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dappuptransto slap someone on the mouthAntan pakitutut ni hi-gatu tep dappupen tu bungut mu.Do not argue with him because he will slap your mouth.Dinappup tu bungut Bernard tep kaumngalangala.He slapped Bernard’s mouth because he was being noisy.7.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
dapputintransto arrive at a destination at an appropriate timeDammutun umdapput itsud Baay et han mahileng.We will be able to arrive in Baay before it becomes dark.Dimmapput idad Kiangan et han umudan.They were able to arrive in Kiangan before it rained.7.2.2Move in a directionum-/-imm-Class 2A Movement from one place to another
dapulstato feel great fear, the mind cannot think, and one doesn't know what to do; there is a component of physical reaction, e.g., fainting, hair-standing on endDimmatengngak di Naghang ni gawan hileng et nakka mantetteyyed ey nakka medeppudeppul tep nakka nenemnema etan inang-ang kun netey.It was midnight when I arrived at Naghang and when I was climbing up I began to fear because I was thinking of the dead person I saw.Hedin nedapul ita man kaumehneng ida hu dutdut.If you fear your hair will stand on end.Ita kamedeppul ni meneddengngel ni panggep ni daka petteyan tuu hedin hileng.You fear if you hear that they are killing a person if it is during the night.Simtakut 6C Characteristics of human nature
dapyattransto open legs while sitting downThis is an action that is culturally inappropriate and taboo.Kamepi-yew hu an dapyaten di hinanggaddan tuuIt is taboo to open your legs in front of people while sitting down.7.2.1Manner of movement-en/-in-
dasal1nprayerThis word refers only to Christian prayers.Entanniy dingngel Apu Dios hu dasal tu et mambutsug hi Rebekah. (Gensis 25:Later, God heard his (Isaac's) prayer and Rebecca became pregnant.2intransto pray to GodEhel yu liwat yuddan edum yun kamengullug niya panhindadasal kayu, ma-lat yumaggud keyu. (James 5:16)Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.kamaN-
datengintrans1to arrive at a destinationUmdateng idan kabbuhhan.They will arrive tomorrow.Hipa indateng idan mangili?What did the visitors arrive with?Simhabang7. 2A Movement from one place to another2to report to someone what one sees or hearsTu keiddateng emin tu dedngelan inetu.He reports everything that he hears to his mother. an anticipated event to take place or come to passKaegiegi, kamangkedettengi law hu kepappegan ni puyek. (1 John 2:18a)Brothers, the end of the world is now arriving/coming-to-pass. timedintengan
dattek1intransto be noontime; to be middayNandattek ey umkelumhad kamid Caccaja ni nalpuan mid Nepayew.It was noontime when we descended to Caccaha from Nepayew. of the day
dattek2na banana varietyKamangkeetteng etan intanem mun dattek ni balat.The dattek-banana that you planted is growing big. from fruit
dattengnrefers specifically to the American liberation of the Philippines during World War IIEndi kennen ni datteng.There was no food during the liberation.Dakel netey ni datteng tep ya degeh.Many died during the liberation because of sickness. free4.8.3War
dattumtransto place things close together touching each otherPandattum mudda eya dewwan yuddungngan. Put the two seats together touching each other.Yadda tuun yimmudung di det-al ey nandidittum ida.As for the people sitting on the floor, they are seated together shoulder to shoulder.7.3.2Move something in a direction
dattuttransto combine, to add to, particularly used of moneyIddattut ku hanggatut ni pihhuh ku et gatngen da baley.I will add my one hundred pesos and they will buy the house.Idattut min hi-gatu pihhuh mu.Combine with him your money.Nandattut da hampupulu dan pihhuh et itupa da.They combined ten pesos each and gambled it. (to actually place the money on the board)Impandattut da pihhuh da et gatngan da hakey ni newang.They combined their money and bought one carabao.Simaddum 1iC1-/iN-Class 3C Move an object and combine it with or attach it to another object
daubtransto sew something together for a purposeDineub tu epat ni tuwalya et mambalin ni heni wangal.He sewed four towels together and so it became like a blanket.Et umladdan bulung ni keyew ni fig et dauben da et paneni dan annel da. (Genesis 3:7b)And so they got fig tree leaves and sewed them together and they used them to cover their bodies.7.5.2Join, attach-en/-in-Class 4F Adjacency/Adjoining of an object
