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deldeltransto push something or someone away from original positionLawah hu an iddeneldel hu nampapgan tep umhulun ni pambekkalan.It is bad to be pushing the boundary from its original position because it will cause quarreling.Indeldel da-ak idan tuu di pikdel di bawang ni baley da et inna-nukkaw kun um-ehep.The people pushed me next-to-the-wall inside their house and so I had no way of getting out. 3E Move an object directionally
deleg1nfish, generic termKayulli pangegum ni dinikhal et ihaeng tayu eya deleg.Go and collect firewood so that we will cook this fish. go fishingmeN-
delengnfluid that oozes from a corpse that is not embalmedMahemuy etan deleng ni kaman-ih-ih-ih di annel ni netey. The liquid dripping from the body of the dead person stinks.
deleptransto protect, defend or help someone in a fight or in an argumentIndelepan tu hi agitun nekibekalan tu.He helped his brother when he was involved in a fight.Kaum-idlep hi Juan hedin yad edum ni bebley hu wada pekidpapan.Juan helps when you get into a fight in other places.Simhekang1i- -an/iN- -an
delhigna traditional religious ritual4.9.5Practice religion
delhuktransto put water on fire to extinguish; to put water on plantDelhukim eya apuy et ma-dep.Put water on that fire so it will be extinguished.Ya kuma udan menelhuk eyaddan nangkeitnem tep ey endi danum.It will be the rain that will water the plants since there is no water.-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
delinan eelWada immekwah ni deli etan di pehung.There was an eel that appeared in the water hole., ray
deligtrans1to move somethingDinlig ku etan inha-ad mud yuddungngan tep inha-ad ku basket diman.I moved what you placed on the seat because I placed the basket there.Kele tagan mulli delig ey endi yuddungan.Why do you keep on moving closer here, and there is no more place to sit?Simgelid 1genad1ka-nadtu-lu 17.3Move something-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object2to barterIndelig tu kaung tun dewwan kimmaweyan.He bartered his mother pig for two little ones.iC1-/iN-
delihdihtransto remove weeds and trash around a house or granary by scraping the ground with a shovelDa dellihdihan hu dallin ni alang mi tep kamangkehleki.They are going to scrape (the ground) outside our granary because it has become very grassy.Lakkay et mu pandelihdihen ida hu tain manuk di daulen ni baley tayu tep kamanhemmuy.Go and scrape away the chicken manure under our house because it stinks., take apart-an/-in- -an, -en/-in-Class 5B Changing state of site by removal of something
delikdiknone of the dance steps in the Ifugao native dance4.2.4Dance
delitsuhintransa direct manner, e.g., to go directly to a destinationNandelitsuh idan limmaw di Baay tep neladaw ida.They went straight to Baay because they are late.Syndi-weh7.2.2Move in a directionmaN-/naN-Class 1B Movement with a directional componentLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
delluntransto chase or drive away large animals, e.g., pigs, carabao, cows, goatsLakkay et mudda delunen ida killum.Go and drive away the pigs.Dillun tudda killum et bumsik ida.He chased the pigs and they ran away.Hipa ammenlun ni killum?Who will go and drive away the pigs?Simabuldeg-aldegyun 17.3.2Move something in a direction-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
delnakintransto rain very hardUmdelnak ali mewan ni mahmahdem tep ay ka-immatun.It will rain hard again in the evening because it can be seen.Dimmelnak ni hileng nem insiked tun kamangkewa-wa.It rained so hard last night but it stopped when it was becoming dawn.Wada kamid dalan di Dugyu ey kamandelnak et mukun na-bel kami.We were on the way to Dugyu when it was raining so strong that is why we are wet. 2F Meteorological
delnitransto add water to viandKaw dinelnian mu etan ihhida?Did you add water to the viand?Delniim etan neiheeng ni ihhida.Put a little water in that viand being cooked.5.2.1Food preparation-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
