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dayuadv.pred1to be fitting or appropriateDayu tun manmittuduh ka tep nelaing kan mantuttuddu.It is fitting for you to be a teacher because you are clever in teaching.Kameiddeyyuh etan balwasim di andeket ni pantalon mu tep andeket dama.Your shirt fits with your dark pants because it is dark also.SimdiwehSynbagay8.3.7.7Right, propermei-/nei-2for something to be a likely or probable outcome; for something to be expectedDaydayu tun metukkad eman kamandedgeh.It is likely that the sick person will fall.
dayyakketnrice variety, glutinous riceThis is the variety of rice that is used for rice candy, rice cake and rice wine.Ya binekbek hu daka ikkelbug di ingkail ni dayyakket et kamangkapyan bubud. It is the home-made yeast that they mix with the (cooked) glutinous-rice to make rice wine.Imbeninbinha tun imbegay etan dayyakket ni indawat Aginaya.She planted the glutinous-rice at intervals (between the other plants) that Aginaya gave. from seeds6. rice
dayyu1intransto descend; to go downMandayyu ak di Attaban ni kabbuhhan.I will go down to Attaban tomorrow.Synnedned17.2.2Move in a directionmaN-/naN-Class 1B Movement with a directional component2transto descend to a particular placeYadda helag Dan man nambebley ida etan di duntuduntug tep kaikka-leg idan Amorite ni dayyuan dad nedeklan. (Judges 1:34)As for the descendants of Dan, they settled in the hill country because the Amorites did not allow them to descend to (live in) the plains.-en/-in-
dayyukungsp. var.hayyukungnlow land between hills; valley1.2.1.4Valley
de-engintransfor a baby to begin to stand upKamandedde-eng law hi mahhiken mi.Our baby boy is now beginning to stand up.maN-/naN-Class 1B Movement with a directional component
de-higvto match giving of animals at a blow-out; a competitive showing off between two rich persons who give feastsNan-indede-hig ida. They had competitive-ritual-feasts (lit. they competed with each other).Aggak ang-angen hu nan-indede-higan ida etan ni dewwan kedangyan ni tuud Asipulo.I did not see the competitive-ritual-feasts between the two rich persons in Asipulo.4.3.9Culture
de-hilvto cover, for something to be put on top of something else so as to cover, e.g., landslideNede-hilan ni geday hu dewwan eken ni payew da. The landslide covered two rice paddies of their rice-field.Kamangkede-hilin geday hu alak mi. Our irrigation is being covered with erosion/landslide.Simdeklig 17.3.7Coverme- -an/ne- -an
de-hugtransto stone an animal; to throw stones at somethingDine-hugan dan etteteng ni batu etan killum di Balweg et mepi-day.They threw a big stone at Balweg's pig and it became lame.Hipa gaputun da nene-hugan?What is the reason why they stoned it?Kaw inang-ang yu daka pampene-hugi?Did you see when they were stoning it?-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
dedanadjunct1an expression that denotes the truth of a statement or questions the factual reality of something; the fact is; actually; reallyThis word has two strong semantic components. One component relates to the truth of a statement, and the other component relates to relative time. The context defines which component is most relevant at that point in a discourse.Kaw kanda dedan ey mu keppaen huttan?Did they actually tell you to touch that?Eleg da dedan pakieyag hi ametu et humman eleg tu alian.It is a fact that they did not include his father in the invitation and that is why he did not come., definitely2may refer to a relative time in contextImplanuh tu dedan huyya et han maweda emin eya wadan nunya, nem yan nunyan ebuh hu nengipeamtaan tu. (1 Corinthians 2:7)He planned this long before all that exists today existed, but only now has he made it known.8.4.1Period of timededangngungudanngudedan
dedangngufr. var.dangngucomp. ofdedannguadv.preda time in the past; a long time agoYan dedangngu la hu nengitneman ina eyaddan laya. It was a long time ago when my mother planted these ginger-plants.Kaw yan dedangngu la hu illian nan Guindayan di baley yu? Was it a long time ago when Guindayyan came to your house?Simbayagnebayag8.4.5Relative time8.4.2.2A long time
deddegehInf. ofdegehtransfor someone to feel hurt or bitter about what someone has said about themTuka deddegeha hu lawah ni inhel mun meippanggep ni hi-gatu.He is feeling bitter about the bad things you said about him.Deddegehen tulli mewan etan el-eleg ni inhel mun meippanggep ni hi-gatu.She will again be feeling hurt about the unfavorable things you said about her. 4E Perception and cognition
deektransto accuse or charge someone with wrongdoingHi-gatu din-ek dan nenakew.He was the one they accused of stealing.Hipa hedin ded-eken hu tuu ey ag ang-angen.It is not good to accuse person without seeing him.Lawah unded-ek ni edum ni tuu.It is bad to accuse other people., confront-en/-in-Class 4
