the water will not dry up.Inhel tu e hablalen ku et hablalen ku.He told me to dam the spillway so I dammed it.6.2.4Tend a field-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
hablang1na tree variety that blooms with red flowers and its trunk is covered with thorns1.5.1Tree2vfor the hablang-tree variety to bloomEhibgay nunya tep himmablang.It is planting season now because the hablang-tree is in bloom.Kaumhablang hedin bulan ni Marso.The hablang-blooms in the month of March.Pigantu hablangan tu tep?When will the hablang-bloom then?1.5.1Treeum-/-imm-
hableytransto hang something on a clothesline or a hookIhabley mu balwasik.Hang my shirt.Attu nengihableyan mun wangal ku?Where did you hang my blanket?Simha-dang7.5.9PutiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
hablut1na noose; a slipknotSimla-wat, string2transto make a slipknot or a noose to useHinablut da etan makwah ni dinwengan idan ahhu et eleg matey.They caught with a noose the deer that was hunted by the dogs so it did not die.
habutransto scoop up water and splash it on someone or somethingThe word may be used for watering small plants.Hinebuan tuwak ni danum et ma-bel lak.He splashed me with water and so I was wet.Hinebuan tuwak ni danum et ma-bel balwasik.Why did you splash Pugahhan with water?Kaumhabun danum hi Bahingawan hedin melebbah kamid kad-an tu.Bahingawan splashes water on us if we pass by where he is.Simpeghit7.3.2Move something in a direction-an/-in- -an, kaum-Class 5A Changing state of site by adding something
habugnan archaic ritual term for unhusked riceYa habug di ehel tayun nebayag ey humman hu pagey.Habug in our old dialect is pagey (rice). from seedsarch
habuhabna traditional religious ritual4.9.5Practice religion
habung1ngeneric term for flowersKakkayyaggud ida eman habung ni keyew.Those flowers of the tree are beautiful.1.5.5Parts of a plant2intransfor flowers to bloomHimmabung idan nunya bunyakkaw.The cane reeds are in bloom now.Ahihabbuhabbungan nunyan keyew.It is now the flowering season for refer to immature fruitHabung ida ni eman lameh ni bayya-ba.Those guavas are immature.1.5.6Growth of plants
habungultransto take and hold a handful of somethingHinebungul tu hu bewek Teresa et hantu gunsinga.She held Teresa’s hair by the handful before cutting it. 4B Tactile - Touch contact
habut1stato have a rough texture, e.g., clothing, wood that has not been planedNehabut det-al tep ag maketam.The floor is very rough because it is not planed.Nehabut pantalon tu tep inggenadgad tu.His pants are very rough because he has been rubbing 6B Process or state of inanimate objects2transto cause something to have a rough textureHinebut ni katam hu tabla tep ag umtadem.The plane made the board rough because it was not sharp.-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
habwedtransto trade valuable items in kind, not involving moneyInhabweb tu etan pa-ay dan ni hakey newang.He traded their jar for a carabao.Piga nengihabwed mun bakam?What was traded for your cow?Nanhabwed min hubang tu et ya pa-ngaw ku.We traded his jewelry and my beads.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3G Conversive action process
habyatintransto arrive at the top of a hillHimmabyat kami kumad et han umudan.We reached the top before it rained.Nakaddun himmabyatan min nehilngan tu.It was completely dark when we reached the top.7.2.2Move in a directionum-/-imm-Class 2A Movement from one place to another
habyen1nentrance door; door openingYa kadinukkey ni tabla ni kinapya tun habyen ni baley da ey dewwan depa.The length of the boards that he made for the door of their house is two arm spans.Hedin ya kamampaptek (ni kalneroh) hu umhegep ey kaibbeghul etan ni kamangguwalya hu habyen ni kubkub. (John 10:3)If the shepherd (of the sheep) enters (the sheep pen), the one guarding the gate/entrance will open (for him). direction of the door of a houseInhabyen tud kasimmilin aggew.The door is directed towards the east.Lawah kunu hedin ihhabyen ni baley di kasimmilin aggew.It is said that it is bad if the door of your house is directed towards the east.iC1-/iN-3transto sit by the open doorHipa ngadan tu etan nanhabyen nuntan?Who was that person sitting at the door awhile ago?maN-/naN-habhabyen
hadabtransto keep back a part of one's share for someone, e.g., share of meatEntan laliw et ihedaban dakallin detag.Don't cry and I will keep back some meat for you.i- -an/iN- -an