daulsp. var.da-ulintransto be under or below another thingYa etan wadad ahpat ey humman ida kulput ni kakelpuin udan, ey ya wadad nandaul ey humman danum eyad puyek. (Genesis 1:6-7)As for those clouds above, they are the source of rain, and there below is the water of the earth.8.5.5Spatial relationsmaN-/naN-daulennandaul
daulenInf. ofdaulnomthe space under a building; underneathKaw kameaplihi etan neiha-ad di daulen ni alang?Will what has been placed under the granary be swept away by the rain and wind?Yad daulen ni baley mi hu kakeuggipi ni gelding mi ni hileng.It is under our house where our goat sleeps at night.-en
daunnbanana leafKalli lan daun et penephep eyan banga.Go and get banana leaves to cover this pot.Nangkebi-ki daun tep ya pewek.The banana leaves are torn because of the typhoon.1.5.5Parts of a plant
dausindragonfly species1.6.1.7Insect
dauttransto cut open a butchered animal, but not fowlKele agyu weggahi etan killum et han dauten?Why don’t you say the blessing prayer for the pig before cutting it open? Hedin wada imbaki dan killum pakkadek weggahan da ni handa dineut.Whenever they ritually sacrifice a pig, they have to the say the blessing prayer before cutting it open.Simbagih7.8.3Cut-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object
dauyahintransto lie down; to be lazing aroundThe use of this word tends to imply that someone is lying down because they are lazy or not wanting to do anything else.Kele kamanda-dauyya ni ebuh hi Gabriel ey immen hu beyyuen?Why is Gabriel just lazing around when there is rice to be pounded?Antan panda-dauyyah di det-al et wada yuddungan idan tuu.Do not be lying down (lazing around) on the floor so there is a space for people to sit down.7.1.3Lie down4. standardmaN-/naN-Class 1A Movement with a manner component
dawattrans1to give something to someoneIndawat tun hi-gak hu libluh.He gave me the book.Dimmawat hi Pedro ni pihhuh ni nengabak tu.Pedro gave some money when he won.Synated6.8.3.1Give, donateiC1-/iN-Class 3G Conversive action process2to receive somethingDinwat min kaalman hu tudek mu. We received your letter yesterday.Eleg da ni dawaten etan impaelak lan Duhhan ni kennen tep netaktak idan kaalman di Kiangan They have not yet received the food I have sent through Duhhan because they were delayed yesterday in Kiangan.Ang-ang yu ma-lat wada silbitu hu mi nantenuttudduan ni hi-gayu et dawaten yullin emin etan iddawat Apu Dios. (2 John 1:8)Be careful so that there is value to what we have taught you and you will receive all that God will give.7.4.2Receive-en/-in-Class 3G Conversive action processmadewat
dawidawtransto use a stick to reach something that is highDawidaw mu eman buya ni sisit et ma-gah.Reach (and poke) that bird's nest so that it will fall.Kalli alan andukkey ni paul et panewidaw ku eman ni melakkeb ni bulung ni keyew.Go and get me a long reed so I can use it to reach that wide leaf of the tree.7.3Move somethingiC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally
dawigannthe part of a trap that tightens a noose6.4.2Trap
dawwahtransto place things at some distance from each other, e.g., plants, chairsHampiyyeh hu nandawwadawwahan ida etan ni yuddungngan ni inha-ad kud bawang ni baley yu.The seats I placed inside your house are set one foot apart from each other.Pandawwadawwah mun ittanem ida etan pukdu.Plant the beans at a certain distance from each other.7.5.9PutmaN- -an/naN- -an
dawwivto be at a distance; farNeidawwi hu nambebleyan da.Their place of residence is far.Hanggatut et neliman kilometro hu nandadawwian mi.Our distance from each other is one hundred and fifty kilometers.8.5.5Spatial relationsedawwi
dayawtrans1to praise and worship GodIddaydayaw ku ngadan Apu Dios et ya kasina-gay tu. (Deuteronomy 32:3)I will praise the name of the LORD and his greatness.Emin itsu ey panyuung itsu niya pandukkun itsun menaydayaw nan Apu Dios e namyuh ni hi-gatsu. (Psalm 95:6)All of us, let us bow down and let us kneel in worshipping the LORD who created us.iC1-/iN-2to honor, respect or praise someoneHipa kanyun daydayawen tayu, ya tuu wenu hi Jesus?Who do you say that we will honor, people or Jesus?Kamiddeyyaw hu mittuduh tep ya adal da.Teachers are being honored because of their education.-en/-in-
daydaytransto press down with foot, e.g., making rice terraces firm; to stomp on someone or somethingNan-idayday tu etan nebalud ni babuy tep ya bunget tu.He was stomping on the tied up male pig because of his anger.Yan kaalman hu nampengidaydayan Travis nan hi agi tu tep inlangkakan tu.It was yesterday that Travis had been stomping on his brother because he lied to him.7.7.4PressiC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally