Vernacular - English


gedgedtransto cut into pieces, e.g., meat; to chop into piecesEhel yudda tuu et gedgeden da law hu ihhida.Tell the people to cut the viand into pieces now.Indawat yun Simmicpao et hi-gatu mengedged ni ihhida tayu.Give it to Simmicpao and he will be the one to cut our viand into pieces.7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
gedulintransfor a bolo, an ax or a spade to be able to cutThis verb is always used with a negative form, eleg or ag.Eleg umgedul eya pinyway kun pangkep-ah ni helek tep netupuh.My bolo is not capable of cutting grass because it is blunt.Eleg umgedul etan wahay mun penikhal tep eleg meta-lid.Your ax will not be able to split wood because it is not being sharpened.7.8.3Cutum-/-imm-Class 2G Processes
gedwasp. var. ofgadwatransdivide in half; one-half
gehang1na passage for water in rice field2vto make a water passage in a rice field dike
gehattransto clear land of trees and brush in preparation for plantingAttu an ginhatan Amado ni ummaan tu?Where did Amado clear land for his garden?Limmawak dama et nak gumhat ni ekket.I went also and cleared a little.Ang-ang yu tep pekighat yu etan sinneman kun kapih.See to it that you don't include in clearing that area I planted with coffee trees.Kami nekigeggehat diman nem ey inna-nukkaw ni an pengittulluyan tep ay ahingunwan.We went to join in clearing there but then there's no time to continue because it is working season now. a field-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something
gekgekintransthe clucking sound of a mother hen2.3.2.2SoundkamaN-
gekyemvto clench fist; to clasp something in a closed fistGekyem mu ngamay mu.Clench your fist.Gekyem mud ngamay mu eya hepeng et eleg mu talaken.Clasp that one-centavo-coin in your fist so you won’t lose it.Simgemgem7.3.4.4Hold
gel-idtransto scrape something from a surfaceGel-id eya puyek di patut mu.Scrape the dirt from your shoes.Ang-ang mu tep umgel-id kalin belat.Be careful because you might scrape off the skin.7.7.5Rub
gelaadv.predto be able to afford to pay for something; ability to do somethingKaw makkaw et geglaen yullin beyyadan hu utang yu?Will you be able to afford to pay your debts?Aggak hanggelan umgatang ni pantalon ku.I cannot afford to buy my pants.Ag umgelad aman inan mengustun hi-gak di iskul.My father and my mother cannot afford to support me in my studies.6.8Finance-en/-in-Manner adverbial predicates
gelakgaknlaughterHin-addum ni kamebeninbinhain gelakgak hedin ida kamman-a-appeh. Sometimes laughter comes in between when they are singing.
gelang1na baby; a young childHeni kayu gegellang hedin hanniman.As if you are like children in that way. time of childhoodImpaglangan ku buteng ey yan nunya nekapuyyak law.During my childhood, I started getting drunk and now I'm very weak.Lawah hedin kapeglangi itek tep um-ingha.It is bad if you start to be a liar during your childhood because you will be used to it. -an, kape- -i3vto act in a childish mannerMuka pangginengellang emin hu muka pehding.You do all things as if you are acting like a child.kapaN- -in- -en-
gelattransto crack a bolo bladeGinlat tu et hantu ibangngad.He cracked it before he returned it.Naglat etan pinway kun kinapyam.There is a crack in my bolo that you made.Hipa gaputun tu naglatan eya pinway mu?What caused your bolo to crack?7.9.1Damage-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
geldingngoatWaday dewwan gelding mi.We have two goats.
geldutnfur-like feathersGeldut etan hakey ni manuk mi.One of our chickens has fur-like feathers.6.3.7Animal products
gelengtransto pinch someoneGinleng ni mittudu hu tangila tun mika pan-iskulli ey kimmuheyaw.The teacher pinched his ear when we were studying and it bled.Eneeneng itsu tep um-alilli mewan eman mittudu et umgegleng.Let's keep quiet because that teacher will come again and she will pinch us.Hipa gaputun tu nanglengan ni tangilam?What is the reason why he pinched your ear?7.7.4Press-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
gelettransto slit neck of a chicken or a duckDaka kekleha law etan manuk ni imbaki da.They are now slitting the neck of the chicken that they ritually sacrificed.Simegukelehlengleng7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
gelgel1na saw6.7.1Cutting tool2transto saw somethingGinibbuh dan ginelgel ni kaalman hu det-al ni baley mi.They finished sawing the floor boards yesterday for our house.7.8.3Cut-en/-in-
gelhing1na braceletHipa kan gelhing eyan inggelhing mu?Whose bracelet are you wearing?5.4.1Jewelry2vto wear braceletNegelhingan ida ammed tayun nunman.Our ancestors wore bracelets before.Nanggelhing ngak daman nunman ni keu-ungngak.I wore a bracelet also when I was a child.Daka gennelhingi nem agtu pinhed.They are letting him wear a bracelet but he does not like -an/ne- -an, maN-/naN-
gelhitnimmature corncobNanengtun gelhit ida ni etan gahhilang. The corncobs in the corn-plants are still immature.1.5.5Parts of a plant
gelid1transto move somethingEhel mun Bummilaw et geliden tula etan lehung tep me-bel ali.Tell Bummilaw to move the mortar because it will be wet.Agmi hanggelid tep etteteng.We cannot move it because it is very big.Simdelig 1genad1ka-nadtu-lu 17.3Move something-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact2stafor land to move as in a landslideEmin ida etan duntug ey nangkaglid ida, anin ida etan ni puyek ni nangkeigawwad baybay. (Revelation 6:14b)All the mountains have experienced landslides including the islands in the middle of the sea.
geliwgiwenna tree variety with tiny fruit that are berry-like and black when ripe1.5.1Tree
gelngihtransto remove a part of somethingKele an negelngihan eya detag ni neih-ad dih?Why is a part of this meat that I placed here removed?Kele kayak ngu ey kaka umgenelngih eyan inha-ad dan ihhidaddan bihita?Why are you removing a part of that viand which they put aside for the visitors?7.4.3Get
geltun1a traditional religious ritual done at rice granaries4.9.5Practice religion2to perform the geltu ritualManggeltu idad alang tun kabbuhhan.They will perform the geltu-ritual tomorrow at his granary tomorrow.
geluvplanted rice that is becoming over-maturedNaglu pagey da ey ag ida man-enni.Their rice is over-matured yet they don't harvest.Kamanggeglu pagey dad Wannitan.Their rice in Wannitan is becoming over-matured.Hehgeden da na-mu mewan kegluan tu etan pagey et han ida man-ani?Are they going to wait again for the rice to be over-matured before they harvest? ricekamaN-, na-
gelubgubtransto cook something quicklyGelubgubi yu eya detag ma-lat mangan itsun dagah.Cook that meat quickly so we can eat earlier.5.2.1Food preparation-an/-in- -an