delnundewThe water droplets usually hanging on the grass leaves early in the morning is considered by some as a nuisance rather than as a help to plants.Na-bel hu pantalon kun delnu di dalan.My pants got wet from the morning dew on the road.Yaddalli et anhan hu ituttudduk ey heniddalli udan ni mangke-gah, heniddalli hamyuk ey heniddalli delnud pekatmel tun intanem niya heniddan na-let ni udan di helek. (Deuteronomy 32:1b-2) It is with hope that all that I will teach will be like rain falling down, they will be like mists and they will be like dew on new sprouted plants and they will be like rain on the grass.1.7Nature, environment
delpangvfor deposits or sediments to form and attach to rocks or wood underwaterUmdelpang mannuman ali etan hinabtan ni inha-ad yud kulukul.Sediments will certainly be formed on the lumber that you placed in the creek.Dimmelpang ida etan wadad ahhullan.Those logs that are in the place for fetching water have formed deposits on them.1.5.4Moss, fungus, algaeum-/-imm-Class 2G Processes
deltaktransto strike someone with spadeDineltak tu helik ni gaud et kumuheyaw.He struck my foot with the spade and it bled.Hipa gaputun tuka neneltakan, kaw nandepap kayu?Why did he strike you, did you quarrel?7.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
deluhstathe barrenness of plants and treesNadluh nunya lumban tep ya pewek.The grapefruit were barren this time because of the typhoon.Inna-nun tu nadluhan?How did it became barren?Kamangkedluh mewan etan intanem mun bewwa.The betel nut tree that you planted is becoming barren again.6.2Agriculturena-Class 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
delukduktransto scrape off something from the surface of another thing, e.g., burned food from a pan, manure from chicken coop floor or groundDelukduk mu etan negiheb ni ihhida di palhu et bekahen mu.Scrape off the burned viand inside the frying pan and throw it away.Mu pandelukduk hu tain manuk ida etan di kebi.Go and scrape the chicken manure off from the floor of all the chicken coops.7.7.5Rub
delwahadv.predto repeat an action or eventDinelwahan nan Anuden hu nanglengan dan nan Bugan.Anuden performed their canyao with Bugan for the second time.Dinelwahan tun nunya hu nan-egahan kudya.My falling down here happened for the second time.Kele agyu delwahin nunya ni-ngangu hu nenguyuyan yu et megibbuh?Why don't you perform your second canyao so that it will be fortunate for you to be finished?, sequence-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
delwaknheron bird species1.6.1.2Bird
delyah1nthe land surrounding a rice field1.2.1Land2transto clean by weeding the surrounding area of a rice fieldKele agyu an deldelyahi etan payew yud Lutbung?Why don't you clean the surrounding area of your field in Lutbung?Ida la memelyah di inetun nunya.Her mother went to clean the surrounding area of their field today.Pigantu yu nenelyahan?When did you clean the surrounding area?Inang-ang midda mika penelyahi tep nelabah ida.We saw them when we were cleaning the surrounding area of our field because they passed by. a field-en/-in-
dem-aytransto pick up a rock or something bigger in size and throw it belowThis may be done to intentionally throw on an animal or person or just to have something to do.Dinem-ayan Dulnuan etan silay di kulukul ni batu et matey.Dulnuan threw a rock onto the lizard on the creek and it died.Nan-idem-ay da etan ida batu ni inemung mid dalan ni ittuping.They threw down below all the rocks we had gathered on the road to use for building a stonewall.7.3.2Move something in a direction-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
demangadj.predfor two things to be opposite each other; for two things to be in positions across from each otherKadmang kallid kad-an James et mu ehlen e umlaw kamin kabbuhhan. You go across to where James is and tell him that we are going tomorrow.Nakaddemmang hu baley di Tayyaban nan Baldino. Tayyaban's and Baldino's houses are on exactly opposite sides across from each other.
demdemn1name of black bat species1. refer to the black color of animals8.