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gadulvto give an excuseNem hi-gayuddan wada ahwa tu, entan gadugadul ni yu peni-yanan ni ahwa yu. (1 Corinthians 7:27a)But you who have spouses, don't be giving excuses for abandoning your spouse. against accusation
gadwasp. var.gedwatrans1to divide somethingGinenadwa tu et i-peng mi.He divided something (into pieces) and we all shared them.7.8Divide into pieces-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object 2to divide something in equal parts; to halve somethingWada etan hakey ni tuun wada dewwan lakin u-ungnga tu. Entanni ey kan etan ni udidyan nan ameday 'Idwat mun hi-gak hu beltanen ku,' Et gedwaen ameda hu limmu tu et idwat tuddan nunman ni dewwan u-ungnga tu. (Luke 15:11-12b)There was a man who had two sons. Later, the youngest son said to their father, "Give me what I will inherit." And so their father divided his property in half and gave it (the two shares) to his two sons.
gaeb1nthe wall of a building6.5.2.1Wall2transto put up the walls of a buildingGineeb na-mu law di Anselmo nunya baley da.Perhaps Anselmo has walled their house now.Hipa impanggeeb da, kaw sisim weno tablah?What did they use for walling, is it galvanized iron or boards?Linglingem dan nengaeban da mukun nanggetagetang.They did not do the walling well, that is why there are spaces (between the boards).6.5Working with buildings-en/-in-
gagancooked ricePan-akud kan gaga.Ladle the rice.5.2.3Types of food
gagetadv.predto do quickly; to do something fastGinagtan dan ekan etan balat et umlawwak ey endi law.They ate the bananas very fast so when I went, there were no more.Kaumgagaget ni ekan et wada lawwan da.He is eating very fast because they are going somewhere.Tuka pegaggaget ehel tu et humman agtu ketunnungi.He speaks very fast that is why (what he says) it cannot be understood.Impageget tu tudek et ebuh hi immela.He wrote very fast and then he went immediately. short time-an/-in- -an, um-/-imm-Class 5C Goal oriented sites
gageystato be uncoordinated, particularly related to the handling of things with handsThis generally refers to someone who often drops things or knocks things over. Negagey hi Dagan et humman hu tuka e-gaha hipan tuka tetngeda.Dagan is uncoordinated and that is why he easily drops whatever things he holds.Inna-nun an negageyan Dagan?How did Dagan become uncoordinated?7.3.4Handle somethingne-, ne- -anClass 6A Physiological process – state
gagtebtransto slam or bang doorGinagteb tu lekbi tep bimmunget.She banged the door because she was angry.Ehel mu et agtu genagteben hu lekbi tep mebahbah.Tell her not to be banging the door because it will be destroyed.Hipa mu nengagteban ni lekbi?Why did you bang the door?7.7Physical impact-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
gahal1adjfor grain to be unrefined or to be coarse even if pulverizedNanengtun gahal etan inubud dan gahhilang tep eleg da pakabbayuen.The corn that they pulverized is still coarse because they did not pound it hard enough.2vto become thick and coarse, e.g., beard, mustacheThis does not mean that a mustache has become bushy, rather it means that the individual hairs have become coarse.Gimmahal law hu iming ku tep nakka kenep-uhi.My mustache is now thick because I am always shaving it.Kamenghal dama law hu iming mu.Your mustache is also becoming thick.Aggak pinhed ni kep-uhan law hu iming kun ginehalan tu.I do not want to shave my mustache now when it has become
gahat1nluck or fate, can be good or badSimgumun4.4.5Chance2transfor events or circumstances to operate for or against an individual; to have bad or good luck; to have a bad or a good fateInggahtan tu numan et iahwa tu etan biin pinpinhed tu.It was really his fate to marry the girl he loved.Ambeken ni nan-iingeh hu kagehhasin tuu?Is it not the same when people have luck?Gullat ni hi-gak kaumgahat et bumaknang ngak et ayyagan dakeyun emin.If only I have luck and become rich, I will call for all of you.i- -an/iN- -an
gahhidintransto move around noisily, walking or dancingIda kamampanggahhid ali hu tuun kamandayyu.The people coming downhill are walking noisily.Kaumgenaggahhid ida eman tuun kameneyyaw.Those people dancing are making noise. noisilymaN-/naN-, um-/-imm-Class 1A Movement with a manner component
