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dehakvfor the surface of the earth to be cracked, can be caused by drought conditions or an earthquakeNanhak hu dalan et megday ali.The road has been cracked so it will erode.Dinhak ni yegyeg hu puyek.The earthquake cracked the surface of the earth.7.8.2CrackmaN-/naN-, -en/-in-
dehalstato have spaces in flooring or wallingme-/ne-
dehangstato urinate anywhereKele nadhang ka?Why do you urinate anywhere?na-
dehekstafor the eye to be poked with or by somethingNadhek matetun gulun di habal.Her eye was poked by grass in the garden.Inna-nun an nadhekan ni matam?How was your eye poked?, na- -an
dehengfr. var. ofdi-heng
dehingtransto break into pieces, e.g., platesAng-ang mu tep dedhingen mulli mewan eya hakey ni duyu.See to it because you might break that one plate again.Nadhing etan duyun inggah Deungyan.The plate that Deungyan dropped was broken.Kele inna-nu et mu dehingen?How did you break it?Simpingping7.8.1Break-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
dehnagtransto throw a sharp pointed object as a spear or stickAng-ang mu tep iddehnag tulli pahul. Look out because he will throw the spear.Hedin impalaw mu hu panam niya indehnag mu hu pahul mun kaumhili litaak da ey kamehephepi benang ni aggew niya bulan. (Habakkuk 3:11)When you sent your arrows and threw your spears, their glitter was blinding and the rays of the sun and moon were covered.Simginyang7.3.2Move something in a directioniC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally
dehnentransto stop for a while when travelingThis word is usually used to refer to stopping to rest when walking.Indehnen dan nekemtang tep immen ali udan.They stopped for a short time because the rain was coming. movingiC1-/iN-Time adverbial predicates
dehugvto deteriorate due to negligence; to become rotten, e.g., trees that have been felledInna-nun tu nandehugan?How did it became rotten?Mandedhug ali mannuman mewan etan keyew ni lingngeh tud muyung tep agtu an ingngunu.The tree that he cut down in the forest will rot again because he does not work on it.Ya higetu hu kapandedhugin tuka an lelngehan keyew.It is his laziness that causes the trees he cuts down to rot.
dehuktransto despise or ridicule someone's speechPi-yew kunu hu an deddedhuken hu ehel ni ammed.It is bad (prohibited) to be despising your parent's speech.Hipa yuka penehhudehhukin ehel Kullimpey?Why are you despising Kullimpey's speech? Verbs – Purpose is to affect recipient
deitsusp. var. ofdaitsu
dekaintransto roam; to go about without a plan or definite purposeIdela nandeka mewan etan u-ungnga tep ay attukaw ida.The children went roaming again because they are not here.Attu yu nandekaan ni kaalman?Where did you go yesterday?Antan an pandekadeka tep wada lawwan tayun mahmahdem.Don't be roaming around because we are going somewhere in the evening.Simleteng7.2.1.1WalkmaN-/naN-Class 1A Movement with a manner component
dekeptransto put two things togetherThe word may refer to twins.Dingkep tu dewwan alweg ni tu nan-ahulan.He carried two bamboo containers when he went to fetch water.Impandekep tuda han-inad hakey ni kebi.I placed the mother hen and its chick in one coup.Simda-kep 27.3Move something-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
deketfr. var.dekketadjblack or any other dark colorandeket
dekketfr. var. ofdeketadjblack or any other dark colorNan-atep kamin kaalman di baley di Juan et palsien mi etan andekket ni ahhu da.We roofed Juan's house yesterday so we butchered their black dog.andekket
deklanstalevel land; flat landYadda helag Dan man nambebley ida etan di duntuduntug tep kaikka-leg idan Amorite ni dayyuan dad nedeklan. (Judges 1:34)As for the descendants of Dan, they settled in the hill country because the Amorites did not allow them to descend to (live in) the plains.Inang-ang ni patul di Ai ida sindalun Joshua ey impapuut tun impangulu emin sindalu tu et mampalaw idad nandeklan di Jordan et da gubaten ida helag Israel. (Joshua 8:14a)The king of Ai saw the soldiers of Joshua and he quickly led all his soldiers and they went to the Jordan valley and they fought against the Israelites.Simdetal1.2.1Landne-, naN-
deklig1nsomething used to block openings such as a doorway, big gaps in between wall or floor boardsSimde-hil2transto block view by placing something across or over the openingDinekligan ku hu lekbi.I placed something against the door.Mulli ala eman melakkeb ni tabla et peneklig ku eyan habyen tep ay endi ni hu lekbi tu.Go and get that wide board so I can use it to block the door opening since it has no door.Simhani, dam up-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
dekmiltransto be held down or pinned, e.g., for a tree to fall on someone, or a pencil between pages of bookNedakmilan pencil ni libluh.The pencil is pinned in the book.-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
dekuna small rice paddyNatduk etan deku di payew mi tep kulang ku danum.The small rice paddy in our rice-field is dried up because the water is inadequate.Yu begayi etan deku di nenginhe-pen.Plant rice in the small rice paddy below.Binggayan da law etan deku di payew mi.They have now planted rice in the small rice paddy in our rice-field.6.2Agriculture
dekugtrans1to turn one's back to ignore someoneTuwak kededdekuga hedin nakka pan-ehelin pilyu tu.He is turning-his-back on me when I try to advise about his mischief. -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites2to turn aroundNandekuggak ey inag-ang ku e tuka pankennan kindih.I turned around and saw him eating the candies.7.2.2Move in a directionmaN/naN-dingkuggan
del-ak1na plant sap used as poison2transto use a plant sap to immobilize fish in order to catch themKami nenal-ak ni yuyu ey hinwag Cuyappi tep indalan tud kad-an mi et endi mi illa.We went to stun Japanese fish but Cuyappi walked past us and brought a bad omen and so we did not get any. Mika ussalan penel-ak hu lappaw dama. We use sunflowers to poison too.7.4.3Get
delaktransto splash water; to splash water on something, e.g., floorDinalak di bawang di danum.They splashed water inside the house.Hipa dimmelak di bawang?Who splashed water inside?, um-/-imm-
delangtransto separate; to set things apartLakkay et mu delangen di Manny nan Jerey tep mambekkal idalli mewan.Go and separate Manny and Jerey because they will fight with each other again., alone-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object
delawvto feel uncomfortable or uneasyThere are two main reasons for an uneasy or uncomfortable feeling: 1) a secret act is revealed in public, e.g. illicit sexual relationship, telling lies or being deceitful 2) wearing clothing too warm for a hot summer day.Tuka dedlawa hu neipeamtaan ni tuka pengi-enu-ulligi etan ni bii.He is feeling uneasy regarding the revelation of his sexual relationship with a certain woman.Nakka dedlawa tep mahdel hu imbalwasik ey maetung.I am feeling uncomfortable because I wore thick clothes and it is hot.3.4.2Feel badka- -a
delaydayanna cart pulled by an animal6.7.3Carrying tool