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dangastato feel anxious; to have so much work that one does not know how to get it all done; to feel unable to cope; to feel overwhelmedNakka medengngan ingngunuk tep dakel.I don't know what to do because I have so much work. -anClass 6D Descriptives
dangan1na hand-span measure, the length between the stretched-out thumb and forefinger8.2.8Measure2transto measure something with the handDinengan ku ngamay tu ey dewwan dangan.I measured his arm and it was two hand-spans.8.2.8Measure-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contacthandangan
dangdang1intransto sit close to a fire for heat; to warm oneself by the fireItsuy di baley et itsu mandangdang diman tep ay ketel.Let's go to our house and warm ourselves there by the fire since it's very cold.5.5.5What fires producemaN-/naN-Class 1C General class - Purposeful activities or actions2transto warm oneself by sitting near the fireplaceEndi dangdangen tayu tep aggak an mangyew.There is nothing to warm ourselves because I didn't go to gather firewood.Idangdang mu beneg mud apuy et memag-anan.Warm your back by the fire so it will be dried.Attu nandangdangan yu kaman hileng?Where did you warm yourselves last night?-en/-in-, iC1-/iN-, nan- -an
dangew1nstinkbug species that eats and destroys plantsAs the name suggests, these bugs smell very bad. stinkbugs to eat and destroy rice and other plantsKulang ineni min nunya tep nedangew.Our harvest was inadequate because it was destroyed by stinkbugs.Nangkedangew ni emin pagey ni tuun nunya.All the people's rice is infested with stinkbugs.7.9.3Destroyme-/ne-
danggayava joyful response to an eventIda kamedanggayai hu tuu hedin immali kayun an mambihitan hi-gada.The people are joyful when you come to visit them.Simamleng 2ganasgaya
danggunonionNebedbed ni emin hu danggu.The onions are all bundled. from vegetables
dangilstafor rice in the bottom or on the sides of a pot to be burned from the heat of the cooking fireEpwat mu law etan banga tep medengilan hu gaga ni inhaeng mu.Remove the pot now because the rice you are cooking will be burned.
dangkigsp. var.hangkigintransto lean against someone or somethingInang-ang ku hi Jocelyn e kamandangdangkig di tukud ni baley da.I saw Jocelyn leaning against the post of their house.7.1.6LeanmaN-/naN-Class 1C General class - Purposeful activities or actions
danglana variety of cordyline plant with red colorIn the olden days, it was planted between adjoining rice field properties owned by two different individuals to indicate the boundary line.Dangla hu daka ittanem ni immatun ni nampapgan di payew ni nunman la.Cordyline is what they plant as a sign of boundaries in the rice-fields in former days.1.5Plant
danglaltransto place something to be used as a footbridgeIdanglal nu eya mahdel ni table et pandakdakan tayu mengagwat eyan kulukul.Place that thick board for us to walk on to cross this creek.7.5.9PutiC1-/iN-Class 3A Move and position an object at a site
danglel1stato be slippery, referring to a wet, waxed or greasy surfaceMedanglel dalan tep immudan. The way is very slippery because it rained.Kaumdanglel hu dalan hedin beken ni na-let hu udan.The way becomes slippery if the rain is not heavy. 8.3.2Textureme-, kaum-Class 6B Process or state of inanimate objects2transto make something slipperyDinanglelan idan dakel ni tuun la eya dalan.The many people who went ahead made this way slippery. Kele yuka dennagleli dalan?Why are you making the way slippery?