gahhilangncornBinu-butan idan utut etan neilunay ni gahhilang et pangkanen da.The rats made holes in the sack of corn-kernels and ate them.Daddakkel hu intanem kun gahhilang ni nunya nem yan matsaggew.I planted more corn this year than last year. from vegetables
gahhuintransto hurryIda kamanggahhugahhu tep nehi-yan ida.They hurrying because they were left behind.Liniwwan tu taddung tu tep gimmenahhugahhu idan inggahan da tep heni um-udan.He forgot his hat because they were hurrying when they left because it was as if it was going to rain.Simabutelistuganu 1hagedud7.2.1.2Move quicklymaN-/naN-, um-/-imm-Class 1A Movement with a manner component
gaidvto remove something from a surface by scraping; to scrapeGaid mu eya pitek di yuddungngan.Scrape the mud from the seat.Gineid tun paul etan netey ni utut di hulek ni baley da.He removed the dead rat from the corner of their house with a dried reed.7.7.5Rub-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
galah1na public gift contribution given during a wedding dance4.2.4Dance2vthe giving of the gifts during the wedding danceIggalah da hu kasal di Roger nan Ember.They are going to ask for public gift-donation at the wedding of Roger and Ember.Manggellah ida law di kasal di Roberto nan Marieta.They will now start the public-gift-donation for the wedding of Roberto and Marieta.iC1-/iN-, maN-Language of Borrowing: Ilocano
galdengtransto stretch and tie a wire, string, or vine across an areaNehaben nak ni wakal ni neingaldeng di dalan.I was made to stumble by the vine that was tied on the way.iC1-/iN-Class 3C Move an object and combine it with or attach it to another object
galebuyanstato be healthy, robust and vigorous, may describe plants, animals and humansGalebuyan ida u-ungnga, ya intanem niya killum di Luisa nand Luis.The kids, the plants and the pigs of Luisa and Luis are healthy.2.5Healthy
galgaltransto chew somethingGinalgal tu detag ey kantuy pikkan tun hi-gatu.He chewed the meat and he said he is going to let him eat it.Agtu galgala gaga ni inekmun tu.He did not chew the rice that he swallowed.Simngatngat5.2.2.1Bite, chew-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
galidintransto do something willingly with eagernessKamanggagalid hi Dumayyahen ni umbaddang di mene-eng ni kennen idan tuu.Dumayyahen is willing and eager to help in cooking food for the people.Wada hakkey ni hi-gayu ey nemahhig ni kamanggagalid ni mengippahding ni lawah. (Hosea 7:4b)Each one of you is willing and eager to do evil.Hi APU DIOS e Dios tayu kumaddan hu pandineli yu tep hedin hi-gatu, man et-eteng hu hemek tu niya kamanggagalid ni manliwwan ni liwat. (Isaiah 55:7b)The LORD, our God is the one we ought to trust in, because as for him, his mercy is great and he is eager to forget our sin. 1C General class - Types of attitudes
galit1ntattoo; spotsWada hu galit di pagew tu.There is a tattoo on his chest.Simbalit color, marking5.4.6Ritual scar2vto be spottedNegalitan ni mablah etan ahhu min andeket.Our black dog is spotted with -an
gallumeymeynthe big toe2.1.3.3Finger, toe
galluntaystato be torn into pieces, e.g., clothingNegalluntay hu pantaloon tu tep eleg e-nebin inetu hu nangkebi-ki.His pants were torn into pieces because his mother did not patch the holes.7.8.4Tear, ripme-/ne-Class 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
galonna measure for liquids such as wine or water equaling four quartsYadda grapes ni mahkang neitneman tu ey liman galon ni ebuh ni meinnum hu kekapyaan tu. (Isaiah 5:10a) The grapes of a wide vineyard will only produce five gallons of wine. container, volumeLanguage of Borrowing: English: gallon
galtebtransto accidentally bite the tongue or lipsAng-ang mu tep galteben mulli diletu.Be careful because you might cause him to bite his tongue.Negalteb dila tu tep nan-egah.His tongue was bitten because he fell.2.5.3Injure-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
galumeymeynfingers of humans and monkeysLima hu galumeymey di hakey ni ngamay ni tuu niya tadaw.There are five fingers on one human hand and a monkey’s hand.Simkimeng 3specam-ama-an2.1.3.3Finger, toe