deg-ahtransto end a work taboo; to go to the rice field to get mud-fish, tadpoles, snails and edible insects for foodEach village has its own harvest thanksgiving ritual, celebration day and declaration of non-working days. When the work taboo ends for the village, the women go to the field to get fish and tadpoles. The work taboo follows the harvest season and is maintained until the beklay thanksgiving festival is completed.Ehel yulli hedin da iddeg-ah hu beklay dad Kakkaha et makilawwak.Let me know when they will start the ending of the rice-field work taboo of the harvest thanksgiving ritual feast in Caccaha so I can go along. Indeg-ah idan biin nunya hu nambeklayan da.The women folks ended today the rice-field work taboo of the harvest thanksgiving ritual feast.Pigantu pengiddeg-ahan dan beklay dad Palaw?When will the rice-field work taboo of the harvest thanksgiving ritual feast end in Palaw?Yad payew Bulahaw ni neyu hu daka pangiddeg-ahi hedin nambeklay idad Tuplac.It is always at Bulahaw’s rice-field where they start the end of the work taboo of the harvest thanksgiving ritual feast in Tuplac.6.4.5FishingiC1-/iN-Time adverbial predicates
deg-altransto drive animals awayKaw kanday yudda deg-alen?Did they tell you to drive them away?Deg-al yudda etan killum tep ya kalang da.Drive away the pigs because of their noise.Simabuldegyun 1dellun7.3.3.5Drive along-en/-in-Class 4
degavfeeling of discomfort or feeling uncomfortable, generally because of heatNakka umdedga di bawang tep maetung. I feel uncomfortable inside because it is hot.Hipa muka dedgain hileng?What makes you feel uncomfortable at night?um-/-imm-Class 2D Emotion and sensation
degaptransto begin, but not finish different kinds of workEhel mu et agtu degapen hu ingngunu tu.Tell him not to begin and not finish all his work.Kele muka dedgapa ingngunum?Why are you beginning and not finishing all your work?
degayvto reproduce; may refer to animals or plantsAleyu dama eya hakey ni gawgawa et yu degayen di Tabuk.Get also one of these ducks and let it reproduce in Tabuk.Nadgay etan illak lan ahhun Maggun ey dakel ida law.The dog I got from Maggun reproduced and now they are many.1.6.3Animal life cycle-en/-in-
degdegtrans1to commandEhel mun Duppip et ag tudda denegdegen hu tuuk tep umbungettak.Tell Duppip not to be commanding my people because I'll be angry.Kele kakaumdenegdeg ey eleg ka mangngunnu?Why do you command yet you don't work?Hipa muka penennegdegin amam ey ne-aamma law?Why are you commanding your father yet he is old now?Simmandal4.5.3.2Command-en/-in-Speech Verbs – Purpose is to affect recipient2to urge someone to actNakka pandegdegaddan pepuppu-ut dan umdalan tep immen ali hu udan et me-bel kami.I am urging them to walk faster because the rain is coming and we will get wet.Simhenan 1
degeh1nsickness2intransto be sickNandegeh ni dewan bulan ey nepippigut.He was sick for two months and so he is thin.2.5.1SickmaN-/naN-Class 1E - Body condition3intransto experience pain related to sicknessDimmegeh egeh tun hileng et ag makilaw di Amduntog.His stomach became painful last night so he did not go along to Amduntog.Hinalman tu ekan ni kuheyaw ni gelding dedan ey humman kamengipadgeh ni egeh.He ate too much goat's blood and that causes the stomach to be painful.
deghayntwo pigs offered as payment
deginthe husks of riceKaw inekup mun emin hu degi di lehung?Did you scoop all the rice-husks from the mortar? rice
degwayna tree variety with edible berries found in the forestMalumiih hu lameh ni degway hedin nelutu.The fruit of the degway-tree are sweet when ripened.1.5.1Tree
degyuntrans1to drive or chase away animals; to force or drive people away from an areaDinegyun midda etan baka et eleg ida lumaw di payew yu.We drove away the cows so they did not go into your rice-field.Mu pandegyun ida eman gawwang tep kennen da hu impah idan manuk.Go and drive away those crows because they will eat the chicks.Degyunen kudda tep lawah ni peteg hu daka pehpehding, et mukun anggebe-hel kuddan peteg. (Leviticus 20:23b)I will drive them away because they are doing very bad things and that's why I detest them.Simabuldeg-aldellun7.3.2Move something in a direction-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
dehadjunctan expression emphasizing an obvious fact or situationInla-yab da kaya hu iduidut idan tuu et deh e bimmaknang ida.They overcame the people’s curse and so there now, they became rich.Ya kabaelan Jesus niya dinel min hi-gatu hu nangkal ni dahuy eyan lakin yuka ang-ang-anga. Et deh e kayyaggud law. (Acts 3:16b)It was by the power of Jesus and our (exclusive) trust in him that removed the lameness of this man who you are observing. So see there, he is now healed. adyadehammandehammundehattandeh
dehagtransto dig out a clump or a mass of compacted roots, e.g., bamboo or reed rootsLakkay et my dehagen etan lamut ni kaweyan.Go and dig out the bamboo roots.7.8.6Dig-en/-in-Class 4D Release, remove or detach object