Vernacular - English


gintudInf. ofgetudtransto have set a date for an event, activity or actionHipa gintud mun aggew ni ilian da?What day did you set for them to come? a time-in-
ginumunInf. ofgumunnoma traditional religious ritualA ritual during which chickens are offered to a god as a thank you for blessings he bestows on humanity.Ginibbuh da ginumun di baley mi ni kaalman.They finished the ginumun ritual at our house yesterday.ritual
ginuttunan ornamental ritual belt for menA bolo is attached to the belt.5.3.4Clothes for special occasions5.3.1Men's clothing
ginyangtransto throw a long or sharp pointed object such as a spear or stick at someone or somethingGininyang Julian ni pahul hu makwah di muyung et matey. Julian speared the deer in the forest and it died.Gininyang Martin hi Marcos ni nemusingan ni paul.Martin threw a pointed dry-cane at Marcos.Simdehnag6.4.1Hunt7.3.2Move something in a direction-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
gipgiptransto slice into fine pieces, e.g., beans, cabbageGipgip mu ni eya pukdu ni han mu inhaeng ma-lat anggagannu.Slice these beans before cooking them so they will be cooked quickly.Pakaggipgip mu ni han mu inhaeng etan buttata tep henilli mewan singsing.Slice that cabbage very well before you cook it because (if you don't slice it well) it will be like sweet potato leaves again.Simgapgaptagip7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
giplungsp. var. ofgeplung
gisitransto make lines of cuts on something, usually on wood with a sharp tool such as knifeGinisian Dulludul hu palek ni ewah ku ma-la et beken ni nelakah ni mekellabhut.Dulludul made lines of cuts on my knife’s handle so that it will not easily slip out of my hand.7.8.3Cut-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
gitananimal or plant poisonKaumpatey hu gitan uleg nema-ma hu ngungnguy.The poison from a snake can cause death especially the green snake.
gitalahnguitar Isiked yu hu umpaliteng ni a-appeh yu. Eggak pinhed ni deddengngelen ida gitalah yu. (Amos 5:23)Stop your loud singing. I don't want to listen to your guitars.Language of Borrowing: English: guitar
gitektransto cut woodAttu keiggittekan tu?Where will it be cut?-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
gitgittransto urge someone to do somethingNan-igitgit nan Cabbigat ida hu tuu et ida bumaddang ni manggebbut di dalan di kammading. Cabbigat urged the people to go and help cut grass on the road to the school.Ya kegibbuhan tun dagah etan ni inggunu hu gaputun nakka pengiggenitgisidda ni tuun kamangngunnud payew ni pepuppu-ut da.To finish the job earlier is the reason why I am urging the people working in the rice field to work faster.Simga-ga
giwinsmall sour fruit; rattan fruit5. from fruit
giwwedintrans1for the leaves of a plant or branches of a tree to sway back and forthThe swaying is the result of the wind blowing or someone shaking the plant or tree.Anin idan keyew et endin hekey kamanggiggiwwed. (Revelation 7:1c)Even as for the trees, there was absolutely no swaying movement.7.2.1Manner of movement2to shake something causing a back and forth movementYallin pengippeang-angan APU DIOS ni nemahhig ni bunget tu e henilli tu iggiwwed eya puyek, ey idalli mampantellu tutu-ud leyang niya mangku-kuddan pantelluan da, tep ya takut da. (Isaiah 2:19a)When the LORD shows his great anger like he will shake the earth, the people will hide in caves and dig holes in the ground to hide in, because of their fear.7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-
giyekvtickle; to be ticklishgiggiyyek
gladuhnthe floor level of a building or house that has more than one storyDimmateng idad Jerusalem et meni-weh idan himmegep etan di kuwaltuh ni meikkadwan gladuh etan ni baley ni daka panhahha-adi. (1:13a)They (the disciples) entered Jerusalem and immediately went up to the second story of the house where they were staying.Ey kapyam ni tellun gladuh niya kapya kan habyen di pinigging tu. (Genesis 6:16 b)And you, (Noah) build three stories (decks) and also build a door at the side (of the Ark)., story
gobernorngovernorNegibbuh hu nemistigalan Kayaphas nan Jesus ni kamangkewa-wa et ilaw dad baley Pilate e gobernor. (John 18:28)Caiaphas' examination of Jesus was completed as it was becoming dawn and then they took him to the house of Pilate, the governor.4.6GovernmentLanguage of Borrowing: English: governor
gokogokogokovcall for chickens, used to gather them Chickens are usually gathered at night in order to cage them.
grapesngrapesLanguage of Borrowing: English: grapes
grasiangrace; thanksLanguage of Borrowing: Spanish gracia
gu-dang1nstraw from rice stockBetek mu eya gu-dang et panegad tayud bawang. Bundle this rice-straw and we will use it for sweeping inside. Simulut 11.5.5Parts of a plant2transto place rice strawKaw ginu-dangan mu etan kagab?Did you put rice straw in the chicken’s nesting basket? -an/-in- -an
gu-gu1transto scratch skinThe scratching is related to itching on some part of the body.Tuka gennu-gui hu beneg tu tep magetel.He is scratching his back because it is itchy.Gu-guim hu beneg ku tep ay magetel.Scratch my back because it's itchy.7.7.5Rub-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
gu-gu21na tool for grating somethingNengina etan gintang kun gu-gu.The grater that I bought is expensive.6.7Tool2transto grate somethingMahapul ni gu-guen hu laya ni han in-edum di hipan kaihhaeng.You have to grate the ginger before adding it to whatever you cook.7.7.6Grind-en/-in-
gu-kang1nshell, e.g., egg, snailAmung yu gu-kang idan batsikul niya itlug et yudda bekahen.Collect all the snail shells and the eggshells and throw them away.1.6.2Parts of an animal
gu-kang2transto make a holeEt kamangkehilleng ni nunman ey ginu-kangan kun ngamay ku hu dingding ni baley ku et idlan kudman ni immehep. (Ezekiel 12:7b)That evening as it was getting dark, I dug a hole with my hands in the wall of my house and I went through it going outside.Synebut7.8.5Make hole, opening-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something