danglihtransto sacrifice animals for the deadThe sacrificed and butchered animals provide the meat for a funeral feast.Dinanglihan da hi Mangilin hambakid ni killum et hakey newang.They sacrificed ten pigs and one carabao for Mangili.Piga impenanglih yu ineyu?How many animals did you sacrifice for your mother?Anin ngun ag da-ak ali danglih hedin metteyyak.Even so they will not sacrifice animals for me if I die.-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
dangngufr. var. ofdedangnguadjuncta relative time that is defined contextuallyKele yuka deddedwita eya ahin ey ekket dangngu?Why do you keep touching with your finger tips the salt and already there is only small amount?This is a shortened form of dedangngu.8.4.5Relative time
dangpahstato be lacking in knowledge as a child; to be innocent like a child; to be foolish; ignorant; simple-mindedTep ya henin nunman ni bii nemahbah ni dakel ni kamenangpah ni lalakki. (Proverbs 7:26a)Because women like that have destroyed many foolish men.Niya umbaddang etan ni kamenangpah ma-lat menemneman niya ma-duman hu inamta tu ey amtaen tun memillin kayyaggud ni pehding tu. (Proverbs 1:4b)And (these proverbs) will help the simple-minded so that he can think about them and what he knows will be increased and so he will know how to choose the good things to 6D Descriptives
dangyepstato lay flat or bend in one direction, e.g., hair, grassNeidangyep ida etan gulun ni indeplug ni kinehtung.The cogon-grass that was rolled on by the log was flattened.Kameiddangyep hu bewek hedin ita kamantataddung.The hair lays flat when we wear hats.Hipa ngu ag keiddangyepin bewek mu?What is the reason that your hair does not lay flat?7.2.2Move in a directionmei-/nei-Class 6B Process or state of inanimate objects
danum1nwaterNatduk hu danum di kulukul tep ya andukkey ni ugew.The water in the brook has dried up because of a long dry season.1.3Water2transto water plants or groundWada etan wangwang di Eden ni kamenennum ni nunman ni legunta. (Genesis 2:10a)There was a stream (flowing) in Eden that watered that orchard. 3nliquid, e.g., fruit juices, milk, etc.When referring to a specific liquid, the source of the liquid must be added to the word, e.g. danum ni neyug 'coconut milk'.Malumi-ih hu danum ni lumban yu.Your pomelo juice is sweet.nedanuman
danup1transto gather people togetherThe word amung is more commonly used today for people to gather together.Dinenup tuddan emin ammed tu et manhuhummangan ida.He gathered all his folks and came to an agreement.Yan kaalman nedanupan idan ammed tu.His folks were gathered yesterday.Simamung 14.2.1Come together, form a group-en/-in-Class 4
danup21na traditional religious ritual2transto perform this traditional religion ritual at a granaryNandanup ida et han kami elaw.They finished performing the danup-ritual before we went.Dinenup da law ammed di alang Ramon.They performed the danup-ritual for the ancestors at Ramon's granary.4.9.5Practice religionmaN-/naN-,-en/-in-Class 1C General class - Purposeful activities or actions
dapatransto touch someone or somethingDimpak taklay tu ey metengnin.I touched his hand and it was cold.Ag dakel deppa eyad lamesaan tep wadalli ngullaw bahbahen yu eyaddan nangkeiha-ad.Don't be touching anything on that table because you might destroy some that are placed there.Hipa muka peneppadeppain eyan inha-ad da lamesaan, kaw kennen mu huttan?Why are you touching this thing they placed on the table, are you going to eat that? 4B Tactile - Touch contact
dapannfoot; feetThe word may also refer specifically to the soles of the feet.Meingpih hu dapan tu tep kamanpapatut.The soles of his feet are very thin because he always wears shoes.Mahdel dapan tu.His feet are very thick.Eta-teng dapan tu.His feet are big.
dapdap1transto feel for something that cannot be seen with the feetDinenapdap kun heli ey endi nakka dapdapan udingngan di pehung.I tried feeling with my feet for creek fish inside the water hole and did not feel any.Simdahidah7.3.4.1Touch-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact2vto walk in darkness, feeling for the trail with feetDinapdapdap milli hu dalan tep nehileng ey endi pandillag mi. We walked in the darkness on our way because it was night and we did not have anything to use for light.-en/-in-
dapig1transto make something flatDappig mu eya bawet ku ma-lat ya mabungug.Make this top of mine flat so it will produce more sound.Kele muka dennappigan eya muka kennapyaan bawet?Why are you flattening this top you are making?-en/-in-Class 4A Changes the structure of an object 2stato be flat or to become flatNedapig eya balat tep inugipan tu.This banana is flattened because he slept on it.Kamangkedeppig eya lameh ni kakaw tep neipit ni dewwan panga.This jackfruit is becoming flat because it is compressed by those two branches.8.3.1Shapeme-/ne-, kamaN-
dapingintransto staggerWhen people stagger they may fall; the most common reason that people stagger is because they are drunk.Kamandapidaping ni umdalan hi Trevor tep nebuteng.Trevor is staggering because he is drunk. with difficultymaN-/naN-Class 1A Movement with a manner component
daplaltransto pay a shaman for conducting or participating in ritualsTellum manuk hu impenaplal aman nambakian nan Tayaban di baley mi.My father paid him three chickens when Tayaban performed a baki-ritual at our house.Emin ida mabekin nunman ey ida kamedaplalin pihhuh weno gumok niya manuk.In former times, all shamans were being paid in money, iron, or chickens.Anin kuman daplalan kun piga lakitdi me-kal degeh kun pengibbekkian tu etan ni kantu.I will pay him any amount as long as my sickness will be removed when he performs what he said.Wadadda edum ni mabekin ag ida peneplal numan.There are some shamans who do not demand payment.Morphology: The i-/iN- prefix set highlights the payment; the -an/-in- -an set highlights the shaman who is paid.
dappettransto lean close, either a person or thing can lean close to another person or thingKaidappet kan hi-gatu hedin umyudung kayu.Lean very close to her when you sit down.Eleg tu pinhed hu nak keiddappetan ni hi-gatu.She does not like me to lean too close to her.8.5.5Spatial relationsiC1-/iN-Class 3E Move an object directionally